Business and Corporate Law

Why Business and Corporate Law?

Business and corporate lawyers practice in a fast-paced and changing international marketplace. Success rests on the ability to combine innovation and adaptation with a foundational understanding of the complexities of corporate structure, business finance and the regulatory environment.

Courses in Business and Corporate Law

USD School of Law's faculty includes leading experts in business and corporate law and our curriculum offers cutting edge courses for students who want to specialize in this area.

Experience in Business and Corporate Law

Students studying Business and Corporate Law have the ability to put their academic training into practice before graduation through the school's academic organizations and programs.

Get Involved

USD School of Law offers many student organizations where you an gather with like-minded colleagues to discuss and debate the latest legal issues related to business and corporate law.

Spotlight on Business and Corporate Law

The Center for Corporate and Securities Law helps enrich scholarly and popular debate on a wide range of issues related to corporate governance, financial regulation and other business law topics. Through this program, students have the opportunity to learn from George E Barrett Professor of Law and Finance Frank Partnoy, one of the world's leading experts on the complexities of modern finance and financial market regulation.


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