Sohpie Vogel

M.A. in Higher Education Leadership

What do you hope to do with your degree? 

I hope to work in college access; supporting underrepresented students in achieving higher education success.

How did you hear about SOLES? 

I Googled Higher Education graduate programs in California and learned SOLES was an excellent option for me. When I came to USD and met my current advisor, Dr. Christopher Newman, and my current supervisor, Dr. Cynthia Villis, I knew USD was the school for me.

What is your background? 

I earned a Bachelor of Arts in Latin American and Latino Studies from University of California, Santa Cruz. I have worked in education in California for my entire professional career.

Are you currently working? 

I am working part-time as a Graduate Assistant for the Institute of College Initiatives (ICI) at USD. I am helping support USD TRiO; Upward Bound, Student Support Services and McNair Scholars as well as other ICI programs.

Tell us about any graduate assistantships you have done through SOLES. 

I worked at the United Front Multicultural Center as a Graduate Assistant in Student Affairs. I worked with undergraduate student leaders and I learned how Student Affairs supports students on a college campus. 

How has your SOLES education impacted your career? 

My SOLES education has put me in contact with other like-minded students and professionals who share my passion for educational equity. My career goals have been reinforced by the wonderful people I have met at SOLES.

Which class has impacted you the most?

Action Research is impacting my life in wonderful, exciting ways! I worked for three years as a traditional researcher before I came to USD and the result of that work experience was I knew I didn’t want to pursue a PhD because I didn’t enjoy research. In my Action Research course with David Herrera and Alan Yu, I loved learning about action research and how it offers a solution to all the contradictions I was encountering in traditional research. I am excited for my Action Research project!

Are there specific SOLES faculty you feel have contributed significantly to your success?

Dr. Christopher NewmanDr. Cheryl GetzDr. David Herrera and Nick Franco have communicated a culture of care that has impressed, supported and encouraged me from the very beginning!

What are your plans for after graduation? 

I plan to work for a college access organization. I would LOVE to work for College TrackBarrio Logan College Institute or TRiO.