Information Technology Services

Drop Shadow

Computing Lab Policy

Computer lab use policy consists of the following rules and the regulations as listed below. Any person found violating the lab rules or policies may lose their lab privileges.

General Use of Computer Labs
Our general labs are for use only by currently enrolled students or currently employed USD faculty and staff. You must have a valid Torero card upon entering the lab.

  • No disruptive behavior.
  • No moving the lab equipment and/or cables.
  • No laptops on the wired network (exception: Instructors for instructional purposes). It is okay to have laptops in the labs and be on the wireless network, they just can't be physically plugged into our jacks.
  • No illegal copying of ANY materials.
  • Keep sound levels to a minimum.
  • The labs are for USD students, staff and faculty ONLY. We reserve the right to check IDs.
  • Logout after each session

Print Billing/Print Refund Policies
Refunds will be provided ONLY for technical printing issues, e.g., low toner, etc. Refunds will NOT be provided for printing mistakes.

Even if you did not print certain files that appear on your account, you are still responsible for print charges associated with your username.

You can view your current print charges or add money to your printing account here.

Instructional Lab Use
Instructional labs are reserved on a first-come first-serve basis; however priorities for reservations are given to classes and for instructional use. Some charges may apply and we will notify you of those charges when reservations are made. When reservations are received, we take into consideration the class size, demand and availability. If two classes or events conflict, we will look at alternate spaces to accommodate both reservations.

Food and Drink
Beverages brought into the classroom or computer lab must be sealed and kept away from the computers to avoid spills on any equipment.