Copley Library

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Copley Library Finals Information

Copley Library Open 24/7 (Starts May 11 at 12 pm and ends May 22 at 8 pm)

The university library’s purpose is to provide a place that is conducive for intellectual reflection and study. During the University of San Diego’s study period and finals week (May 14-22), Copley Library will be a SILENT study space.

Please help us promote academic success and silence by holding group study sessions in the Copley Library group study rooms or other study rooms on campus.

Copley's group study rooms may be reserved through our online reservation system. Please read our group study room policies before booking a room.

The Student Wellness Finals Resource Guide list other study spaces available on campus during finals

The Torero food truck will open Thursday night on the 15th thru the 21st from 9:00pm till 1:00pm.

Thank you for your cooperation in maintaining silence and good luck with finals!