• Q: Can I be a member of NROTC San Diego while attending a local area Community College.
  • Q: I was told I am not physically qualified for the NROTC program, what can I do?
  • Q: What happens if I am a College Program Midshipman and don’t get a scholarship?
  • Q: What are the obligations of a NROTC Scholarship Midshipman upon commissioning?
  • Q: What obligation do I owe as a College Program Midshipman with Advance Standing that is commissioned?
  • Q: What exactly does a NROTC Scholarship pay for?
  • Q: Does the NROTC Scholarship pay for room and board?
  • Q: What type of work will I be doing for the University of San Diego if on room and board work component?
  • Q: What do Midshipmen have to do in the NROTC program?
  • Q: What does the summer training consist of for scholarship students?
  • Q: If I have an NROTC Scholarship am I restricted on what my major can be? Do I have to take certain classes for NROTC?
  • Q: What academic standards are there for NROTC Scholarship and College Program Midshipman?
  • Q: Is the NROTC Program any different for Marine Option Midshipmen?
  • Q: Is a Marine Option Scholarship different from a Navy Option Scholarship?
  • Q: What if I received a 4yr NROTC scholarship to a university I was not accepted to?
  • Q: What NROTC classes should I register in?
  • Q: I will be attending UCSD, what special information do I need to know?
  • Q: What if I haven’t been granted a scholarship? Can I still join NROTC?
  • Q. Where can I expect most of my NROTC training and events to occur?
  • Q. Do I need to know how to swim in order to be part of NROTC?

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