Information Technology Services

Drop Shadow

STA 2012 Showcase

Spring 2012

Geoagebra Applet Moduls

Whitney Robinson - with Dr. Jack Pope

The goal of this project was to develop some derivative applets to illustrate concepts of limit, derivative and the definite integral for undergraduate survey of calculus and major calculus 1. These would allow students to interact with new topics under discussion. About 8 modules were planned. These modules would be loaded into a Blackboard course. This will help students learn how key concepts fit together in the analysis of functions.

Lean Six Sigma

Jacob Bruce - with Dr. Daniel Lopez-Perez

Jacob assisted Dr. Lopez-Perez with creating tutorials to render a 3D object in a given environment. Jacob also developed Spherical Atlas of Buckminster Fuller Dome prototypes using V-Ray. These contributed to Dr. Lopez-Perez's studio class focusing on space frames.

Lean Six Sigma

TJ Weiten - with Dr. John J Schlichtman

Dr. Schlichtman and TJ planned to make a website that would serve as a portal for Urban Studies related resources both locally and and globally. It was to be utilized instead of an LMS and would also serve as a vibrant source of information for urban scholars.

Legal Research Database

Evan Nagata - Dr. Daniel Lopez-Perez

Dr. Cannon and Evan worked together to create a searchable database of instructional materials. There was an exsisting hardcopy of materials that needed to be digitized and added to the database.

Lean Six Sigma

Tanner Torres - Dr. Jerry Ammer

Dr. Ammer and Tanner worked together to explore different technologies to enhance communication and development during special education candidates field based learning requirements. The primary goal was to use wikis, blogs, audio and scanning apps to collaborate with eachother and the professor outside of class.

Digital Paper Editing

Cal McKim - with Dr. Alana Cordy-Collins

Dr. Cordy-Collins and Cal worked together to take physical edits to a publishable academic paper and digitize the edits. All of the edits were tracked using Microsoft Word edit tracking.

Fall 2012


Video Digitalization / Web Page Development

TJ Weiten - with Professor Joey Gabaldon

TJ and Dr. Gabaldon worked together to overhaul the Economics Department tutoring scheduling system. They worked with tutors to create an online schedule and the used a preexsisting format so students could set appointments with tutors electronically. They also updated the entire USD Economic Council website.

Slide Digitalization

Jacob Bruce - with Dr. Heather Lattimer

Jacon and Dr. Lattimer worked together to enhance the online presence of the department of teaching and learning. The goal was to build or improve websites for all of the faculty. They also worked to implement social media strategies for professors.

Second Life

Cal McKim - with Dr. Perla Myers

Cal and Dr. Myers worked together to help incorporate iPads into the classroom in conjuction with the iPad proposal. Cal did research to find ways to enhance class work in and out of class. They also reorganized the class website.

Jacob Bruce Design

Whitney Robinson - with Professor Victoria Fu

Whitney and Dr. Fu worked together to develop a website for the students in these classes in order for them to hace access to enhanced educational materials, tutorials, clips, pointers, etc. that they will use in the creation of their assignments/projects for the New Media Art courses.


Evan Nagata - with Dr. Joi Spencer

Evan and Dr. Spencer worked together to create the Innovative Teaching Studio, a web site that will contain video-based teaching cases. Evan designed/maintained the site, uploaded video cases, shot and edited video, scan and upload documents.

MBA Blackboard Organization

Tanner Torres - with Dr. Manzur Rahman and Kara Weller

Tanner, Dr. Manzur, and Kara worked together to develop a Blackboard Organization for the MBA Career & Professional Development course. Tanner developed the resources delivered in Blackboard. This included videos, wikis, and discussion boards.