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222015Does Length Matter?Kasey JonesMore detail
222015ForewordPaul HortonMore detail
222015Alimony as an Equalizing Force in DivorceMichelle MurrayMore detail
222015Which Support Payments Qualify as Alimony in California’s Courts?Alexandria GojnyMore detail
222015'Til Death or Irreconcilable Differences Do Us Part: Comparison of Support Obligations at Death and DivorceLaura HamisterMore detail
222015Alimony (Square Peg) and “Partnership Marriage” (Round Hole)Michelle PeñaMore detail
222015The Rehabilitation Model for Alimony AwardsKevin SpencerMore detail
222015Fault-Based Alimony in No-Fault DivorceKirsten GallacherMore detail
222015Alimony Provisions in Premarital, Postnuptial, and Separation Agreements: California Cases, 2000-2013Sharai ElkoMore detail
222015Spousal Support in Transition from Marriage to DivorceLyndsey FibusMore detail
222015Spousal Support Factors: California and WashingtonJordan MillerMore detail
222015The Marital Standard of LivingNina JafariMore detail
222015“Supported Spouse’s Contribution” to Supporting Spouse’s AdvancementJustine ElgasMore detail
222015Marital Standard of Living as a Factor for Spousal Support in the Career-Threshold DivorceCaitlin ObolskyMore detail
222015Earning Capacity of the Supporting SpouseNicole JacobsMore detail
222015Earning Capacity of the Supported SpouseErika OliverMore detail
222015California’s Needs Factor for an Alimony AwardRoman YbarraMore detail
222015Alimony Criteria: Ability to PayCourtney MagnerMore detail
222015The Supporting Spouse’s Ability to Pay as a Factor Determining AlimonyJuhyun Joy SeoMore detail
222015The Enigma of Family Code § 4320(e)Alexandra BashkirovaMore detail
222015Kids, Custody, and AlimonyEmily ChuunMore detail
222015Age and Health as Factors for Court-Ordered Alimony DecisionsJoann BussayabuntoonMore detail
222015“Immediate and Specific Tax Consequences”Amber MullalyMore detail
222015Alimony Criteria: Balance of HardshipsBhavani PeesapatiMore detail
222015The Role of the “Self-Support Goal” in Awarding and Modifying AlimonyRosanne GolobMore detail
222015“Any Other Factors the Court Determines Are Just and Equitable”Tatum EverhartMore detail
222015Contingencies on Alimony AwardsCarol KimMore detail
222015Support for a Contingent Period of TimePamela TownsendMore detail
222015The “Separate Estate” ContingenciesPaul HortonMore detail
222015Finding Fault and Making Reparations: Domestic Violence Conviction as a Limitation on Spousal Support AwardSarah BurkettMore detail
222015Domestic Violence as an Alimony Contingency: Recent Developments in California LawStasia RudimanMore detail
222015Termination of Alimony on Remarriage or DeathDanny AdamsMore detail
222015Death and Remarriage as Alimony-Terminating Events: A California HistoryPhyllis HansenMore detail
222015One at a Time: Proposed Public Policy of the Remarriage-Termination RuleJamie MaherMore detail
222015The Problem of Post-Dissolution Cohabitation by Alimony RecipientsGregory BormanMore detail
222015Alimony and Cohabitation From Then to NowStasia RudimanMore detail
212013Prologue to the SymposiumSteven D. SmithMore detail
212013Lost in Translation: A Dilemma for Freedom of the ChurchRichard C. Schragger & Micah SchwartzmanMore detail
212013“The Freedom of the Church”: (Towards) An Exposition, Translation, and DefenseRichard W. GarnettMore detail
212013Freedom of the Church Without RomancePaul HorwitzMore detail
212013True Lies: Conossa As MythFrederick Mark GedicksMore detail
212013“Freedom of the Church” and the Authority of the StateAndrew KoppelmanMore detail
212013The Liberty of the Church: Source, Scope, and ScandalPatrick McKinley BrennanMore detail
212013Comments on Patrick McKinley Brennan’s The Liberty of the ChurchThomas A. SmithMore detail
212013Protecting the Religious Liberty of Religious InstitutionsAlan BrownsteinMore detail
212013Dignity, History, and Religious-Group RightsFrederick Mark GedicksMore detail
212013Progressive Arguments for Religious Organizational Freedom: Reflections on the HHS MandateThomas C. BergMore detail
212013The Freedom of the Church (New Revised Standard Version)John D. InazuMore detail
212013Do For-Profit Businesses Have Free Exercise Rights?Robert K. VischerMore detail
212013What is a “Church”?: Implied Consent and the Contraception MandateMichael A. HelfandMore detail
212013Church Freedom and Accountability in Sexual Exploitation Cases: The Possibility of Both Through Limited Strict LiabilityRobert F. Cochran, Jr.More detail
212013Religious Toleration and Claims of ConscienceKent GreenawaltMore detail
202012ForewordMore detail
202012A Short History of Alimony in English and the United StatesDanielle MonroeMore detail
202012Interspousal Support Entitlements: California, 1850 to 1994Dan NutterMore detail
202012History of Alimony in California: 1850 to 1994 Maria NguyenMore detail
202012Rehabilitative Alimony?The Goal of Self SupportDaniel JonesMore detail
202012The Obligation to Support While MarriedAaron ArndtMore detail
202012'Support' in the Duty of Spousal Support During MarriageSohrab TahvildaranMore detail
202012California Premarital Agreements Waiving or Specifying Spousal Support Obligations Michelle ButlerMore detail
202012The Domestic Relations Exception to Diversity Jurisdiction: Spousal Support Enforcement in the Federal CourtsTravis GrantMore detail
202012Orr v. OrrTravis GrantMore detail
202012Spousal Support Under the Internal Revenue CodeStacia GawronskiMore detail
202012Separation, Divorce, Annulment, and the Internal Revenue CodeMelissa SchmidtMore detail
202012Negotiating Support Agreements in Contemplation of BankruptcyJeffrey MyersMore detail
202012The Effect of Bankruptcy on a Spouse in a DivorceAmanda MorenoMore detail
202012Divorce and ?Spousal? Social Security BenefitsTrish HodnyMore detail
202012How Ubiquitous Are Alimony Awards? A Call for Current DataKiley MorganMore detail
202012Alimony Awards for Petitioners Amanda RuizMore detail
202012Review: Alimony: Race, Privilege, and Dependency in the Search for TheoryKeith L. ShojiMore detail
202012Review: Divorce and the Displaced Homemaker Amy ZelayaMore detail
202012Social and Psychological Attitudes Toward Alimony Leslie JurisMore detail
202012Grant Proposal for the Empirical Study of California Spousal Support Awards Christina PhanMore detail
202012Overcoming a Client?s Reluctance to Pay Alimony Jackline MolaMore detail
202012The Advantages of ADR Over Litigation with Regard to AlimonyJarvis LagmanMore detail
202012The Litigation Process for an Alimony Award Colleen McBrideMore detail
202012Judicial Discretion and Spousal Support in California: An Empirical StudyDavid ShamskyMore detail
202012Judicial Discretion and Spousal Support: An Update Anthony LingMore detail
202012Alimony Pendente Lite Awards in California Jen MonheitMore detail
202012The Requirement of Findings for an Alimony Order Mauro ColabianchiMore detail
202012Judicial Findings on Marital Standard of LivingAngel LawrenceMore detail
202012Use of Vocational Experts in Determining Alimony Award Ngan TranMore detail
202012Evidence of Marital History for Determining Alimony Award Rebecca BrengleMore detail
202012Making Alimony Orders Retroactive Pierce AcuffMore detail
202012Retention of Jurisdiction over Alimony Issues Vijay BalMore detail
202012Extending the Alimony Obligation Beyond the GraveMatt HeimMore detail
202012Modification or Termination of Spousal Support AgreementsKristin WirglerMore detail
202012Grounds for Modification of Support AgreementsChristina McClurgMore detail
