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"Initializing root folder to display" error
Occassionally users will get an error saying "Initializing Root Folder: initializing root folder to display." This error occurs particularly when trying to use save or save as in Word and…
20 GB of Network Storage
ITS offers faculty 20 GB of network storage that is available to back up and store critical information. These services are made available though USD's Active Directory (AD) infrastructure. ITS…
Accessing Guest Wireless for Groups
For groups larger than 5 people, we create promotional codes for guests at our university. To access our usdguest network, please follow the steps in our attached PDF document.
Accessing usdsecure on OSX 10.8 Mountain Lion
When accessing wireless on campus, you will log first into the unsecured "usd" network. Attempting to navigate outside of the website will send you to our Captive Portal.
Adding a network printer in Leopard (10.5)
Leopard: Open: Apple Menu Open: System Preferences Open: Print & Fax Click "+", to add a printer Select "IP" icon Select Protocol: IPP Enter the…
Adding a network printer in Tiger (10.4)
Open: Applications (folder) Open: Utilities (folder) Open: Printer Setup Utility click "Add" icon select "IP Printer" icon select Protocol: IP Enter the…
Adding a network printer in XP
XP: Click the Start menu button Open settings and choose "Printers" from the pull down menu Open "Add Printer" This opens the Add Printer Wizard click next Select…
Alumni Email Accounts (
There are some alumni email addresses that end with These are forwarding accounts only and do not have a physical email inbox. These addresses are created through and maintained…
Android Exchange Setup
To setup Exchange on an Android phone, please follow these steps:
App Xtender Temp Cleaner
If user is having issues with App Xtender and receiving an error message stating " Exceeded number of files. No other files can be opened or printed until files are closed." You will need to…
Apple Migration Assistant Time Zone Fix
This is a problem where the Time Zone is stuck on GMT and cannot be changed. There is no error.
Are Windows 7 and Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) supported on campus?
As of June 2010, ITS is supporting Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) for both students and university-owned computers. There are no known compatibility problems with this operating system.
Auxiliary Services Administrative Systems
Various Software Applications used by Auxiliary Services; CBORD Systems (FSS, EventMaster, CSGold, WebFood), Nebraska Systems (Winprism, Webprism), Seattle Technologies (Conference Programmer, Iris…
Backup and Recovery Service (Servers)
Backup and recovery Service is a convenient, cost-effective way to back up and recover crucial data on servers. USD offers disk-to-disk and disk-to-tape solutions. The service utilizes CommVault 9…
Backups of Your Computer
Backups are a way to safeguard your computer’s information. A backup can be used to restore your files or have a duplicate in case things go wrong. It is highly recommended that you backup your…
Banner Student Administrative System (INB)
Provide access to administrative users to enter and maintain student and faculty/advisor related data.
Banner Student/Faculty Self-Service (SSB)
Provide access to students, faculty and advisors to the student administrative system
Blackberry 8830, How to Disable Emergency Call Feature
On a Blackberry model 8830, when the keyboard is locked, and the trackball is pressed twice within a few seconds, a menu titled "Handheld is locked" is displayed which offers three options:
Blackboard is the Learning Management System (LMS) used at USD. This online portal allows students to access courses online as provided by their faculty members. Blackboard is the interactive…
Blackboard (Learning Management System)
Blackboard Learn will be replacing WebCT CE8 in August 2012 after 10+ years of service. The new system will provide USD with a robust, full-featured set of tools for managing online classes to enhance…
CS Gold / Print password reset
If the One Card office is having problems with CS Gold, contact either:
Cable TV
Information Technology Services provides cable television services through Cox Business Services. The service offers entertainment, sports, news, cultural programming, and educational channels.
Can I Change My USD Username?
The following is the Username change Guideline.
Can I bring a switch, hub, router or wireless access point to provide myself with extra Internet ports?
No! Every residence hall room on campus is equipped with one wired port for every user. Hubs can be checked out on a user-to-user basis through the ITS Help Desk. Since wireless access is now…
Can I publish a Web page?
Yes! You can create a web-page in a few easy steps:
Can I use Apple Airplay on campus?
Unfortunately the technology that Airplay uses to communicate between iPads and Apple TVs is what is called a “multicast traffic” which essentially blasts out its location to all computers…
Can I use Google+ with my Torero Mail account?
As of December 2, 2011 Google+ (Google's new social media site) will be opened up to Torero Mail account holders. For more information on Google+, please check out the Google+ Help Center .
Can the ITS Help Desk Install Office Suite on my computer?
Yes. Whether you do or don’t have the Office installation disks, the ITS Help Desk can help you install Office on your computer. However, you will need your own product key to verify that you…
CashNET displays bills and recent account activity, takes on-line payments for student bills by students, parents or guest payers, and provides installment plans for paying payments in five installments per semester.
Cell Phones for USD Business Use
The university provides cell phones from Verizon Wireless or AT&T Mobility for business purposes.
Certificate Errors in Outlook
Certificate Errors in Outlook
Common Avaya Phone Commands
Here are some common phone commands for the office Avaya phone system
Computer Lab Reservation
We have several instructional labs that can be reserved for teaching, meetings, or workshops. They can be reserved for one-time events or as open hours for a semester
Computer Labs
We have several labs across campus (Serra 156A/B, Serra 205, Olin 122, Maher 186 and Serra 163) with walk-in hours for current students
Computer Replacement Program (CRP)
The Computer Replacement Program is designed to ensure that faculty and staff have access to laptop or desktop workstations that support current applications in their work and study. ITS supports…
Connecting an Android-based device to usdsecure
If you have an Android-based mobile phone (i.e. a Droid or Nexus One) or tablet (i.e. Galaxy, Xoom, or Kindle Fire), you may be able to connect the device to our usdsecure wireless network and save…
Connecting an iPhone to Microsoft Exchange
Follow the instructions below to connect your iPhone to Exchange email.
