Credential Students

Admitted Student Resources

In addition to the Important Next Steps for admitted students, admitted credential students should take the following steps prior to their first day of class at SOLES.

CBEST and CSET Exams

Teaching credential students, especially those in the Master's Credential Cohort Program, should pass the California Basic Educational Skills Test (CBEST) and the California Subject Examination for Teachers (CSET) in their chosen content area(s) prior to beginning their credential program. It is extremely important that students admitted to the One-Year Master's Credential Cohort Program pass both exams prior to beginning the program because they begin student teaching almost right away and placements cannot be made until the exams are passed. Admitted students who are unsure of which exams to take should contact our Credential Analyst at or (619) 260-4821.

Students in the Pupil Personnel Services (School Counseling) and Preliminary Administrative Services credential programs should pass the California Basic Educational Skills Test (CBEST) and provide evidence of passing scores to the Credential Analyst. Pupil Personnel Services Credential students do not need to pass CBEST before beginning their program, though it is recommended. Preliminary Administrative Services Credential students should have already passed CBEST for their preliminary teaching credential and should have provided evidence of passing during the admissions process.

Certificate of Clearance

Credential students should take the appropriate steps toward obtaining their Certificate of Clearance. Master's Credential Cohort students should have a Certificate of Clearance before starting their program.

Instructions to obtain a Certificate of Clearance:

  1. Make an on-line appointment for LiveScan Service at the San Diego County Office of Education (SDCOE). For your LiveScan appointment, you should bring the following:
    1. Valid photo identification (Driver’s license, state ID, etc.) 
    2. Have 2 completed copies of the Dual Reporting Form (Applicant Section only) 
    3. A Money Order or Cashier’s Check in the amount of $75 made out to “SDCOE” 
      Optional: If you have your Bachelor’s Degree and have already passed CBEST and wish to substitute teach, you may apply for a substitute permit at SDCOE. Bring a sealed copy of your official transcripts and your passing CBEST score report to the site and they will assist you.
  2. After you complete your LiveScan appointment, arrange a meeting with the Credential Analyst. Make sure to bring a copy of your signed Dual Reporting form and a completed copy of the “Preparing to be a Teacher” Contract. This contract may be found on pages 19-20 of the Credential Program Handbook.
  3. Upon meeting, you will apply for the Certificate of Clearance via the Commission on Teacher Credentialing’s (CTC) Online Direct Web Application. You can access the full application and instructions visit the CTC website. You will complete the application, answer a few security questions, and pay the fee by credit card as per the CTC instructions (skip Step One). Once you have submitted the application you will receive an e-mail verifying that you have paid and the CTC is evaluating your application. This process may take up to 2 weeks or more.
  4. Receive an e-mail from the CTC verifying you have been issued the certificate of clearance. That e-mail is the clearance you need in order to participate in practicum, observations, fieldwork and student teaching. To verify issuance or print out your certificate of clearance, check the CTC web site.

If you have any questions or concerns about this process, please contact the Credential Analyst at or (619) 260-4821.

Tuberculosis Examination

A clear Tuberculosis (TB) Examination, skin test, or chest X-ray, is required prior to beginning fieldwork in the schools. Results must be current within 2 years. The Student Health Center offers TB screenings for a small fee. Exams are also offered by the County Department of Health at multiple locations throughout San Diego County. Your private physician or medical group may offer TB exams, the cost of which may be covered under your medical plan.

When you receive your clearance and interpretation of the results, please make a copy and submit it to the Department of Learning and Teaching. Keep the original for your files.