202012Negotiating and Drafting Spousal Support Agreements to Minimize Future Attempts to ModifyCourtney PoelMore detail
202012The Role of the Family Law Facilitator in Modification of Support AwardsMelissa SchmidtMore detail
202012In re Marriage of Leib: The Supported Spouse as Unmarried CohabitantDaniel LiebMore detail
202012California Spousal Support EnforcementSteve EscaleraMore detail
202012Jail Time for Failure to Pay Spousal SupportDavid WilliamsMore detail
202012Enforcement of Spousal Support Obligations in Marital Settlement AgreementsCourt TurnerMore detail
202012A Brief History of Uniform Laws for Private Interstate Support EnforcementKimball DentonMore detail
202012Alimony: An Annotated Bibliography of Secondary SourcesTimothy FerretteMore detail
192010ForewordPaul HortonMore detail
192010Trademark Law: How We Got to Where We Are TodayThomalyn EppsMore detail
192010What Makes Trademarks "Intellectual" Property?Laura SlezingerMore detail
192010Utilitarianism and Trademark ProtectionJill Ann EalyMore detail
192010The Origins of the Lanham ActSondra LevineMore detail
192010Federal Preemption and State Trademark Law: Exception or Indifference?James AbeMore detail
192010The Tea Rose/Rectanus Doctrine Is Alive and Well: A Case NoteKimberly MillerMore detail
192010Requirements for Mark Registration and Renewal under California's New Trademark LawJoni BorzcikMore detail
192010California Penal Laws: Mark AbuseShawn MowryMore detail
192010One Lawyer, Two Clients, and the PTODanny ChaseMore detail
192010The Disciplinary Function of the PTO's Office of General CounselLaura HeyneMore detail
192010Trademark Terms Under the Lanham Act and State LawJoe ColeMore detail
192010The Supplemental Register: Yesterday's Plan A, Today's Plan BNick ColeMore detail
192010Where's the Beef? Slogans as Marks Under the Lanham ActMalte FarnaesMore detail
192010Primarily Annoyingly Deceptively Tongue TwistingShawn MowryMore detail
192010The Lanham Act and Geographical Indications Used on or in Connection with Wines or SpiritsJeff YoungMore detail
192010Should Congress Provide a PTO-Maintained Register for Famous Marks?Chris SclimentiMore detail
192010A Guide to e-Registration of a Mark Already in UseTheresa NguyenMore detail
192010Strategies for Responding to an Office Action Refusing Registration for a "Merely Descriptive" MarkMary MorenoMore detail
192010What Happens if I Can't Get Away with It? Disclaimer Law and PracticeBrandon MeyerMore detail
192010Other People's Names and FacesCharlie FuMore detail
192010Appealing Decisions of Stubborn Examining Attorneys: The Path of Ex Parte Appeal to the TTAB and Federal CircuitTodd SchneiderMore detail
192010Alternatives to Opposition for Attacks on Registrability of an ITU MarkJames AbeMore detail
192010Application Strategies for Concurrent-Use RegistrationSean FlahertyMore detail
192010Where to Go with a TTAB Final Decision: Two OptionsKelly LeeMore detail
192010Trademarks as Components of GoodwillMegan BartkowskiMore detail
192010How to Properly Celebrate a Trademark Registration's Fifth Birthday!Nathan BearMore detail
192010In re Save Venice: When Ownership of an "Incontestable" Mark Won't Help You OutLaura SlezingerMore detail
192010Cancellation of Generic Incontestable MarksJoni BorzcikMore detail
192010Do or Die: Genericide PreventionAnthony W. SilvaMore detail
192010One of These Things Is Not Like the Others: Concurrent Use, Assignment, and Licensing of TrademarksMary MorenoMore detail
192010Requirements for Licensing Trademarks in a Company's Territorial ExpansionDaniel BrookerMore detail
192010Planning for the Assignment of a Lanham Act MarkYe HuaMore detail
192010Assignments of Property Rights in Medical Practices: An Illustration of Trademark Assignment PrinciplesJoe ColeMore detail
192010Property of the Estate: Trademarks in Bankruptcy ProceedingsSondra LevineMore detail
192010Protecting a Trademark Licensee's Rights from Rejection in the Licensor's Bankruptcy ProceedingsAlexander PapaefthimiouMore detail
192010Might Makes McRight: McDonald's Corporation's Trademark StrategyEmily GrantMore detail
192010Rotary International's Collective Membership MarksNils MaackMore detail
192010The Importance of Idaho PotatoesJeff YoungMore detail
192010Game (Not) Over: How a Mark Saved Video GamesJohn M. ArnoneMore detail
192010USDA Organic Certification for the Innovative FarmerMichelle TraherMore detail
192010Rumble of the Rums: The Battle Over "Havana Club"Dylan AsteMore detail
192010The Attribution Right, the Misappropriation Theory, and Dastar v. Twentieth Century FoxEmily GrantMore detail
192010The Advertising Factor in the Secondary Meaning InstructionAlyssa MorrisonMore detail
192010Hassan v. Greater Houston Transportation Co.Laura Heyne & Kelly LeeMore detail
192010Likelihood of Confusion: Subjective Guilt, Objective DeceptionNick ColeMore detail
192010PodWars: Too Big of a Bite or Free-Riders' Red Herring?Chris SclimentiMore detail
192010Smith v. Wal-Mart: Parody Meets ConfusionShawn Mowry & Taylor WallaceMore detail
192010Louis Vuitton v. Dooney & Bourke: The Lanham Act Meets Haute Couture Paterson Ubarieke and Sean FlahertyMore detail
192010Infringement and Dilution under Jada Toys: Still Like Murder and Manslaughter?John Chen and Joe ColeMore detail
192010A Little Bad Faith Goes a Long Way: American Rice v. Producers Rice MillCharlie Fu & Brandon MeyerMore detail
192010Attacking the Section 32(1) ClaimDanny ChaseMore detail
192010Preparing to Send the Cease and Desist LetterLaura HeyneMore detail
192010The Importance of Being Earnest: Clinton E. Worden & Co. v. California Fig Syrup Co.Becky HandlinMore detail
192010The KP Permanent Case: How Lasting Its Impression on Fair Use?Julius SokolMore detail
192010Ciociola v. Harley-Davidson Inc.: Classic Fair Use in Summary Judgment PracticeJames Abe & Paul HortonMore detail
192010Sanguang: An Immoral Trademark?Todd SchneiderMore detail
192010OHIM: The European Community Trademark's PTOJulie BakMore detail
192010A Comparison of the US and EU Mark Registration SystemsKelly LeeMore detail
192010New Technologies, New Trademarks: A Review EssayMegan BartkowskiMore detail
192010Revocation and Declaration of Invalidity as Defenses to the European Community's Trademark Infringement ClaimAlexander PapaefthimiouMore detail
192010Geographical Indications in Multinational AgreementsCharlie FuMore detail
192010NAFTA Article 1712 and "Primarily Geographically Deceptively Misdescriptive" MarksBrandon MeyerMore detail
192010Most Favoured Nation Treatment and WTO Dispute ResolutionTaylor WallaceMore detail
192010International Mark Search Basics for the U.S. MarkholderJohn N. ArnoneMore detail
192010International Trademark Protection StrategyRachelle H. ThompsonMore detail Brookfield Communications v. West Coast EntertainmentNils MaackMore detail
192010Perfect 10 v. Visa InternationalJoni Borzcik & Nick ColeMore detail
192010The Lanham Act's Role in the Chase after CybersquattersSondra LevineMore detail
192010The Uniform Dispute Resolution Policy: An Uphill Fight for Domain Name RegistrantsKimberly J. MillerMore detail
192010When Metropolitan Life MET Most Erotic TeensMichelle TraherMore detail
192010The Territorial System for Trademarks on the Internet: Our Only Real ChoiceKevin CowanMore detail
182009Introduction: The Fourteenth Amendment and the Bill of Rights: What Have we Learned? Why Does It Matter?Donald A. DrippsMore detail
182009The Bill of Rights and the Rights and the States: An Overview From One PerspectiveMichael Kent CurtisMore detail
182009Enforcing the Bill of Rights Against the States: The History and the FutureRichard L. AynesMore detail
