The Intellectual Property Law Clinic (“IP Clinic”)

Prospective Clients

The IP Clinic accepts applications from individuals and businesses in the San Diego County region that desire assistance in areas related to intellectual property law.  The client must demonstrate financial need.  Individuals are welcome to apply for participation, as well as companies.  Start-ups that are not participating in CONNECT may also apply.  We welcome professors from surrounding universities who have received clearance from their technology transfer office.  MBA and law students who are starting businesses are welcome to apply as well.  The program offers an excellent opportunity for budding entrepreneurs to learn, while allowing our law students to apply their skills under the supervision of an attorney.

Types of Work

Here are some of the scenarios that potential clients can receive assistance with:

  • responding to a demand letter alleging infringement of a third-party’s intellectual property rights
  • evaluating infringement of your intellectual property by a third-party
  • filing a trademark or copyright application
  • responding to a refusal to register a trademark or copyright
  • appealing a trademark refusal
  • trademark opposition and cancellation proceedings
  • evaluating potentially patentable subject matter
  • patent searching and analysis
  • responding to patent office actions
  • litigation involving intellectual property
  • global intellectual property evaluation for new businesses (i.e. “what do I do in order to protect my intellectual property rights”)
  • intellectual property licensing and transfers

To apply to become a client through the IP Clinic, complete the online application.

Please note that if you are accepted, you will be engaged with a law firm, which takes responsibility for you as a client of the firm.  The pro bono work is limited to the subject that you are accepted for, and not for other legal work, for which you may separately engage the law firm.  Do not disclose any privileged information to the IP Clinic staff or coordinators.


The IP Clinic accepts applications year-around, but the clinical activities are operated from October through December of each year.

Program Coordinators

Ted Sichelman (Associate Professor, USD School of Law)
Dana Robinson (Adjunct Professor, USD School of Law)

Staff contact: Cecilia Salanger at 


Center for Intellectual Property Law and Markets
Guadalupe Hall, Room 202b