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Joan B. Kroc School of Peace Studies
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Kroc School

Journal of Peacebuilding and Development

The Journal of Peacebuilding and Development (JPD) is a tri-annual refereed journal providing a forum for the sharing of critical thinking and constructive action on issues at the intersection of conflict, development and peace.

JPD foregrounds qualitative methodologies, especially empirically based case studies that facilitate grounded and fresh analysis to serve theory, policy and strategy development. JPD offers a space for scholars and practitioners to examine the logic and impacts of dominant policies and practices, and to cultivate visionary, holistic approaches striving to advance collaboration between the fields of peacebuilding and development. Our authors, advisors and editorial staff represent global scholarship, practice and activism.

JPD's authors and editorial staff represent global scholarship, practice and action aiming to develop theory-practice and South-North dialogue.

Editorial Committee

  • Executive Editors: Erin McCandless, Mohammed Abu-Nimer, Necla Tschirgi, Eric Abitbol
  • Associate Editor: Maia Carter Hallward, Ami Carpenter, Topher McDougal
  • Managing Editor: Martha Garcia
  • Resources Editor: Zoë Meroney