182009Nationalizing the Bill of Rights: Scholarship and Commentary on the Fourteenth Amendment in 1867-1873Bryan H. WildenthalMore detail
182009Newspapers and the Fourteenth Amendment: What Did the American Public Know About Section 1?George C. Thomas IIIMore detail
182009The New Originalism Meets the Fourteenth Amendment: Original Public Meaning and the Problem of IncorporationLawrence RosenthalMore detail
182009Incorporation and Originalist TheoryLawrence B. SolumMore detail
182009Beyond IncorporationKurt T. LashMore detail
182009The Fourteenth Amendment, the Bill of Rights, and the (First) Criminal Procedure RevolutionDonald A. DrippsMore detail
182009Commentary: Was the Bill of Rights Irrelevant to Nineteenth-Century State Criminal Procedure?Carolyn B. RamseyMore detail
182009How Much Does It Really Matter Whether Courts Work Within the "Clearly Marked" Provisions of the Bill of Rights or With the "Generalities" of the Fourteenth Amendment?Yale KamisarMore detail
172008ForewordMaimon SchwarzschildMore detail
172008The Ethics and Economics of American Legal Education TodayMaimon SchwarzschildMore detail
172008ShamePaul CamposMore detail
172008Comments on the Legal Education CartelLloyd CohenMore detail
172008Electronics and the Future of Law SchoolsEli M. NoamMore detail
172008Defining Our Responsibilities: Being an Academic FiduciaryRichard A. MatasarMore detail
172008The Market for DeansDaniel B. RodriguezMore detail
172008Should Law Schools Support Faculty Research?Edward RubinMore detail
172008Gresham's Law in Legal EducationSteven R. SmithMore detail
172008Law School Faculty as Free AgentsClayton P. GilletteMore detail
172008Affirmative Action in American Law SchoolsGail HeriotMore detail
172008The Private and Public Employment of African-American Lawyers, 1960-2000James LindgrenMore detail
172008Post-Tenure Review As If It MatteredJayne W. BarnardMore detail
172008The Restructuring of Legal Education Along Functional LinesWilliam K.S. WangMore detail
162007ForewordPaul HortonMore detail
162007Honor Thy Mother and Father: The Roman Catholic View of the Parent/Child RelationshipChristina Baine DeJardinMore detail
162007Are Two Parents Really Better Than One?Samin ValimohammadiMore detail
162007Parents as ScapegoatsMin KangMore detail
162007Fathers Needed: Paternity Not NecessaryCourtney PoelMore detail
162007Fit or Unfit? Homosexuality and ParentingAlyson TaubMore detail
162007...But a Child Can Have Two MothersVictoria SteeleyMore detail
162007Derivative Citizenship Through ParentsSungjee LeeMore detail
162007Limitations on Parens Patriae: the State and the Parent/Child RelationshipGregory ThomasMore detail
162007Are Children Community Property in California?Jeffrey A. MyersMore detail
162007Under My Roof: Parents' Rights to Children's EarningsJillian BenbowMore detail
162007Parent, Child, State, and the Limits on the Parent's Entitlement to Dictate a Child's Medical Treatment on the Basis of ReligionJared M. JarvisMore detail
162007Refusal of Medical Treatment Based on Religious Beliefs: Jehovah's Witness ParentsKaren L. DiazMore detail
162007Challenges for Negotiating and Drafting an Antenuptial Agreement for the Religious Upbringing of Future ChildrenAlexandra SelfridgeMore detail
162007Homeschooling: Depriving Children of Social Development?Samantha LebedaMore detail
162007Is There a Right Way to Discipline a Child?Chih (Peter) L. ChenMore detail
162007Corporal Punishment and Rules of ReasonTrish HodnyMore detail
162007From Parent to Protector: The History of Corporal Punishment in American Public SchoolsTimothy GarrisonMore detail
162007The Making of a Killer ChildCepideh RoufougarMore detail
162007Parental Civil Liability for the Torts of MinorsLisa GentileMore detail
162007Criminal Enforcement of Parental ObligationsKathleen A. CullinanMore detail
162007Family Code Section 3120-Useless or Underused?James C. FessendenMore detail
162007Custodial Rights of California Mothers and Fathers: A Brief HistorySarah PinkertonMore detail
162007Equal Protection and Gender Preference in Divorce Contests over CustodyAlexandra SelfridgeMore detail
162007Why Daddy LosesSarah BrownMore detail
162007Book Review: Fighting For Your Children: A Father's Guide to CustodyJayson LorenzoMore detail
162007The Custody Wars: A ReviewEva TurellaMore detail
162007Indirect Representation of the Child in Custody DisputesRobin MooreMore detail
162007Ethical Obligations to Children in Marital DissolutionsParnian ToofanianMore detail
162007The Family Court's Expectations of Child's CounselKaren ProsekMore detail
162007Court-Appointed Counsel and the Wrong Side of Soundproof GlassBrent AveryMore detail
162007Allegations of Domestic Violence in Child Custody ProceedingsJordan MillerMore detail
162007Professional Responsibility and False Accusations of Child AbuseRyan C. CoulsonMore detail
162007Interview: Child Custody MediationBethany ZepsMore detail
162007Capitulate or Else: San Diego's Mandatory Mediation Process and Procedural FairnessAngel LawrenceMore detail
162007The Relocation ControversyProctor HarangMore detail
162007Should the Standards in "Move-Away" Cases Be Different for Sole and Joint Physical Custody?Erinn R. WegnerMore detail
162007Does In re Marriage of LaMusga Open a New Chapter or Close an Old One in the Move-Away Controversy?Kimball DentonMore detail
162007Where's the Morph? Joint "Custody" vs. the Changed Circumstances RuleJohn R. GardnerMore detail
162007The Visitation Calendar: Time Marked ZeroDanielle K. MoroneMore detail
162007Who Gets to Visit? A History of Third-Party Visitation Rights in Family CourtMelissa CurryMore detail
162007Parental Kidnapping Prevention ActFrank CracchioloMore detail
162007Should Emancipation Be for Adolescents or for Parents?S. Elise KertMore detail
162007Pitfalls Await Emancipated ParentsChristina Baine DeJardinMore detail
162007Termination of Parental Rights: The Terminus of Juvenile Dependency ProceedingsMari D. ParladeMore detail
162007The Indigent Parent's Right to Counsel in Termination of Parental Rights ProceedingsNadine VasserMore detail
162007Abandonement as a Ground for Termination of Parental RightsKristin M. WirglerMore detail
162007An Overview of the Indian Child Welfare Act of 1978Christine BasicMore detail
162007Eliminating the Legal Orphan ProblemKirstin AndreasenMore detail
162007How to Adopt Your Foster Child in CaliforniaLawya RangelMore detail
152006Introduction: Positive Political Theory and LawDavid S. LawMore detail
152006When Does Deliberating Improve Decisionmaking?Mathew D. McCubbins & Daniel B. RodriguezMore detail
152006Judicial Selection, Appointments, Gridlock, and the Nuclear OptionDavid S. Law & Lawrence B. SolumMore detail
152006Conditions for Judicial IndependenceMcNollgastMore detail
152006Judicial Independence: Often Cited, Rarely UnderstoodLydia Brashear TiedeMore detail
152006Courts, Congress, and Public Policy, Part I: The FDA, The Courts, and the Regulation of TobaccoJeffrey R. Lax & Mathew D. McCubbinsMore detail
152006Courts, Congress, and Public Policy, Part II: The Impact of the Reapportionment Revolution on Congress and State LegislaturesJeffrey R. Lax & Mathew D. McCubbinsMore detail
152006How Massachusetts Got Gay Marriage: The Intersection of Popular Opinion, Legislative Action, and Judicial PowerTonja JacobiMore detail
1422005What is New in the New Statutory Interpretation? Introduction to The Journal of Contemporary Legal Issues SymposiumMathew D. McCubbins & Daniel B. RodriguezMore detail
1422005Lost in Translation: Social Choice Theory is Misapplied Against Legislative IntentArthur Lupia & Mathew D. McCubbinsMore detail