Connecting to "usdguest" with a Corporate-Owned Computer
In order to use "usdguest", our guest wireless network at the University of San Diego, your computer must meet certain requirements to allow connection. If your computer is owned by a…
Connecting to Our 'usdsecure' Wireless Network for Mac OS 10.7 (Lion)
The ITS Help Desk has put together a step by step PDF on how to connect to our usdsecure network by installing SecureConnect. Please see the attachment below.
Connecting to the Network with a Corporate-Owned Computer
In order to use network resources at the University of San Diego, your computer must have administrator access to allow for installation of key network tools. If your computer is owned by a…
Customer Relationship Management (CRM) services
Customer Relationship Management (CRM) services are provided with a wide variety of systems. CRM is intended to provide contact, email, and event management systems: iModules, BRM, Blackbaud…
DARS (Degree Audit Report System)
DARS, or the Degree Audit Reporting System, is a system employed by the University of San Diego for allocating and viewing academic standing to all students. By using DARS, a student will be able to…
DARS (Uachieve)
Degree Audit and Advising Services
Desktop Configuration Management (DCM)
Desktop Configuration Management (DCM) is a service offering from IT Services for use by technical support staff. It is intended to provide a USD standardized image, standardized configuation…
Desktop Technicians
The University of San Diego Desktop Technicians are experts in the field of information technology. They are generally reserved for faculty and staff members of the University . The Desktop Techs…
Directory Information (People and Organization Search)
USD offers contact or directory information on People and Organization Search, through the USD web site. Find People is a web program that allows for search capabilities on an individual's name or…
Directory Service (LDAP)
The central LDAP Directory Service is a network-accessible database that provides information about people, applications, and workgroups. The most common use of the Directory Service is to…
Discount Cell Phone and Mobile Devices
AT&T and Verizon extend special discounts to current USD employees and students for personal cellular plans and accessories. The offerings vary from month to month.
Does Torero Mail work with a Mac?
Yes, it is compatible with Apple Mail, Entourage, Outlook, and Thunderbird.
Does USD have HD (high definition) Cable on Campus?
USD has a modified cable lineup from Cox communications that feeds the residence halls and buildings on campus. Unfortunately, USD's cable system does not allow us to provide digital or HD signal…
Does USD provide Microsoft Office for students?
No USD does not provide Microsoft Office to students.
Does the USD network support gaming consoles like XBox 360, PlayStation 3, Nintendo Wii, and massively multiplayer online role-playing Games (MMORPGs)?
Yes. The USD network is setup to automatically detect gaming consoles using our Safe*Connect network authentication software. However, these devices are not supported on the wireless network and must…
Droid phone setup with Exchange 2010
After the Exchange Migration to 2010, we have found most Droids do not reconnect properly. Primarily, the HTC Thunderbolt requires you to remove the account completely and add it fresh. Some other…
E-mail going to outbox without sending
If the account is a POP account or the settings in solution #5415 do not work, try cleaning junk files and/or doing and registry cleanup with CCleaner or another comparable program.
ESET AntiVirus settings for USD Wireless
ESET AntiVirus needs to be configured specifically for USD Wireless access otherwise will not allow the connections.
Equipment Checkout
The University of San Diego’s Instructional Media Services offers students, faculty, and staff a wide verity of equipment for uses including but not limited to production of videos and non-print…
ExamSoft used by Law School students
The University of San Diego's Law program uses a testing application by Examsoft called SofTest. This application is highly recommended for law students, as it allows students to type tests on…
Exchange is our email service for faculty and staff across campus. The client has an inclusive address book of all users on campus as well as the functionality for shared calendars and schedules.…
Exchange Email - How to Change Your Password
Exchange Email users:
Exchange Migration Distribution List problems.
During some migrations distribution lists may stop functioning. If the distribution lists are still in Outlook and look accurate, open up the distribution list and click the "Update Now"…
Exchange setup on Android 4.x
To connect your Android 4.x device connected to your Exchange account, follow these steps. Configure the Phone/Tablet to properly access and sync.
Faculty Network Storage
USD ITS provides 20 GB of personal server storage space on the Central File Server for each university faculty member. If you often use computers from multiple locations on campus, the Central File…
Faculty: How to access previously submitted grades
This is for all grades submitted since Fall 2008:
Google Apps+ (GA+) Migration
Google+ for Torero Mail
Google+ is Google's new "social search" tool, giving users the ability to post and share with different circles of people. Google+ also includes Facebook-like features, such as a wall and…
Graduating Seniors - Recording Names
If you go to the link we have information on how students can record their name and the deadline to do so.
Guest Wireless (usdguest)
"usdguest" is a wireless network provided by the University of San Diego to those who are guests of the University. It is the only network provided to guests seeking to browse the internet.
Guest Wireless Free Wi-Fi Accounts
USD provides free guest wireless accounts to visiting faculty and distinguished scholars who are sponsored by a Vice President's area, college or department (you must request a promotional code for guest wireless).
Guest Wireless Wi-Fi Fee Accounts
USD provides guest wireless accounts to campus visitors, conferences, vendors, and private citizens. A credit card may be used to gain guest wireless access.
Handy Apple/OS X Keyboard Shortcuts
Apple computers running OS X have special keyboard shortcuts which can speed up your work or help you complete special functions. To use a keyboard shortcut, you will hold one key (called a…
Help Desk (for technology support)
The university provides a 24x7 technology help desk service for all technology-related problems. The ITS Help Desk management and staff are the first level of technical support and have an online…
Help! I can no longer check my Torero Mail on my phone or email client!
If you have set up a phone or email program (Outlook, Mac Mail, etc) to check your Torero Mail and it stops working, there are a few things you can try:
Help! I'm receiving emails from myself with weird characters in Torero Mail
Some users have reported a problem where every time they send an email, they soon receive an email from themself that contains weird characters. We believe this problem is created from a Google Labs…
How can I clear my browser's cache?
If you’re receiving error messages in Blackboard and aren’t sure what’s causing them (especially after a browser or software upgrade), try clearing your browser’s cache.
How can I find something on the USD Web site?
