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Sympodium and Smart Boards

What is the SMART Sympodium?

sympodiumThe SMART Sympodium is an interactive display that, when connected to a classroom computer, can be controlled using either touch or the interactive pen attached to the unit. Enhance your slides with digital ink, share and annotate Web pages, take and save notes, record portions of your presentations, and create a truly interactive experience for your students. Sympodiums operate on the same software as SMART Board interactive whiteboards and are projected onto large screens via LCD projection.

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Why do I want it?

The Sympodium allows you to …

  • Use the interactive pen’s digital ink like a tablet PC
  • Enjoy touch screen convenience
  • Record portions of your presentation for future on-demand playback
  • Capture your presentation notes and annotations for post-lecture reference
  • Explore additional features such as Spotlight to further enhance your delivery

Sympodiums at USD

Sympodiums can be found in nearly fifty classrooms on campus currently, and that number is growing as classrooms are continuously renovated with new equipment.  The Sympodiums serve first of all as a basic computer monitor for our growing number of dual-boot systems here at USD, Mac and PC.  Sympodium has an interactive touch screen which allows you to take notes, write on the screen, and project the images for easy viewing. Instructors are finding this classroom tool useful across disciplines. For example, it would give a math instructor the ability to clearly demonstrate and record a detailed algebraic formula step by step, and then make it available to students after class for reference, all with the click of a button. Sympodium’s Notebook software and image gallery make it easy to create detailed academic content, incorporate relevant tools and images, produce and save notes and screen markups as well.

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How Do I get it?

Many classrooms at USD already have Sympodium.  Contact Instructional Media Services (IMS) to find out where these are located.

  • Training/Demos are in Maher 186 or IMS can come to your classroom
  • Schedule a brief training session with an IMS representative by calling 619-260-4567

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