1422005"Is There a Text in this Class?" The Conflict Between Textualism and AntitrustDaniel A. Farber and Brett H. McDonnellMore detail
1422005The Judicary Is A They, Not An It: Interpretative Theory and the Fallacy of DivisionArian VermeuleMore detail
1422005Canonical Construction and Statutory Revisionism: The Strange Case of the Appropriations CanonMathew D. McCubbins & Daniel B. RodriguezMore detail
1422005The Purposes of Framework LegislationElizabeth GarrettMore detail
1422005Statutes That Are Not Static--The Case of the APAPeter L. StraussMore detail
1422005The Tyranny of Choice and the Rulification of StandardsFrederick SchauerMore detail
1412004Michael H. v. Gerald D. Sharon SmithMore detail
1412004ForewordPaul HortonMore detail
1412004Shaping the American Family by Inaction: The United States Constitution and "The Family," 1788-1920Rebecca CorrowMore detail
1412004The Domestic Relations Exception to Diversity Jurisdiction: Spousal Support Enforcement in the Federal CourtsTravis GrantMore detail
1412004United States v. Morrison: Sex, Violence, and the Reach of Federal PowerPhillip HankersleyMore detail
1412004Griswold v. Connecticut: A Case BriefAndrea LockhartMore detail
1412004Dandridge v. Williams: The Supreme Court and Acceptable Family SizeKirstin Andreasen More detail
1412004Village of Belle Terre v. Boraas and the Meaning of "Family"Alyson TaubMore detail
1412004Moore v. City of East Cleveland: the Supreme Court's Fractured Paean to the Extended FamilyPala HerseyMore detail
1412004Bowers v. Hardwick: A Half-Baked Case Yields a Less than Well-Done OpinionAmy LjungdahlMore detail
1412004Lawrence v. Texas: One Small Step for Gay Rights; One Giant Leap for LibertyKirstin AndreasenMore detail
1412004Did Loving v. Virginia Need Its Slippery Slope?Kirstin AndreasenMore detail
1412004Turner v. SafleyBret A. BartolottaMore detail
1412004The Federal Constitutional Right to DivorceTom BosworthMore detail
1412004Strict Scrutiny and the Sexual Revolution: Frontiero v. RichardsonChristine BasicMore detail
1412004Anticipated Retirement Benefits under the Railroad Retirement Act of 1974: Community Property, Separate Property, or Not Property at All?Joanne G. ConwayMore detail
1412004Orr v. OrrTimothy GarrisonMore detail
1412004Characterization of Federal Military Pension Benefits in CaliforniaVanessa Gamponia EllermannMore detail
1412004Mansell v. MansellJohn K. MatsumotoMore detail
1412004'Til Designation Do Us Part: Egelhoff v. EgelhoffLawya RangelMore detail
1412004Medicaid and the Pauperization of America's SeniorsChristina Baine DeJardinMore detail
1412004Griffin v. Griffin: The Connection Between Due Process and AlimonyMike McGowanMore detail
1412004Three's a Crowd? Sherrer v. SherrerParnian ToofanianMore detail
1412004Burnham v. Superior CourtWilliam J. BeckwithMore detail
1412004Roe v. Wade and Its Supreme Court ProgenyJared C. LeuckMore detail
1412004The State's Constitutional Power to Regulate AbortionBrent WeinsteinMore detail
1412004Stenberg v. Carhart: The Abortion Debate Goes TechnicalSuzanne E. SkovMore detail
1412004Stanley v. IllinoisTiffany SalayerMore detail
1412004Smith v. OFFERJohn TsumuraMore detail
1412004Stump v. SparkmanCourt TurnerMore detail
1412004Caban v. MohammedElena IugaMore detail
1412004Little v. Streater and the State Investment in FatherhoodKirstin AndreasenMore detail
1412004Constitutional Rights of Prospective FathersM.A. MarshallMore detail
1412004Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians v. HolyfieldAngela M. MonguiaMore detail
1412004Cruzan v. Director, Missouri Department of HealthAmy ZelayaMore detail
1412004DeBoer v. DeBoer: The Rights of Unwed Fathers in AdoptionThomas TeschnerMore detail
1412004Baby Boy Richard and the Search for the Father's Constitutional Slot in Infant AdoptionVictoria R. WigginsMore detail
1412004Equal Protection - not Justice - for All: How the Georgia Legislature Rewards Deadbeat ParentsStephanie M. AlexanderMore detail
1412004"Splitting the Baby" in Troxel v. GranvilleMeredith RustonMore detail
1412004Gomez v. Perez: Mitigating the Stigma of IllegitimacyKrishna HaneyMore detail
1412004Kulko v. Superior Court of CaliforniaPaul BaellyMore detail
1412004Califano v. BolesRyan VicariMore detail
1412004Mills v. Habluetzel and California's Conclusive Paternity PresumptionJohn AbelMore detail
1412004Rose v. RoseLewis S. EnsleyMore detail
1412004Bowen v. Gilliard: Out of the Mouths of Babes and Into the Government CoffersS. Elise KertMore detail
1412004Blessing v. FreestoneBethany ZepsMore detail
1412004Saenz v. RoeAlyson TaubMore detail
1412004Constitutional Bases for Federal Child-Support EnforcementLizzette HerreraMore detail
1412004Federal Constitutional Constraints on Child-Support Enforcement ProceedingsTimothy R. AultMore detail
1412004Robertson v. Baldwin and the Emancipation of ChildrenFrank CracchioloMore detail
1412004First Amendment Rights in Public SchoolsJonathan W.A. LiffMore detail
1412004Legitimizing the Bastard: The Supreme Court's Treatment of the Illegitimate ChildLili MostofiMore detail
1412004Goss v. Lopez: How Much Process Is Really Due?Paula KoellmannMore detail
1412004Carey v. Population Services International: Minors' Rights to Access ContraceptivesAngela PattersonMore detail
1412004Plyler v. DoeLizzette HerreraMore detail
1412004The Fourth Amendment Rights of Children in the Public School SystemKristine AltonMore detail
1412004DeShaney v. Winnebago County DDSDaniel EdberMore detail
1412004A Constitutional Enough Bypass ProcedureLyndsey FibusMore detail
1412004Maryland v. Craig: Public Policy Trumps Constitutional GuaranteesAmy LjungdahlMore detail
1412004Reno v. ACLU: Parental Rights, Children's Rights, or Parens Patriae?T. Jesse HindmanMore detail
1322004Symposium on Direct Democracy: IntroductionGail HeriotMore detail
1322004Preferences, Priorities, and PlebiscitesLynn A. BakerMore detail
1322004The Character of Direct DemocracySherman J. ClarkMore detail
1322004Direct Democracy and DebtClayton P. GilletteMore detail
1322004Direct Democracy and the Protestant EthicMarci A. HamiltonMore detail
1322004Rousseau and Direct Democracy (with a Note on the Supreme Court's Term Limits Decision)Nelson LundMore detail
1322004Subversion of the Many by the Few: Some Scientific Evidence on the Initiative ProcessJohn G. MatsusakaMore detail
1322004Popular Initiatives and American Federalism, Or Putting Direct Democracy In Its PlaceMaimon SchwarzschildMore detail
1322004Comments on Baker, Clark, and Direct DemocracyRichard L. HasenMore detail
1322004Comments on the Initiative Industry: The New Kid on the Block or an Old Friend?M. Dane WatersMore detail
1322004A Survey of the Single Subject Rule as Applied to Statewide InitiativesRachael Downey, Michelle Hargrove, Vanessa LocklinMore detail
1312003Introduction to the Conference on Legal TransitionsLarry AlexanderMore detail
1312003Legal Transitions: Some Welfarist RemarksMatthew D. AdlerMore detail
1312003Not Just CompensationAbraham BellMore detail
1312003Beware of Legal Transitions: A Presumptive Vote for the Reliance InterestRichard A. EpsteinMore detail
1312003The Implications of Transition Theory for Stare DecisisJill E. FischMore detail
1312003Ex Ante/Ex PostBarbara H. FriedMore detail
1312003Transition Policy: A Conceptual FrameworkLouis KaplowMore detail
1312003Legal Transitions, Rational Expectations, and Legal ProgressKyle D. LogueMore detail
1312003Legal Development and the Problem of Systemic TransitionFrederick SchauerMore detail
1312003When Rules Change RevisitedDaniel ShaviroMore detail