Easiest way to locate something by department is to view the A to Z Index at You can also use the Google search bar, which is available at the top of any USD Web page.
How can I get a FREE anti-virus program for my computer?
The University of San Diego provides current students, staff, and faculty with a copy of Symantec Endpoint for FREE. This software will help protect your computer from viruses and malware, and can be…
How can I request support from the ITS Help Desk?
Support requests can be submitted to the ITS Help Desk via the following methods:
How can I sign in to Torero Mail and my personal Gmail account at the same time?
These instructions were made using the "old style" view of Torero Mail. We are working on replacing the screenshots, but the steps should be similar.
How can I sign up for an ITS Training class?
How can I tell if I have a fake anti-virus on your computer?
Before you come to any conclusions, you should first diagnose whether you really have a fake anti-virus or not. You can do this by checking for some of the common clues that indicate you have a fake anti-virus:
How do I access the Junk Mail Manager?
To access Junk Mail Manager from somewhere other than your latest message from JMM, here's a method that works. Here's the URL for JMM:
How do I change/reset a department password for website design?
How do I configure Gtalk (Google's Instant Messenging) with my new Torero Mail account?
To download Google Talk, visit: For instant voice and video chat, visit:
How do I configure my email client (Outlook, Mac Mail, etc) to send and receive my email?
Google has provided tutorials for common email clients.
How do I connect to my web space with Dreamweaver 5?
If you are attempting to post information on your personal or departmental website at the University of San Diego, then the following tutorial will give you the necessary information to connect to the…
How do I edit navigation on USD web sites?
How do I extend an expired AD account for a staff member?
To request an extension for an AD account, the student and supervisor must fill out the Staff and Faculty User Registration form below and fax it to Network Operations at (619) 849-8310.
How do I get my departmental site to be in the USD templates?
How do I log into Torero Mail?
To log in to Torero Mail, visit You will use the same username and password that you use for MySanDiego.
How do I manually configure my device for 'usdsecure'?
USD provides a secure wireless network named 'usdsecure' that keeps users from having to log in each time. ITS provides a tool to automatically configure your Windows or Mac to log in at…
How do I post to the MySanDiego portal or USD News?
Postings to the MySanDiego portal and the USD News sites are done through the MyPostings website. Clients need to take the CMS class offered through the IT Training program before getting access from Web Services.
How do I request a/another departmental web site?
You can fill out the Site Request Form at .
How do I reserve a computer lab?
Any Faculty or Staff member with a MySanDiego account can go to the website below make a lab reservation.
How do I set up an account on MySanDiego or create my E-mail account?
To create a MySanDiego/E-mail account, visit or visit the MySanDiego portal at and Open an Account below the login box.
How do I sync my ToreroMail to my iPhone/iPad?
If you want to check your email from your mobile device (iPhone, Blackberry, etc), you must first turn on POP/IMAP access on your Torero Mail account. To do this, visit and…
How do I take a screenshot of my computer?
On Windows, use Alt-PrtScr to take a screenshot; you can then paste it into an e-mail message. On Mac OS X, use Command-Shift-3 to take a screenshot (or if you only want to send a single window, use…
How do I turn on Automatic updates for Windows XP?
How do I turn on automatic updates for Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Mac OS X?
To keep your computer running in a smooth and safe state, many technicians recommend that you enable automatic updates on your computer. Automatic updates will allow your computer to receive the…
How do I uninstall the SafeConnect client from my MAC
If you will not be using the USD wireless or wired network and would like to remove the SafeConnect client from your MAC computer here are the steps
How do I view only unread messages in my Torero Mail account?
Type in the words is:unread in the search bar and click “Search Mail”. You will see only mail that has been unread.
How do you connect PS3 to a Wired Network?
One of the main reasons that gaming systems won't connect to the network is because the Safe*Connect system sees them as an unknown device and restricts their internet access. So a way to tell…
How do you connect a Xbox 360 to a wired network?
One of the main reasons that gaming systems wont connect to the network is because the safeconnect manager that regulates what can and cannot use the network sees them as an unknown device. So a way…
How large of an attachment can I send via e-mail?
The total size of a message when sending, including any attachments, may not exceed 25MB.
How to Migrate Outlook 2003 to Exchange at Home
For step-by-step instructions on how to set up Outlook 2003 for Exchange, please see the attached PDF or go to
How to Migrate Outlook 2007 to Exchange at Home
For step-by-step instructions on how to set up Outlook 2007 for Exchange, please see the attached PDF or go to
How to Set Up Entourage for Exchange at Home
For step-by-step instructions on how to set up Entourage for Exchange, please see the attached PDF or go to
How to Set Up Outlook Auto-Archive
For step-by-step instructions on how to set up Outlook auto-archive, please see the attached PDF or go to
How to Set up Exchange on Outlook 2010
For step-by-step instructions on how to set up Outlook 2010 for Exchange, please see the attached PDF or go to
How to Wipe (Format) a Drive on a Mac
***Before you format a hard drive, make a backup of all important files***
How to access course evaluations
How to create a new Oracle Account
If you are a staff or faculty member and are looking to obtain access to Oracle applications, then you must request the account using our User Registration form (found at…
How to fix Outlook when continually asking to download email as a HTML file
Outlook 2007 or 2010 keeps asking to download a HTML file to my local temp files which looks like a virus has invaded your email.
How to reset the Oracle password
Please see the attached documentation for step-by-step instructions and screenshots.
How to set a picture on the web as your desktop background
If you've found an image online you'd like as your desktop background, you can follow these instructions to set your background.
How to set a ringtone on your cell phone
How to Install a ringtone on the Blackberry
How to setup an iPad to Exchange
To configure an iPad to Exchange email, please see the attached PDF for instructions.
How to setup an iPad to ToreroMail
To configure an iPad to ToreroMail, please see the attached PDF for instructions
How-to Configure a computer for SecureConnect (Secure Wireless)
Attached are instructions for setting your computer up with SecureConnect, the secure wireless solution at USD.
