USD Website Redesign

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University Web Services

The redesign teams consist of staff members in Information Technology Services and external consultants working on research and discovery as well as content. All needs assessment and design work is completed during the first half of each project with the consultant team, and materials are then transferred to in-house staff for development, programming, content transfer and web software support/training for each new site. For a complete redesign project overview, please see our process page.

Name Title Contact Information
Joy Brunetti Web Coordinator
ext. 7633
John Callery Web Developer
ext. 7859
Cristina Cruz Web Developer/Designer
ext. 8825
Jennifer Dandle Web Developer
ext. 2705
Michael O'Brien Director, Library and Web Services
ext. 4641
Shay Pessah Web Developer/Designer
ext. 7578
Roberta Roebuck Senior Web Developer
ext. 7851
Bryan Teague Senior Web Administrator
ext. 7842