1312003The Noncompensation Thesis and its Critics: A Review of This Symposium's Challenges to the Argument for Not Compensating Victims of Legal TransitionChristopher T. WonnellMore detail
1222002ForewordMaimon SchwarzschildMore detail
1222002Illiberalism All the Way Down: Illiberal Groups and Two Conceptions of LiberalismLarry AlexanderMore detail
1222002Diversity, Survival, and AssimilationMichael BlakeMore detail
1222002Illiberal Cultures and Group Rights: A Critique of Multiculturalism in Kymlicka, Taylor, and NussbaumGerald DoppeltMore detail
1222002Illiberal Liberalism: Liberal Theology, Anti-Catholicism, & Church PropertyPhilip HamburgerMore detail
1222002Are Patriarchal Cultures Really A Problem? Rethinking Objections From Cultural ViciousnessCindy HolderMore detail
1222002Searching for Common GroundGay MorganMore detail
1222002Straw PollsDaniel B. RodriguezMore detail
1222002"Iliberal" Societal Cultures, Liberalism, and American ConstitutionalismMark D. RosenMore detail
1222002"Extremism" and Anti-Extremism in American Party PoliticsNancy L. RosenblumMore detail
1222002Acton's Liberal Multiculturalism and Today'sMaimon SchwarzschildMore detail
1222002The Return of the Repressed: Illiberal Groups in A Liberal StateNomi Maya StolzenbergMore detail
1212001ForewordPaul HortonMore detail
1212001Two Branches on the Same Tree: Libertarian Perspectives of a Small Town MarketMatthew BennettMore detail
1212001Federal Trademark Infringement and State Sovereign Immunity: A Case NoteMichael R. SamardzijaMore detail
1212001Traditional and Contemporary Functions of TrademarksRaveen ObhraiMore detail
1212001The True Value of Trademarks: Influencing Who We Are and Who We Want to BePamela C. ChalkMore detail
1212001Expressive Genericity: Trademarks as Language in the Pepsi GenerationSteven AndreacolaMore detail
1212001Review Essay: The Modern Lanham Act and the Death of Common SenseMay L. HarrisMore detail
1212001Why Different "Marks" in the Lanham Act?Martin SchulzMore detail
1212001Review Essay: "Scandalous" or "Disparaging" Should Make a DifferenceMay HarrisMore detail
1212001Case Note: In re Old Glory Condum Corp.Victor CastellucciMore detail
1212001100% Protectible: Estee Lauder v. The GapNorah McCormickMore detail
1212001The Blessings of a Generic Mark: A Case NoteDavid MelilliMore detail
1212001Registrability of Stand-Alone Colors as TrademarksAnn DollMore detail
1212001Inherently Distinctive Trade DressLaura ThompsonMore detail
1212001Trademarks and FragrancesKathryn DoveMore detail
1212001The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame v. Gentile ProductionsMatthew EnglishMore detail
1212001I Want Julia Roberts' Lips, Pamela Lee's Breasts and Nikki Taylor's Eyes!Amy M. AuMore detail
1212001Registration of Cattle BrandsKim TownsendMore detail
1212001Registration of a Mark Under the California Trademark LawAllen WongMore detail
1212001Overlap in Mark Registration Authority Between the PTO and the FDASuzanne SkolnickMore detail
1212001Due Diligence: Trademark Searches and Opinion LettersLaura ThompsonMore detail
1212001Registration of Trademarks by the Intent-To-Use ApplicationBarry S. WilsonMore detail
1212001The Modernization of Trademark Law: Minimum Requirements to Receive a Filing DateLaura ThompsonMore detail
1212001Trademark Application Abandonment Under the Lanham ActTodd JacobsonMore detail
1212001How to Successfully Revive an Abandoned Trademark ApplicationSeth ErbeMore detail
1212001Nuts and Bolts: Responding to an Office ActionLaura ThompsonMore detail
1212001The Lanham Act's Contribution to Trademark RightsDawen PhlegerMore detail
1212001Rights Conferred by Applying for Federal Mark RegistrationAnna NgoMore detail
1212001Abandoning Federally Registered Marks Through NonuseJohn RobertsMore detail
1212001Legal Implications of Federal and California Mark and Name RegistrationsJohn RobertsMore detail
1212001Control over Counterfeits: The Most Important Right the Lanham Act Confers on Those Who Register Under ItPeter Louis ChaseyMore detail
1212001Trademark Protection and Acquiring the Status of IncontestabilityBradley HaasMore detail
1212001Incontestability: The Mark as PropertyVishal BudhwaMore detail
1212001Expanding Trademarks Into New Geographic Areas and Product LinesNorah McCormickMore detail
1212001Does Golf Have Room for More Than One Champion? A Case NoteAndre L. AragonMore detail
1212001Using Trademark to Extend Patent Rights Beyond Their TermShannon CherryMore detail
1212001Does Dilution Make Trademarks Into Unconstitutional Patents?Kristan FridayMore detail
1212001A Good Mark Is Hard to Find, Even Harder to Protect Against GenericideDavid H. MelilliMore detail
1212001Trademarks and Goodwill-Relationships and ValuationTodd JacobsenMore detail
1212001Assignment of Mark Rights at Common Law and Under the Lanham ActPatrick DesmondMore detail
1212001Assignment of a Registered MarkMichael R. SamardzijaMore detail
1212001Trademark Licensing: Quality ControlAnn E. DollMore detail
1212001Licensing and the "Related Companies" DoctrineNoel GillespieMore detail
1212001Review Essay: The Growing Risk of Self-DilutionMichael Anthony ArcieroMore detail
1212001Debt Relief Legal Clinic Going Once, Going Twice. . . .Malte FarnaesMore detail
1212001Review Essay: Who Are the Real Competitors in the Olympic Games?Brian WhiteMore detail
1212001"Commercial Advertising" Under Lanham Act § 43(a)Larry W. NishnickMore detail
1212001Proving Likelihood of Confusion: Lanham Act vs. RestatementDavid J. McKinleyMore detail
1212001Professional Competence: Likelihood of ConfusionJohn GuaragnaMore detail
1212001How the Ninth Circuit Interprets "Likelihood Of Confusion"Kirstan FridayMore detail
1212001Pebble Beach Co. v. Tour 18 I, Ltd.Natalie J. MorganMore detail
1212001Reverse Confusion: Fundamentals and LimitsBrent FolsomMore detail
1212001Trade Dress Protection of Product PackagingK. L. ConnellMore detail
1212001Aromatique, Inc. v. Gold SealDiane RichardMore detail
1212001Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders v. Pussycat CinemaTony FarmanyMore detail
1212001Ponderosa v. Wanda/RosaEric WelchMore detail
1212001Political Speech and Trademark Infringement: A Review EssayRichard CheungMore detail
1212001Retroactivity and the FTDAPamela WongMore detail
1212001Federal Trademark Dilution Act: Commercial UseLarry W. NishnickMore detail
1212001Famous MarksSam K. TahmassebiMore detail
1212001Jack In The Box's Clownhead Antenna Ball: Famous Enough?Anna NgoMore detail
1212001Is Lanham Act § 32 Still Necessary?Jennifer VicenteMore detail
1212001Proving Plaintiff's Damages and Defendant's Profits in Lanham Act Infringement ActionsPatrick M. MaloneyMore detail
1212001Trademark Infringement and Plaintiff's Damages: Lanham Act § 35(a)Michael Anthony ArcieroMore detail
1212001Nintendo of America, Inc. v. Dragon Pacific InternationalBret A. BartolottaMore detail
1212001Ex Parte Seizure of Counterfeit Goods under Lanham Act § 34(d)John M. GuaragnaMore detail
1212001"Minor Leagues" Is Bad Enough; But "Unexceptional" Too?Patrick DesmondMore detail
1212001A Pig By Any Other Name Would Smell as SweetPamela C. ChalkMore detail
1212001The Faux Rolex Problem: Defending Lanham Act Counterfeiting ClaimsRock C. De TolveMore detail
1212001Gidatex v. Campaniello: How to Muddy the Unclean-Hands DefenseVishal BudhwaMore detail
1212001The Uncertain Balance Between Parody and Trademark RightsThorsten KleinMore detail
1212001The First Amendment Right to Free Speech and Trademark ParodiesBobby BellMore detail
1212001The Ninth Circuit's "Nominative Fair Use" Defense to Mark Infringement: New Kid on the Block?Denis GosselinMore detail