How-to Create a Mail Merge in Office 2003 & 2007
Instructions on sending a mail merge from MS Word using an alias account:
How-to Create a Mail Merge in Outlook 2010
How-to Create a Mail Merge in Outlook 2010
How-to Send Mail As
1) Log in to your email account
How-to access office computers remotely from off campus using VPN (eGate)
Here are the steps to set up remote access on a VPN connection, to access a person's USD work computer running WinXP from a home computer running WinXP.
How-to change a Centrino N-1030 Power Setting to Improve Wireless
The ITS Help Desk has seen multiple people with new notebook computers who are experiencing problems with slow wireless speeds, all using a specific wireless card (a Centrino N-1030) while on their…
How-to change your Torero Mail Theme
The new look for Torero Mail includes a number of new themes for adding color and style to your mailbox—including new high-definition images—as well as many of the classic themes…
How-to connect a Mac OS X computer to a wired port
How-to connect a Nintendo Wii to the Internet
Did you bring a Nintendo Wii to campus? We have created this tutorial to help you get it connected to the Internet.
How-to connect my iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad to the usdsecure wireless network
Connecting to usdsecure Tutorial for iPhone and iPod Touch
How-to connect to 'usdsecure' wireless on campus
To connect to 'usdsecure', our wireless network on campus for students, staff, and faculty, you can follow the attached instructions below:
How-to correct a VAX icon error: "Path not found"
Please refer to the attached PDF for instructions that will correct this problem
How-to create a Personal Web Space
The University of San Diego offers personal web space for all current students, staff and faculty on Once activated, you will have a site at…
How-to find the header information for an email you received
On occasion, the ITS Help Desk will ask for header information for an email you have received. We use this information to track down the source of SPAM, or to determine the path a message took on…
How-to fix Internet Explorer when it stops working in Vista
Error Message : "Internet Explorer has stopped working. A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available."…
How-to forward Email from Torero Mail
Torero Mail, the University of San Diego’s mail system for students, allows students to keep their accounts for life. However, if you would like to use another email account, it is possible to…
How-to forward Exchange email account to another account
Instructions for Redirecting Exchange Email in OWA *Must be done in INTERNET EXPLORER*
How-to set up Email Alias Account for Distribution Lists
For step-by-step instructions on how to set up an email alias for a Distribution List in Outlook 2007 & 2010 for PC, download the attached PDF or click the link below for detailed instructions:
How-to show Outlook 2003 & 2007 Public Folder Calendar Favorites
To have a public shared calendar show up in the left pane Calendar section of Outlook 2003 or 2007, add it to your Favorites, to eliminate having to navigating to it each time.
How-to submit grades using the MySanDiego Portal
Please go to and login using your USD email username and password. If you have trouble logging in, please select the 'forgot password' link below the login box…
How-to temporarily use the old Torero Mail view
Starting December 2, 2011 all Torero Mail users will be defaulted to the new Google Mail look (see our KB on New Look for Torero Mail ). If you want to use the old style look for a while, you can…
How-to to share calendar with Entourage Users
To view all Calendars for a user you have to do it by adding yourself as a delegate. Instructions are: 1.) Launch Entourage 2.) Go to Tools -> Accounts 3.) Choose Entourage account 4.) Select…
How-to uninstall Symantec from OS X
For help uninstalling Symantec from OS X, please see instructions located at North Carolina State University's support page
I already have a Gmail account -- how do I migrate everything from this account into my new Torero Mail account?
Google has created a feature called Mail Fetcher to download mail automatically from any POP-enabled email account. If your other webmail account offers POP3 access, you can configure Mail Fetcher…
I am a Mac user, how do I access Noetix?
Those that use Macintosh computers to access Noetix may not directly access Noetix through . (If one is on a Mac and goes to Noetix directly in a web browser, the…
I am a faculty member -- How do I get a USD Torero Mail account?
Torero Mail is available to all students and alumni. Due to data retention requirements, staff and faculty members will not be eligible to use Torero Mail. ITS is in the process of migrating all staff…
I am a spouse/dependent of a resident student or employee, how do I get access to campus services?
The spouses/dependents of residential students and employees who wish to gain access to services on campus will need USD ID cards.* In order for spouses/dependents to obtain a USD ID card, a Banner ID…
I am an international student and am unable to create an account on MySanDiego.
Often times, International Students are unable to create an account in MySanDiego because their information in the Registrar is incorrect. If you are experiencing similar difficulties in creating an…
I can access Oracle, but need a specific tool. How can I get it?
If you have access to Oracle Self Service (the site to view your paystub and W2) but need access to new features for your job, you likely need to fill out another copy of the Staff/Faculty User…
I can't get any wireless signal in my area/room.
If your computer cannot 'see' or detect the " usd" or "usdsecure" wireless signal, or if your computer detects a signal that does not contain " usd" as part of the…
I can't log into anymore -- what's up?
As of October 2010, our Mirapoint mail system ( has been retired, and all users moved to different services. If you are a current student or alumni, you were moved to Torero Mail in…
I can't print out of Eudora (4.x or later). It either doesn't look good or it crashes.
Try these steps- Go under Tools: Options: Viewing Mail. Try toggling the setting "Use Microsoft's viewer". If it's checked, uncheck it and try printing. If that doesn't…
I forgot my MySanDiego account password. How can I reset it?
In order to reset your password, go to the MySanDiego portal web page
I have a problem with not receiving some emails using Torero Mail -- who do I report this to -- how can I get this fixed?
There are a number of reasons why messages may not arrive in your inbox:
I heard I can share my calendar in Torero Mail / GoogleDocs -- but don't know how to set this up - how do I do it?
Yes, you can share your calendar with friends, family, or even the world. People you share with do not need to have Torero Mail accounts. For information and how to get started, visit the Google help page .
I heard that the Torero Mail account doesn't include all of the features of GoogleDocs -- is that true?
Google Video and Google Pages (website design) are currently not available to Torero Mail users. USD currently offers alternative services for video streaming and website design, so these features…
I know my password, but would like to change it...Do I have to call the Help Desk?
