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What is Turnitin?


What is Turnitin?

Turnitin is a Web-based plagarism detection application that can be used by instructors still wishing to have an electronic means of checking originality of work, who collect electronic student submissions via email or means other than Blackboard. Turnitin works by checking an uploaded assignment against a large database of other published and written work. Once uploaded, students can check their Originality Report for a detailed summary of possible plagarized words or phrases.


How do faculty get started?

To begin using Turnitin, please contact the iTeam at We recommend using the integration within Blackboard for ease of use but we also can setup accounts to those who are not using Blackboard but wish to use Turnitin.

Turnitin Blackboard Integration

Blackboard Direct User Manuals and Videos

Sign up on IT Training: Blackboard: Turnitin face-to-face training

Turnitin Direct (

USD Live Expert Training offered every week at 9:30 am PST Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Please refer to the Instructor Training tutorials and videos on how to create a course, view uploaded assignments, interpret Originality Reports and grade papers using GradeMark.

The Turnitin Direct version contains an addtional feature, PeerMark, which is not yet available in the Blackboard integration. If you wish to use this feature which allows student to reviewand evalute each others papers, please indicate your preference for Turnitin Direct in any account request inquiry.


How do students get started?

To access a course you are already enrolled in, please refer to the Turnitin class ID and password distributed by the instructor. For detailed information on how to create a username and password or upload an assignment, please refer to Turnitin's Student Training Website.

Why do I want it?

Plagiarism Detection software allows you to:

  • Let your students know that their work will be assessed for originality
  • Easily assess the original content of student papers
  • Provide specific feedback to students with results of matching content


Responding to Plagarism:

The University of San Diego holds a strict policy against academic dishonesty. For more information, please visit our Student Rules of Conduct and Student Conduct Procedures.


Where can I find additional help?

  • Visit our Frequently Asked Questions page for valuable descriptions of Turnitin's functionality and useful information about the program.
  • Please contact Turnitin's Help Desk at (866) 816-5046 extention 241, or email them at They are open Monday through Friday 6am-11pm, and Saturday and Sunday from 2pm-11pm.