1212001The FTDA's News Reporting and Commentary DefenseBobby BellMore detail
1212001Review Essay: Closing the Gaps in Gray Market ImportsDan HancuffMore detail
1212001Lever Bros. v. United StatesMatthew BennettMore detail
1212001The Magic of the Lanham Act: Protection from Your Worst Enemy . . . . YourselfGustavo BravoMore detail
1212001Thermos v. Price CostcoJohn RobertsMore detail
1212001The Power of U.S. Courts Over Foreign Manufacture and Marketing of Goods Bearing Counterfeit U.S. MarksJames P. ZuechMore detail
1212001Lanham Act Imperialism: A Case NoteKathryn ZeitungMore detail
1212001Book Review: Territorial Intellectual Property Rights in an Age of GlobalismDavid GebhardtMore detail
1212001Why the United States Was Right: The Brief for "Use in Commerce" as the StandardAngelo GenovaMore detail
1212001Bringing a Foreign Trademark into the United StatesShannon CherryMore detail
1212001How to Register a Movie Title as a Mark: U.S. and U.K.Harun KazmiMore detail
1212001German and European Trademark LawBernd StegmaierMore detail
1212001Trademarks and the European Economic CommunityEric SedwickMore detail
1212001Comparing Trademark Laws in the United States and JapanDoris NehmeMore detail
1212001From Paris Convention to TRIPs: A Brief HistoryGustavo BravoMore detail
1212001"National Treatment" and the International Recognition and Treatment of TrademarksAmy M. AuMore detail
1212001TRIPS: Historical Overview and Basic PrinciplesMay L. HarrisMore detail
1212001TRIPS: International Trademark Law That Promotes Global TradeSanjeev DaveMore detail
1212001Review Essay: New Wine in Old BottlesAlexander V.G. KraftMore detail
1212001Does It Make a Difference Where That Chablis Comes From? Geographic Indications in TRIPs and NAFTAHarun KazmiMore detail
1212001Has the United States Ratified the Trademark Law Treaty Yet?Julie JurekMore detail
1212001Pros and Cons of the Trademark Law TreatyRichard CheungMore detail
1212001Madrid Trademark Agreement vs. Madrid ProtocolThorsten KleinMore detail
1212001Lanham Act Meets Madrid Protocol and Trademark Law Treaty: The Application ProcessSteven AndreacolaMore detail
1212001Considerations in Advising Clients on Foreign Trademark RegistrationNorah McCormickMore detail
1212001Application of Trademark Law to Internet Domain NamesLisa DritsasMore detail
1212001Internet Domain Names and the Lanham Act's Infringement ProvisionsAllan LeeMore detail
1212001Trademark Law Lost in Cyberspace: Has Progress Been Made?Sanjeev DaveMore detail
1212001Panavision International v. ToeppenSam TahmassebiMore detail
1212001Gotcha: But Where? Cybersell v. CybersellWilliam MardenMore detail
1212001One Drink Was Enough: Avery Dennison v. Sumpton and the Ninth Circuit's Night OutAaron RobertsMore detail
1212001Does the Trademark Cyberpiracy Prevention Act Abandon Likelihood of Confusion?Jill Ann EalyMore detail
1212001Review Essay: Hyperlinks, Frames and MetatagsAnn E. DollMore detail
1212001The Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution ServiceMartin SchulzMore detail
1212001Where to File? Strategic Considerations When Filing Your Domain DisputePamela WongMore detail
1212001ICANN's Top Level Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy: The Toothless LionWilliam MardenMore detail
1212001False Light and Trademark LawRichard CheungMore detail
1212001"Trademark Law" Caught in Love Triangle with "Right of Publicity": Eastwood v. Superior CourtMalte FarnaesMore detail
1212001Allen v. National Video, Inc.Amy M. AuMore detail
1212001Right of Publicity versus Unauthorized Public Disclosure of Private FactsAndre AragonMore detail
1212001The Lanham Act, Publicity Rights, and the Celebrity's "True" Identity: Abdul-Jabbar v. General MotorsJennifer VicenteMore detail
1212001Misappropriation of Name or Likeness versus Invasion of Right of PublicityKathryn RileyMore detail
1212001History: California Civil Code § 3344.1Steven AndreacolaMore detail
1212001Carson v. Here's Johnny Portable ToiletsNoel GillespieMore detail
1212001Is Everything Pooley Zacchini Again?Renee VargasMore detail
1212001Even "Dumb Luck" Can Create a Right of Publicity: Vanna White v. SamsungLauri S. ThompsonMore detail
1212001The Current State of Actors' Rights in Characters They PortrayLauri S. ThompsonMore detail
1212001What Does Elvis Want? A ReviewShannon CherryMore detail
1212001The Right of Publicity: Is Something Dangerous Going on Here?Anna NgoMore detail
1122001Foreword: The Future of Intersectionality and Critical Race FeminismMary Jo WigginsMore detail
1122001Keynote Address Delivered for the Journal of Contemporary Legal Issues Conference ...Beverly MoranMore detail
1122001The Fifth Black WomanDevon Carbado & Mitu GulatiMore detail
1122001Constructing Identity in Law and Social ScienceDeborah Jones MerrittMore detail
1122001Law and Emotion, Love and HateRachel MoranMore detail
1122001Exploring Femism Globally to Acheive Global FeminismAnna M. HanMore detail
1122001Holding-Up More Than Half the Sky: Marketization and the Status of Women in ChinaAnna M. HanMore detail
1122001Polygamy from Southern Africa to Black Britannia to Black America: Global Critical Race Feminism as Legal Reform for the Twenty-first Century,Adrienne Katherine WingMore detail
1122001Limited Classification of Human Capital as Marital PropertyMegan BerryMore detail
1122001State Control Over the Bodies of Pregnant WomenAmy Kay BoatrightMore detail
1112000ForewardPaul HortonMore detail
1112000Becoming a Certified Family Law Specialist in CaliforniaCassondra L. WeidenhoeftMore detail
1112000Why Should a Family Lawyer Be Familiar with The Complete Idiot's Guide to Surviving Divorce?John S. HealyMore detail
1112000Article Review: 14 Ways to Talk with Your LawyerAlena ShamosMore detail
1112000Sex and the Divorce LawyerGretchen M. StaleyMore detail
1112000Social Scientists' Perspectives on the Causes of Spousal AbuseCarolyn PuzellaMore detail
1112000Tolling the Statute of Limitations in Childhood Sexual Abuse Civil CasesMick FrascaMore detail
1112000Deterring Domestic Violence: Prospects for Heightened Success in the "Victimless" Prosecution of Domestic Violence CasesCory AdamsMore detail
1112000Alternatives to Traditional Criminal Prosecution of Spousal AbuseLuisa BigorniaMore detail
1112000Representing Defendants in Domestic Violence Prosecutions: Interview with a Public DefenderRenee HarrisonMore detail
1112000The San Diego Police Department's Domestic Violence UnitRaquel Lazar-PaleyMore detail
1112000Elder Abuse as Domestic Violence in CaliforniaChristina MatiasMore detail
1112000DVRO: Just a Piece of PaperMayumi WaddyMore detail
1112000Family Law Restraining Orders and Domestic ViolenceMayumi WaddyMore detail
1112000The Putative Spouse in California LawRaj RajanMore detail
1112000From the Altar to the Prom: Underage Marriages in San Diego CountyBrent WeinsteinMore detail
1112000Problems With California's Definition of IncestMichelle MurrayMore detail
1112000Constitutional Methodology and Same-Sex MarriageAmy DohertyMore detail
1112000Constitutionality of the Defense of Marriage ActPatrick J. ShipleyMore detail
1112000Premarital AgreementsCory AdamsMore detail
1112000The Premarital Agreement: A "Warm-Hearted" Planning DeviceJeffrey R. ThurrellMore detail
1112000Contesting the Enforceability of a Premarital AgreementJennifer KimMore detail
1112000The Enforceability in California's Courts of Premarital Agreements Containing Provisions Regarding Spousal SupportKristine AltonMore detail
1112000Should Religious Upbringing Antenuptial Agreements Be Legally EnforceableKarel RochaMore detail
