Black Graduate Student Association

The Black Graduate Student Association (BGSA) is an interdisciplinary, student initiated, student-run organization that is dedicated to uniting students, faculty, and alumni of African descent to create a sense of pride and community at the University of San Diego. We encourage scholarship opportunities, promote social connections, community service, and self-determination.

About BGSA

The purpose of BGSA is to serve as a support network for graduate students of African descent and provide resources that will enhance academic and career success of current graduate and professional students. In addition, the purpose is to develop a network of emerging scholars of African descent who are dedicated and sensitive to the needs and concerns of an increasingly diverse academic community.

BGSA membership is open to all graduate students, scholars, and/or individuals who are interested in supporting students of African descent in the pursuit of graduate and professional educational excellence. BGSA does not discriminate or limit its membership to any individual or group based on race, creed, color, nationality, ability or sexual orientation.

Executive Council
President: Betelehem Desta
Communications Director: Emmanuel Molin
Member at Large: Sean Green

Joi Spencer, Associate Dean and Professor 

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