Office of Parking Services

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Parking Information for Students

Student Parking Regulations

  • Permit - A valid USD parking permit must be displayed at all times while parked on campus. Permits must be displayed either on the windshield or on the dashboard, such that the entire permit numbers, dates and barcodes are clearly visible from the front of the vehicle. Permits must not be hidden by tint or other obstructions.
  • Area Designations – You must park in their assigned area during the times listed below. Parking outside of designated areas will contribute to parking congestion. Vehicles outside of their assigned areas will be subject to cite.
  • Off Limit SpacesUSD Only spaces, Tow-Away spaces, fire lanes (red curb), on the sidewalk or taking up more than one space (no part of the vehicle may be past space demarcation lines) at any time.
  • Posted Signs - Please read all signs posted on cones and/or barricades before parking to ensure you don't park in an area that is reserved or closed.
  • Timed Spaces- Loading zones and time restricted spaces are enforced 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You may only park in these spaces/areas for the amount of time indicated in the space/area.
  • Pay and Display Spaces – Students may park in pay and display spaces for under the time allotted and must pay the parking meter.

Commuter Students

  • You must par in unmarked, white-lined spaces on the main campus, Monday-Friday, 6:00am to 5:00pm.
  • You may park in any yellow-lined space or reserved space (not marked 24/7 or indicated by Parking Services) between 5:00pm to 6:00am.
  • You may not park in any residential area at any time. This includes the bottom two levels of the Mission Structure, the UTA, the PTA,  the Valley, Vistas, and Camino/Founders areas.

Resident Students

You must park in the white-lined spaces in your assigned parking area or the West Structure/Lot from 6:00am-7:00pm. Between 7:00pm and 6:00am, you are allowed to park on main campus in white or yellow-lined or reserved spaces (not marked 24/7 or indicated by Parking Services).You may not park in any other residence area at any time.

  • Camino/Founder- You must park in the bottom two levels of the IPJ garage.
  • Maher, Mission A/B, Bahia, and San Buenaventura (Valley)- You must park in the Mission Structure levels 1-2 and surrounding surface lots of the Mission housing complex.
  • Manchester- You must park in the Manchester Garage or in the surrounding surface lots.
  • Vista- You must park in the surface lots surrounding the Vista Resident halls.
  • UTA/PTA- You must park in the lots next to their apartment buildings.

If your assigned area is full, you must park in the West Parking Structure or lot.

Fringe Parking

  • You must park on levels B1-B3 of the West Parking Structure or the gravel lot between 6:00am to 7:00pm on weekdays.
  • You may park on main campus from 7:00pm-6:00am.
  • You may not park in any residential area at any time.

Parking Permit Price List, 2013 - 2014

Resident Students

  • Resident Student Annual - $290.00

    • Alcala Vista Apartments
    • Camino Hall
    • Founders Hall
    • University Terrace Apartments
    • Maher Hall
    • Mission (Valley) Housing - Phase A and Phase B
    • Presidio Terrace Apartments
    • Manchester Village

UTA residents may purchase a discounted permit that will allow them to park in the West Parking Structure/Lot or Valley housing parking area only. You will not be allowed to park in the
UTA lot with this permit. To purchase this permit, please stop by the Parking Services’ office located in the University Center, room 102. This permit is available at a discounted rate of $90.

Commuter Students

  • Commuter Student Annual - $280.00
  • Commuter Students Semester - $140.00
  • Commuter Students Semester, Part-time - $70.00

To be eligible for part-time status, students must be registered for less than 12 units for undergraduates and JD, less than 9 units for graduate and LLM students.If you believe to be classified incorrectly, please contact the Registrar's office and bring documentation to the Parking Services’ office prior to purchasing your permit.

Fringe Permit

  • Fringe Permit Annual - $125.00

Fringe permits are not available to resident students.


  • Motorcycle Annual - $45.00