1112000California Marital AnnulmentsSteve EscaleraMore detail
1112000Does It Matter if Bubba Told a Lie? A Marital Dissolution HypotheticalJohn WaltersMore detail
1112000Grounds for Divorce: A SurveyMatthew ButlerMore detail
1112000Book Review: The Discourse of Fault in a No-Fault EraHeidi DarbyMore detail
1112000Grounds for Divorce: The Problem or the Solution?Daniel B. McConnellMore detail
1112000Attacking the Judgment of Divorce That Incorporates a Marital Settlement AgreementJason PastoMore detail
1112000A History of the Automatic TROs in Family Code 2040(a)Dana WarstlerMore detail
1112000Discovery Rules in Divorce Litigation (California Family Code 2100-13Luisa BigorniaMore detail
1112000Why No Right to Jury Trial in Marital Dissolution Actions?John K. MatsumotoMore detail
1112000Transmutation of Property and the California Family CodeBret BartolottaMore detail
1112000Philosophical Models of Marriage and Their Influence on Property Division Methods at DivorceCatherine T. SmithMore detail
1112000Marital Property Division in Divorce Proceedings: Full Faith & Credit Clause and JurisdictionRochelle StrubMore detail
1112000Characterization of Federal Military Pension Benefits in CaliforniaVanessa Gamponia EllermannMore detail
1112000Characterization for Purposes of Divorce: Retirement Pension Benefits vs. Disability BenefitsKenneth StraussMore detail
1112000Medical Degree in Divorce: New York versus CaliforniaRaj RajanMore detail
1112000Professional Goodwill: Two Community Property States Differ on Its Characterization and DivisionCatherine T. SmithMore detail
1112000The Characterization of the Celebrity's Career in DivorceRaj RajanMore detail
1112000Review: Copyright as Community PropertyAmanda TrefethenMore detail
1112000Solomon and in Vitro Fertilization: Characterization and Division of Embryos in the Case of DivorceAndrea FischerMore detail
1112000The Date of Separation for Purposes of DivorceMatthew ButlerMore detail
1112000An Attorney's Guide to the Valuation of Art and AntiquesVanessa Gamponia EllermannMore detail
1112000Separate Property Contributions to the Family Residence: In re Marriage of Lucas and the Anti-Lucas LegislationMai M. PetersenMore detail
1112000The Retirement Plan in California Marital Dissolution ProceedingsAlexandre A. RochaMore detail
1112000Determination of Goodwill in Dissolution Proceedings: A HypotheticalTodd WightMore detail
1112000Problems with "Community Estate Personal Injury Damages" and Thier Allocation in California Divorce ProceedingsTomothy R. AultMore detail
1112000Alimony: Race, Privilege, and Dependency in the Search for TheoryKeith L. ShojiMore detail
1112000Alimony as an Equalizing Force in DivorceMichelle MurrayMore detail
1112000Earning Capacity as a Factor to be Considered in Ordering Spousal SupportCarolyn PuzellaMore detail
1112000In re Marriage of ReynoldsAmber SpataroMore detail
1112000Judicial Discretion and Spousal Support in California: An Empirical StudyDavid E. ShamskyMore detail
1112000Spousal Support Mediation: An InterviewTia WallachMore detail
1112000Spousal Support Under the Internal Revenue CodeStacia GawronskiMore detail
1112000California's Statewide Uniform Guideline for Child SupportAlexandre A. RochaMore detail
1112000Child-Support Guidelines in California and NevadaKristin Schuler-HintzMore detail
1112000Recent Developments in Child Support LitigationRenee HarrisonMore detail
1112000Pay Unto Others as They Have Paid Unto You: An Economic Analysis of the Adult Child's Duty to Support an Indigent ParentJohn WaltersMore detail
1112000The Abandonement Defense to a Claim for Parental SupportPriscilla DayMore detail
1112000"Prodigal Parent" as a Defense to Proceedings Brought to Require Support from a ChildAmber SpataroMore detail
1112000Grounds for Modification of Support AgreementsChristina M. Mc CLurgMore detail
1112000Remarriage of Obligor Spouse as Grounds for Modification of Support AwardCatherine T. SmithMore detail
1112000"Following His Heart": Representing the Child-Support Obligor Who Plans to Change JobsJohn S. HealyMore detail
1112000In re Marriage of Butler and GillBrenton C. YoungMore detail
1112000California Spousal Support EnforcementSteve EscaleraMore detail
1112000Court-Ordered Support and the Thirteenth Amendment's Prohibition Against Imposition of Involuntary ServitudeDavid WieseMore detail
1112000The District Attorney's Role in Support EnforcementAnthony J. Campanale, Jr.More detail
1112000Enforcement of Child Support and the California Penal CodeDaniel B. McConnellMore detail
1112000Enforcing Child Support by Revoking Licences: How Constitutional Is It?Mai M. PetersenMore detail
1112000The "Personal Jurisdiction Over Nonresident" Provisions of UIFSAJohn K. MatsumotoMore detail
1112000The "Personal Jurisdiction Over Nonresident" Provisions of UIFSAJohn K. MatsumotoMore detail
1112000Does the Child Support Recovery Act Violate Due Process and the Right to Travel?Martha Katherine WaltzMore detail
1112000The Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act of 1996Keith L. ShojiMore detail
1112000The State's Constitutional Power to Regulate AbortionBrent WeinsteinMore detail
1112000Damages for Wrongful PregnancyDavid KerraneMore detail
1112000Constitutional Rights of Prospective FathersM.A. MarshallMore detail
1112000Michael H. v. Gerald D.Sharon SmithMore detail
1112000The Presumption of Legitimacy in California and New YorkMike McGowanMore detail
1112000Parents' Religious Freedom to Let Their Child DieDaniel M. EdberMore detail
1112000Corporal Punishment and the Legal System: An Article ReviewTeresa Mosher BoydMore detail
1112000Do Parents Know How Much Time They Spend with Their Children?Anthony J. Campanale, Jr.More detail
1112000Interview: Representation of the Child's Interests in a Custody ProceedingTimothy R. AultMore detail
1112000She's My Baby Too...A Father's Road to Custody ResolutionCassondra L. WeidenhoeftMore detail
1112000Taking Visitation Seriously: The Most Intractable Problem in Marital DissolutionGary BoatwrightMore detail
1112000Joint Legal Custody and the Parent Who Wants to MoveJason PastoMore detail
1112000In re Marriage of BurgessAlexandre A. RochaMore detail
1112000When Parents Can't Agree: Representing the Parent Who Shares Legal CustodyPriscilla DayMore detail
1112000California's Answer to the Problem of Parental KidnappingAndrea LockhartMore detail
1112000Casenote: In re Adoption of Kelsey S.Kristine AltonMore detail
1112000Termination of the Absent or Unknown Putative Father's RightsStacia GawronskiMore detail
1112000Termination of Parental Rights and the Mentally "Disabled" ParentHeidi DarbyMore detail
1112000Termination of Parental Rights Based on a Felony ConvictionJana MicekMore detail
1112000The Role of the Children's Services Bureau in Family ReunificationBrenton C. YoungMore detail
1112000How to Become a Foster Parent in San Diego CountyLili MostofiMore detail
1112000Effectuation of Minor's Right to State Preference for Foster PlacementChristina M. Mc ClurgMore detail
1112000A Look at Open AdoptionAmy L. DohertyMore detail
1112000Recent Developments in Single Parent AdoptionsKenneth StraussMore detail
1112000Should Race be Considered in the Adoption of a Child?Cassondra L. WeidenhoeftMore detail
1112000The Best Interests of the Child in Adoption: An Article ReviewJared C. LeuckMore detail
1112000The History of Adult Adoption in CaliforniaMandi Rae UrbanMore detail
1112000Adult Adoption: A Comparison of New York and California LawAndy OsornoMore detail
1112000The Emerging Tort of Wrongful AdoptionAmanda TrefethenMore detail
1112000First Amendment Rights in Public SchoolsJonathan W.A. LiffMore detail