No. If you already know your password but would like to change it, please use our online password change form . Be sure to carefully read the instructions for creating a secure password. The ITS…
I like to do a lot of instant messaging. How do I set that up in Torero Mail?
Gmail's chat features let you talk to people from directly within Torero Mail, by connecting you to the Google Talk network. The Google Talk network is made up of millions of people who use the…
I received an email about my Google Apps account - what does it mean?
Users of Torero Mail received an email today (Thursday, May 26 2011) talking about changes to their Google Apps account. This email is in reference to the Torero Mail GA+ migration that took place to…
I received an email saying my password was about to expire. Is it legitimate?
USD will automatically send an email to all Active Directory (AD) account owners when their password is close to expiring (passwords must be changed every 90 days for AD, which is used for checking…
I'm a Continuing Education student. Why can't I view my transcripts online?
Continuing Education students are not given a Banner ID number, and will not be able to log into the MySanDiego portal. Continuing Education transcripts are not available on line through the portal.…
I'm an applicant to USD. Why can't I login to the housing portal or create an e-mail account with my ID and PIN?
When you are an Applicant (sometimes referred to as a Prospective student), Admissions will assign you username consisting of your USD ID number (such as 008123456) and a PIN number. This will allow…
ID Numbers and Computing Accounts (MySanDiego Accounts)
Faculty, staff, and students are assigned a University ID number and choose a username and password. Limited-access prospective student and guest accounts are also available for eligible University…
ITS Training Classes
Information Technology Services at USD offers training classes in various software applications which are at no cost for students, faculty, and staff members of the university. You may visit the…
In Microsoft Outlook Web App, how do I use the Out of Office Assistant (vacation mail)?
This article is for Exchange 2010, which will be released to the campus in April 2012. You can learn more at .
In OWA, how do I disable or enable conversation view?
This article is for Exchange 2010, which will be released to the campus in April 2012. You can learn more at .
In Outlook Web App (OWA), what are the "Premium" and "Light" interfaces?
This article is for Exchange 2010, which will be released to the campus in April 2012. You can learn more at .
Incoming freshman purchasing a laptop computer and software
In terms of computer brands, it all depends on what you want or value most in the purchase. In terms of insurance against hardware failures or catastrophic events taking place, the ITS Help Desk has…
Information concerning the redesign of the USD website
The main page of the University of San Diego website has been undergoing redesign since August of 2010 and completed in December 2010 . Currently, the website is still undergoing a redesign…
Installing Secureconnect for Windows
The ITS Help Desk has provided an instructional PDF on how to install secureconnect for windows. See attachement below.
Instructions on Connecting to Guest Wireless
The ITS Help Desk has created a step by step guide on how to connect to guest wireless on our campus. (See attached files below).
Instructions on connecting to Guest Wireless
The ITS Help Desk has put together a PDF document with instructions for connecting to our guest wireless access (see attached files below)
Is Java 7 compatible with Oracle EBS (E-Business Suite)?
As of right now, Java 7 is not compatible with Oracle EBS. All Oracle users must make sure that they do not upgrade to Java 7, at least for the time being. This can be done by...
Is MS Entourage supported by Torero Mail -- can I use Entourage as an email client?
Microsoft Entourage for the Mac is not a currently supported email client by Google. We recommend Mac users try Apple Mail, Outlook, or Thunderbird. If you would like to try to configure Microsoft…
Is the Amazon Kindle supported on campus?
eReaders, such as the Amazon Kindle, are not currently supported by ITS on the USD wireless network. Users are currently able to use the 'usd' network for wireless, but must log in through…
Is the game "Aion" supported on the USD network?
**UPDATED 5/10/2010***
Is there wireless network access on campus?
Y es! Wireless access is available campus wide. We have three different wireless network names, or SSIDs, each with a different purpose. Current students, staff, and faculty who use the wireless…
Items needed to connect TIVO to the internet
To connect your TIVO to the internet on USD premises, you will need an Ethernet chord. If your TIVO does not have an Ethernet port, then you will need an adaptor to connect to the USB port on the…
Kronos is an hourly timekeeping system that is used to track employee time either from a time clock or through the Web. Kronos is typically used by hourly employees to submit their work hours, sick…
Kronos Troubleshoot for Staff at USD
If the user is able to login, but cannot see their timecard (they just get a blank, white page that says " Loading Timecard " or can see their timecard and can select a cell, but cannot enter…
Looking up Classroom Availability in Resource25 Web Viewer
Here is the most recent link for accessing the R25 web viewer...
MSDN AA (Microsoft Developer Network Academic Alliance)
MSDN AA is a partnership between Microsoft and the USD School of Business to provide free copies of various Microsoft programs for current students, staff, and faculty of SBA. There are over 140…
McGraw-Hill Connect is unable to submit with Safari
If you use McGraw-Hill's Connect website for your class, you might find that you get an error message when you try to upload a file from Safari on a Mac (saying there are invalid characters in the…
Microsoft Entourage not synchronizing with Exchange
Occasionally, Microsoft Entourage will connect with the Exchange Server, but no synchronization will take place, despite the fact that the Activity Window shows the sync taking place. You may notice…
Microsoft Exchange Email Mailbox
IT Services offers mailboxes on Microsoft Exchange, a sophisticated messaging platform that provides rich and efficient access to email, calendars, contacts, and tasks. This service integrates with…
Midterm Grading Information - Spring 2012
Beginning Tuesday, March 6, you may submit mid-term grades for Spring 2012 . Midterm grades are reported only for undergraduate students and only deficient grades (Ds and Fs) are to be submitted.
Migrating a course from Ceconnect to Ole
For those of you who need your course content migrated to Ole, the new server, ASAP, please use the following directions:
Minimum Wireless Drivers for the USD Wireless Network
These are the NIC cards which have been tested and verified for compatibility with USD's wireless network.
Mobile Devices (loaned for international travel)
The University has a limited number of cell phones that are loaned to staff and faculty for International travel. The phones offer international services from Verizon Wireless or AT&T Mobility for business purposes.
