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Interlibrary Loan

In the course of your research you will encounter book titles, journal articles, theses and dissertations which are not available in the Copley Library or books held by San Diego Circuit Libraries. The Interlibrary Loan Department at the Copley Library will try to borrow such items for you from another institution as quickly as possible.

We ask that you follow the following guidelines when planning and executing an interlibrary loan request.

  • REQUESTS: Interlibrary loan requests are managed and submitted via ILLiad, our ILL interface. Please use your MySanDiego account to login.
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*MySanDiego account
Name: Alex Moran
Phone: 619-260-2364


  • TIME: Please give yourself enough time to order an item. Books are sent surface mail and their shipping time cannot be expedited. Lending libraries will not allow a borrower to pick an item up at their libraries. Interlibrary Loan rules, dictate that all transactions must be made by mail or institutional courier between libraries. Most loaned items take between ten days and two weeks to arrive and often take longer. We may be able to obtain a photocopy of a journal article in 24-72 hours, but the document delivery companies which provide this service have a limited number of journal titles at their disposal.
  • CHECK THE COPLEY CATALOG FIRST! Please check our own collection first before placing any interlibrary loan request. A great many requests received at Copley are for items currently on our shelves. BOOKS THAT ARE HELD BY OTHER SAN DIEGO CIRCUIT LIBRARIES MUST BE REQUESTED BY THE PATRON DIRECTLY USING THE "request an item" feature in the Circuit catalog. Requests for books owned by USD Libraries and Circuit Libraries will be cancelled. Journal article requests for articles available in Copley Library in physical format, microfiche/microfilm or in electronic format, i.e. electronic databases will also be cancelled.

  • COST: Copley Library will absorb the lending costs associated with those items for which we are charged. You will be allowed up to 25 items per academic year for USD faculty members and graduate students. Undergraduate students may be required to pay all costs associated with Interlibrary Loan of books and journal articles.
  • NOTICE OF ARRIVAL: We will attempt to notify you when material arrives for you. We have found that email works best to notify patrons. If you do not have email, we cannot be responsible for messages left for you when materials arrive. When notified of an item's arrival, please pick it up soon after or call to let us know when you will be in for it. Items left for two weeks must be returned to the lender. When a book arrives, be sure to safeguard it. You will be financially responsible for any lost book. Replacement charges average $75-$200.
  • RENEWALS: Most institutions do not allow interlibrary loan books to be renewed. They must be read and returned to Copley Library by the due date. If renewals are allowed, you can request a renewal through your ILLiad account.

  • GRADUATE ASSISTANTS: If you are a graduate assistant who is doing research for a professor, you must have written permission from your professor in order to borrow materials under that professor's name. Make sure you order materials through that professor's name or your account will be debited for any charges and you may be held responsible for overdue or lost materials.
  • AVAILABILITY OF ITEMS: Once a request leaves Copley Library we have no control over whether or not it is filled or rejected. Not all books or journal titles are available for borrowing. Not all requests may be filled due to the item's unavailability on the lender's shelf, to the institution's lending policy or due to copyright law.

  • DISSERATIONS AND THESES: Many institutions will not lend theses or dissertations. If you are unable to borrow a dissertation from another library, you may be able to buy it from Bell and HowellInternational (via Web, mail or telephone request). You may order directly through their web site and pay with a credit card. ┬áMany theses and dissertations may be available through our electronic Dissertations and Theses full text database.

  • RETURNS: Please return all borrowed items on time. Overdue items may jeopardize your borrowing privileges and accrue fines.