1112000Methods of Emancipation: Today's Children, Yesterday's SlavesMatthew BennettMore detail
1112000The Medical Emancipation of Minors: A California HistorySharon SmithMore detail
1112000Abortion Rights of Minors, Parental Consent, and Parental NotificationCarolyn PuzellaMore detail
1112000Emancipation Through PregnancyStacey AmodioMore detail
1112000Should Children Be Able to Divorce Their Parents?Priscilla DayMore detail
1112000The Child's Right of Access to the CourtsJana MicekMore detail
1112000Emancipation in San Diego CountyKristine AltonMore detail
1112000Interview: Emancipating Minors From a Judicial PerspectiveAustin SungMore detail
1112000Statutory Emancipation in California: Privilege or Poverty?Tia WallachMore detail
1112000Interview: Banks and the Emancipated MinorAustin SungMore detail
101999IntroductionGrant H. MorrisMore detail
101999"Half-Wracked Prejudice Leaped Forth": Sanism, Pretextuality, and Why and How Mental Disability Law Developed as it DidMichael L. PerlinMore detail
101999Therapeutic Jurisprudence and the Civil Commitment HearingBruce J. WinickMore detail
101999Defining Dangerousness: Risking a Dangerous DefinitionGrant H. MorrisMore detail
101999Competency to Decide on Treatment and Research: MacArthur and BeyondElyn R. Saks & Stephen H. BehnkeMore detail
101999The Americans with Disabilities Act and Mental Health Law: Issues for the Twenty-First CenturySusan StefanMore detail
101999Crazy ReasonsStephen J. MorseMore detail
101999Weaving a Tangled Web: The Deceptions of PsychiatristsAnsar M. Haroun & Grant H. MorrisMore detail
101999Anti-Social Personality Disorder: Justification for the Death Penalty?Charles M. SevillaMore detail
101999Therapeutic Jurisprudence and the Culture of CritiqueDavid B. WexlerMore detail
101999Unraveling Soviet PsychiatryRichard J. Bonnie & Svetlana V. PolubinskayaMore detail
101999Treating Kids Right: Deconstructing and Reconstructing the Amenability to Treatment ConceptChristopher SloboginMore detail
101999Using DSM-IV to Diagnose Mental Illness in Asian AmericansTam B. TranMore detail
101999Problems with Prozac: A Defective Product Responsible for Criminal Behavior?May L. HarrisMore detail
101999Reducing Recidivism by Substance Abusers Who Commit Drug and Alcohol Related CrimesDess Aldredge GrangettoMore detail
91998ForewordDana RobinsonMore detail
91998Back to Androgeny: What Bathrooms Can Teach Us About EqualityLouise M. AntonyMore detail
91998What Sort of Sexual Equality Should Feminists Seek?Richard J. ArnesonMore detail
91998Tomboys, Femmes and Prisoner's DilemmasH. E. BaberMore detail
91998The Only Ticket to Equality: Total Androgyny, Male StyleBarbara R. BergmannMore detail
91998Evils and InequalitiesClaudia CardMore detail
91998Equality for Girls an Other Women: The Built Architecture of the Purposive LifeJane Maslow CohenMore detail
91998Sexual Equality as Parity of Effective VoiceAlison M. JaggarMore detail
91998Toward a Liberal Theory of Sexual EqualityS.A. LloydMore detail
91998Feminism and EqualityJanet Radcliffe RichardsMore detail
91998The Limits of FeminismEmily L. SherwinMore detail
91998Autonomy, Aspiration and Accomplishment: Some Steps and Barriers to Equality for WomenPatricia SmithMore detail
91998Do Women Need Special Treatment? Do Feminists Need Equality?Joan WilliamsMore detail
91998A League of Their Own: Do Women Want Sex-Segregated Sports?Dana RobinsonMore detail
91998Title VII Hostile Work Environment: A Different PerspectiveTam B. TranMore detail
81997The Symposium on Law, Human Behavior, and Evolution: An IntroductionGail HeriotMore detail
81997An Evolutionary Perspective on Sexual Harassment:: Seeking Roots in Biology Rather than IdeologyKingsley R. BrowneMore detail
81997Comment on Article by Professor BrowneLionel TigerMore detail
81997A Theory of the Origin of Natural LawMark F. Grady, Michael T. McGuireMore detail
81997Comment on Article by Professors Grady & McGuireChristopher BoehmMore detail
81997Law and Biology: Toward an Integrated Model of Human BehaviorOwen D. JonesMore detail
81997Comment on Article by Professor JonesRobert D. CooterMore detail
81997The Human Constitution and Constitutive Law: A ProlegomenonJohn O. McGinnisMore detail
81997Comment on Article by Professor McGinnisRoger D. MastersMore detail
81997Jurisprudence and Memory ResearchPaul C. WohlmuthMore detail
81997Comment on Article by Professor WohlmuthValerie F. Reyna & Charles J. BrainerdMore detail
721996An Anti-Liberal Argument for Religious FreedomJohn H. GarveyMore detail
721996The Irreducible ConstitutionAbner S. GreeneMore detail
721996Religious Liberty as LibertyDouglas LaycockMore detail
721996To Control Faction and Protect Liberty: A General Theory of the Religion ClausesIra C. LupuMore detail
721996Religion as Ideas: Religion as IdentityWilliam P. MarshallMore detail
721996Religion, Politics, and the ConstitutionMichael J. PerryMore detail
721996Pluralist iNterpretation: From Religion to the First AmendmentMaimon SchwarzschildMore detail
721996Enlightening the Religion ClausesSuzanna SherryMore detail
721996Unprincipled Religious FreedomSteven D. SmithMore detail
711996The Civil-Criminal DistinctionMore detail
711996Substance, Process, and the Civil-Criminal LineWilliam J. StuntzMore detail
711996An Essay on the Civil-Criminal Distinction with Special Reference to Punitive DamagesGail HeriotMore detail
711996Two Systems of Social Protection: Comments on the Civil-Criminal Distinction, with Particular Reference to Sexually Violent Predator LawsStephen J. SchulhoferMore detail
711996Points of Intersection: Discontinuities at the Junction of Criminal Law and the Regulatory StateLouis Michael SeidmanMore detail
711996The Civil-Criminal Distinction in Professional ResponsibilityFred C. ZachariasMore detail
711996The Exclusivity of the Criminal Law: Toward a "Regulatory Model" of, or "Pathological Perspective" on, the Civil-Criminal DistinctionDonald DrippsMore detail
711996Untying the State Action KnotCraig BradleyMore detail
711996Civilizing Civil ForfeitureKevin ColeMore detail
61995Introduction: Traveling the Highway: Sources of Momentum in Behavioral RegulationPaul C. WohlmuthMore detail
61995Recognizing Intermediacy in Human DiscoursePaul C. WohlmuthMore detail
61995The Text of Conversation and ThoughtCarole E. LoganMore detail
61995Making Motions: The Embodiment of Law in GestureBernard J. HibbittsMore detail
61995The Intuition of Justice: Its Processing in Psychoanalytic Therapy and ElsewhereEric RaynerMore detail
61995Genre as Institutional Informed Social PracticeGeorge KamberelisMore detail
61995When Utterances Become ObjectsWilliam F. HanksMore detail
61995The Reductive Bias and the Crisis of Text (In the Law)Feltovich, Spiro, Coulson, Myers-KelsonMore detail
61995Constructing Shared Understanding: The Role of Nonverbal Input in Learning ContextsM. Perry, D. Berch, & J. SingletonMore detail
61995The Role of Gesture and Speech Communication as a Reflection of Cognitive UnderstandingChurch, Reichl, Goodman, Kelly, NolleyMore detail
61995Expanding the Narrative: The Grand Compulsion of a Storytelling SpeciesLouis J. GoldbergMore detail
61995Talker-Listener Attunements to Speech EventsCarol A. Fowler & Elena T. LevyMore detail
61995Temporal Integrations and Rhythms: That's What Language and Animal Behavior Are Made ofGeoffrey E. GerstnerMore detail
61995The Biological Bases of Social AttunementW. John SmithMore detail
61995Contracts of Mutual Understanding: Negotiating Meanings and Moral Sentiments with InfantsColwyn TrevarthenMore detail
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