My Financial Aid package says I'm a Law student - why?
If you are an incoming undergraduate student who has been initially accepted to the university, you can review your Financial Aid package in the MySanDiego portal (found at…
My Network drives are missing or access is denied? What can I do?
If some or all of your shared network drives are missing after you login, try logging out (rather than restarting or rebooting), then logging back in. This procedure will usually remap your drives.
My calendar appointments are off by 1 hour in Entourage (Exchange Only)
If you go into Entourage and right click on your calendar in the left hand column, click "Folder Properties" then on the window that comes up click "Empty" under "Empty Cache".…
MySanDiego Portal - Pin # and User ID Error
If you are in the MySanDiego Portal and continue to receive an error asking for both your “user id and pin #”, follow the steps below to troubleshoot the issue. If one step does not work,…
New Employee or Non-employee (Consultant) Account Creation Process
New Employee or Non-employee (Consultant) Account Creation Process
New Look for Torero Mail (Fall 2011)
In Fall 2011, Google will be rolling out a new look to the Torero Mail system. This look has already been rolled out to Google Docs, Google Calendar, and the consumer version of Gmail. Users have…
Office 2010 Quickstart Guides (attached)
Microsoft Office 2010 Quick Start Guides see attachments
Oracle HR/Payroll Self-Service
HR Self-service enables employees to update personal information, view pay slips and W2's, view benefits, as well as enroll in or change benefits during Open Enrollment in November.
Oracle iProcurement
Allows on-line ordering of supplies and equipment and viewing of your requisitions.
Oracle iRecruitment
Allows anyone to apply for open jobs on-line.
Oracle: HR/Employee Self Service / USD employee applying for jobs
Employees of the University:
Outlook Add-in Symantec Anti-Virus error
After removing old Symantec Antivirus and installing Endpoint this sometimes happens
Outlook is giving me an login prompt, what do I do?
Outlook users may occasionally get a prompt asking them to connect to, which is the Exchange email server. To connect, replace the username with 'AD\' followed by…
PCL XL error with HP printers.
This is an example of what will most commonly be displayed on either a printout or, on the LCD screen on larger HP printers/copiers:
Parent Portal
In order to create a Parent Portal you must first log in to your MySandiego account. In the "Welcome" tab you will find a sub-section titled "Parent Portal Access." Follow the…
Personal Home Drive
ITS offers staff a networked home directory that is available to back up and store critical information. These services are made available though USD's Active Directory (AD) infrastructure. ITS…
Pharos Print Tracking
ITS uses a service called Pharos to manage and track printing in certain areas of campus, allowing departments to bill users for prints. A user will print to a specific printer, then visit an omega…
Problem: Droid requesting PIN
This solution has been verified to work on Droid 2 and Droid X models running Android OS 2.2 (FroYo).
Problems using CE6 on WIN 7 computer getting error messages
Please check the following 4 items in order to resolve this situation. This is a known issue for which we have submitted a ticket to WebCT, but in the mean time, these actions have proven to be…
Prospective Student/Applicant
An Applicant is someone who is applying to USD, but has not yet been accepted. Applicants are given an ID number and a 6 digit PIN code which allows them to log in to the MySanDiego portal to track…
Qualtrics (Survey Tool)
Qualtrics is a powerful survey-building tool that is highly customizable and easy to use. With Qualtrics, you can design and distribute surveys, manage the responses, track the participants, and…
Qualtrics Information
Remove Parent Authorizations
For step-by-step instructions on how to Remove Parent Authorizations in the MySanDiego Portal, please see the attached PDF.
Repairing Outlook 2011 Server Settings After April 26 Change
If you are still experiencing problems checking your email using Outlook 2011 for the Mac after the April 26, 2012 change, please follow these instructions:
Requesting an Exchange account for a student employee
By default, all students at USD have their email on Torero Mail (hosted by Google) - these accounts allow for 7gb of storage, calendaring, and access to Google Docs. However, some departments need…
Requesting an ID number/account for a non USD employee
Depending on the business need, Human Resources will allow staff members of USD to request ID numbers for non USD employees. This process is specifically for Vendors or Contract Employees who are on…
Resident hall phones
Student Telephone Information For students living on campus, individual residence hall rooms are not equipped with telephones or telephone numbers. Emergency and hallway courtesy phones can be used…
Rosetta Stone Subscription
Interested in learning a new language?
SAS installation on Windows 7.
Install discs and information are available in a packet with Yesenia. The install process is outlined in the packet. Notes for Windows 7 Installation: Be sure to run the installer in Windows XP…
Safe Connect not unzipping correctly
If safe connect is giving you an error message saying:
Scanning and Video Editing
Allows users to edit their videos or transfer from VHS to DVD, scan documents or photos and convert them into PDF, JPG or word document files.
Self-Upgrading to Microsoft Office 2010 for Windows
Self-Installing Microsoft Office 2010
Share and open calendars in Outlook 2010
note: see attached PDF files for instructions with images
SharePoint Services
Microsoft SharePoint is a web-based tool for managing content. It provides common collaboration and productivity tools — including document libraries, wikis, blogs, discussion forums, event…
Should I buy a Desktop or a Laptop computer?
Ultimately, this is a matter or personal preference, but laptops tend to be better suited for campus life. Desktops are usually less expensive, but laptops give you the flexibility to take notes in…
Software Licensing
ITS Software Group negotiates and manages software licenses campuswide. The group keeps an inventory of software, including Adobe, Microsoft and SPSS, at a significantly discounted price or free to…
Software Request for Labs
Software requests are done through our ATS labs website and placed at least a month in advance. Any software not provided by ATS must be a licensed and authorized copy. Once approved, we will install…
Standard Printers
Depending on your printing needs, ITS recommends different printers. In order to provide the most appropriate configuration for your use, please call or email us with the following information:…
StarRez (Housing Portal)
StarRez is an online portal which allows students to complete their application for housing at USD. It is accessible by visiting and logging in…
Steps to Help Improve Computing Speed
Normal.dotm 0 0 1 70 399 University of San Diego 3 1 490 12.257 0 false 18 pt 18 pt 0 0 false false false
Student Computer Repair
Software and hardware repair of notebook and desktop computers, including Dell and Apple warranty support
Student Computer Requirements and Recommendations
Faculty/Staff: Please visit the Computer Ordering site for more information
Student Laptop Checkout
Students can check out a Mac/PC computer for 3 hours from the Serra 205 lab.
Study Abroad
Studying abroad can be an exciting experience. Our study abroad department offers programs in over 30 countries, each with its own electronic differences. Countries outside of the United States use…
Supported and unsupported devices on USD's wireless network
The University of San Diego's wireless network is a large, robust system that provides Internet access virtually everywhere on campus. While many computers and devices are supported, we do have…
Tape Storage
USD securely stores 4 weeks of data (tape backups) on site and one year of retention stored off campus within Iron Mountain preservation facilities. Tape backups are limited to server data within USD…
Tech Information for New Alumni
Congratulations to our new graduates! We've created a list of important information and common questions regarding technology for our USD alumni.
Telephone Services for Faculty and Staff
The standard offering for new phone service is offered through USD Telecommunications via Avaya telephone technology. Avaya technology offers a variety of advanced features. Various types of Avaya…
Tools for Sharing Files: Google Drive and Dropbox
Google Drive is a feature available to everyone who has a Gmail account (this includes USD’s student and alumni Torero Mail accounts). To access Google Drive, log into your Toreromail account…
Torero Card
The Torero Card is a campus ID card that has a wide range of potential services: Campus Cash, Meal Plans, Onity lock/door access, Simplex exterior locks, library privileges, health center, media…
Torero Card photo file size limit
To successfully upload your photo for the Torero Card the photo file size limit is 2mb
Torero Mail / Google Applications Supported by USD
If you find you cannot log in to a service listed below as supported or TBD, please email and let us know what you experienced.
USD Computer Standardization
To ensure that USD receives the best value on computers compatible with the USD infrastructure that can be efficiently supported by the ITS staff, USD requires advanced approval by Information…
USD Retirement Policy regarding e-mail and internet access for retired employees
3.11.8 Other Retirement Benefits
Upgrading to Quicktime Pro
When upgrading from Quicktime to Quicktime Pro, it is not necessary to reinstall the software. The Pro version of Quicktime is installed with the regular, free version of Quicktime, but requires a…
User is receiving winmail.dat attachments that cannot be opened.
Many e-mail clients (besides Outlook) will receive attachments reading winmail.dat if the sender is using Outlook and is sending the e-mail out in rich text format. The sender will need to change…
Using Dual-Boot Mac Mini in Classrooms
VAX access on Windows 7 OS using putty
Download putty (Google search Putty)
VPN / eGate
Virtual Private Networking, or VPN, is a networking tool that allows off campus users to securely connect to the USD network. When you use a VPN program, your computer will have access to the same…
VPN / eGate Virtual Private Network
eGate is the name of USD’s VPN server. Virtual Private Networking, or VPN, is a networking tool that allows off-campus users to have a private and secure connection to the USD network via the…
Various Software Applications used by University Relations; AdvanceWeb; SmartCall; iModules
Various Software Applications used by University Relations; AdvanceWeb; SmartCall;
Video cameras and other related equipment are available at the Media Center
Video cameras and other related equipment are available at the Media Center located in Maher 186. They may be reached at 619-260-4567. For additional information about the Media Center, please visit…
Web Authentication (Single Sign-on)
This is the authentication system that underlies login to web-based systems, which enables access to protected web pages and web applications. Secure web sites at USD require account holders to login…
Website Image Regulations/Standards
What Antivirus is supported by USD?
Currently, the ITS Help Desk only can provide support for Symantec Antivirus, which is already installed on all office and lab computers. If you are bringing a personal computer on campus to use the…
What Operating Systems are supported by the ITS Help Desk?
The Help Desk provides support for the following Operating Systems:
What TV Channels Do Residents Receive?
* USD Programmed Channel (List Updated Spring 2012)
What are the AD Password Requirements?
What are the POP/IMAP settings for Torero Mail?
If you are setting up an email client (Outlook, Apple Mail, etc) or a phone (Blackberry, iPhone, etc) for Torero Mail, you must first turn on POP/IMAP access for your account. To do this, visit…
What are the hours for the ITS Help Desk?
Phone Support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! Just call (619) 260-7900 or x7900 from any on-campus telephone.
What do I do when I receive the error "Not Connected to Site" in Contribute/Dreamweaver?
Make sure they are connected to the Web server ( )
What does my MySanDiego account give me access to?
By creating a MySanDiego account, you also create your email account. This username gives you an e-mail address in the format and also gives you access to a number of other…
What eReaders are supported on campus?
Currently, eReaders are used on a class-by-class basis, as different publishers have different levels of support for electronic textbooks. Check with your professor to see if text books are available…
What happened to my recent contacts in Outlook Web App (OWA)?
When your mailbox was upgraded from Exchange 2007 to Exchange 2010, your "recent contacts" were not moved. (The recent contacts would display in OWA on the lefthand side of a new message, or…
What happens when an account is compromised at USD?
Beginning February 2010, any user whose account has been compromised will be notified by phone, blocked from their e-mail and Internet use, and required to do the following before their account is reinstated:
What if I already have a personal Google/Gmail account?
Your Torero Mail account is totally separate from your personal Google/Gmail account, so nothing will change about your personal Google account. You will not be able to integrate these two accounts at this time.
What if I don't have a computer of my own?
Don't worry! Not only did you save a lot of money, but you have ample access to the computer labs on campus. Lab hours can be found online . Students are also supplied with $6.00 for printing…
What is Torero Mail?
ToreroMail is the E-Mail that the University provides for students. All students will be given an account for life. The accounts are hosted by Google and have a capacity of 7 GB. Faculty and staff…
What is a Conflicting Account for Google Apps+ (GA+)?
These instructions were made using the "old style" view of Torero Mail. We are working on replacing the screenshots, but the steps should be similar.
What is my web site host directory?
The host directory is the path to get to the folder in your Web site storing your files: /Users/ accountname /Sites/ sitename .
What is the ITS Help Desk?
The ITS Help Desk is an on-campus computer support center for all USD students. The ITS Help Desk is the central location for Desktop Support Technicians and also includes the Help Desk call…
What is the Migrated Folder in my MySanDiego Email Account?
Before the Spring of 2009, email accounts were serviced by MiraPoint. In the Spring of 2009 the MySanDiego email team switched over to Google Mail. As such, all the e-mails that were stored in…
What is the departmental site server?
This is always
What kind of support is available at the ITS Help Desk?
ITS Help Desk services include:
What mobile devices can be used with Torero Mail, contacts and calendars?
You can access your Torero Mail services using the following handheld mobile devices (click on the links below for more information):
What repair services are offered at the ITS Help Desk?
The ITS Help Desk offers computer diagnostic and repair to our current students at a price significantly below competitors. Repairs include advanced network troubleshooting, virus/spyware removal,…
What software is needed for maintaining a departmental Web site?
Please contact Joy Brunetti or Web Support , they will ascertain the users skill level and advise either Adobe Dreamweaver or Contribute for their purposes.
What web browsers can I use with Torero Mail?
Starting August 1st 2011, you will need to use one of the following web browsers for accessing Torero Mail:
When I click on a Google Docs link in my e-mail, I'm sent to the Torero Mail login page...Why?
Problem: When a Google Docs user sends a link to any user with an address, clicking the link takes the user to the login page for Torero Mail.
When I email another address from Exchange, I get an error with a long email address
If you have an email account on Microsoft Exchange and use Microsoft Outlook to send email, you might receive an error message if sending email to someone who has had their mailbox changed or removed…
Where can I rent a laptop on campus?
The most common misconception about renting laptops is that you will be able to rent one at Media Services. Although Media Services has a desktop lab, they do not rent out laptops to students.
Where do I find the Technology Request Form?
If you are interested in requesting technology for a lab or classroom on campus, be it simple or advanced software, then you will need to fill out and submit the Technology Request Form online. This…
Where is the ITS Help Desk located?
The ITS Help Desk can be found on the first floor of the Hahn University Center, directly adjacent to the student lounge and across the patio from the One Stop Student Center in room UC117. For…
Which Internet Browsers are supported through USD?
Internet Explorer v9
Who gets an AD account?
AD accounts are reserved for current staff and faculty at the University of San Diego. You will only be granted an AD account when one is accepted for a position at USD.
Why Do I Need an ID to Use the USD ATS/ITS Computer Labs?
Everyone must have an ID to use an ATS/ITS computer lab. Their ID is proof that they are a current USD Student/Employee/Faculty so that we are not breaking any licensing agreements. It also…
Why am I Receiving an Error Changing My Password on Exchange Website (OWA)?
If your Active Directory (AD) password has expired, you may be prompted to change your password when you log in to the Microsoft Exchange (OWA) website. If you visit…
Why am I experiencing slow speeds accessing Advance over VPN from home?
If you use Advance/BSR both at USD and at home with our VPN, you might experience slow speeds, even if other applications and downloads are fast.
Why am I unable to access VPN (eGate) since upgrading to Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard)?
Why am I unable to export Noetix reports to Excel?
Some Windows users may get this message in Noetix when attempting to view a report's output in Excel:
Why am I unable to release a Hold for a student attempting to register for the next semester/intersession?
Holds are not term specific and therefore professors should use the current semester to search for a student, then release the hold.
Why does my XBox 360 say I'm behind a "Strict NAT"?
When you attempt to play games on your XBox 360, you might be warned that you are behind a "Strict NAT" and unable to use all the functions of the game. While behind a strict NAT, Microsoft…
Why is Torero Mail for enrolled students slightly different from similar services that are publicly provided by Google (e.g. Gmail)?
Torero Mail accounts were been customized for optimal educational collaboration. As an enrolled student, you will not see advertisements and USD branding will appear at the top of most Torero Mail…
Will I be able to create and manage folders of my email in Torero Mail?
Google does not support the addition and management of email folders. Instead, all your e-mail is stored in the inbox, but can have labels applied to them individually or in groups. You can then…
Will Torero Mail be the only email solution offered to students from the University of San Diego?
Yes, as of Fall 2009 all students are on Torero Mail. Torero Mail is designed to provide improved email and collaboration services to students. Utilizing your Torero Mail account guarantees that…
Will my Torero Mail account expire?
As of the class of 2009, students who graduate from the University of San Diego and become alumni will be able to keep their Torero Mail account for life. These email accounts will not expire.
Windows 7 Missing Briefcase fields
by default "briefcase" in windows 7 does not have all the fields viewable.
Windows 7 training link
Getting Started on Windows 7 that might be very helpful to to new users. Here is the website
Windows XP System Clock keeps reverting
Symptom: Computer is set to automatically adjust for daylight savings, but it doesn't update. If you manually change it, it reverts itself.
Wireless - SecureConnect/usdsecure
The network called “usdsecure” is a newly created wireless network that offers a unique set of features never before available to USD students. Mainly, the network allows for users to…
Wireless Card Interference
How Do Wireless Cards Work?
Wireless Wi-Fi Access (USD Secure)
Wireless access to the university's online resources is available across campus, including academic and administrative buildings, dining facilities, residence halls, athletics facilities and outdoor spaces.
Wireless internet access for visiting groups?
If you are on campus and require Internet access connect to the USDguest network. This is a pay for use network. If you are a part of a group and would like to learn about discounted group rates then…
iChat, does it work on the USD network?
iChat will not work on campus, due to the network security settings the chat part of iChat works but the video part will not work. This is because the video traffic traveling from the public network…
iPad Support and Performance Limitations
Hardware Support Limitations