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What is Microsoft Office?

office Microsoft Office includes Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Access, and One Note.  It contains a brand-new look and feel with the addition of the new ribbon.  The ribbon is an area containing a series of tabs.  Each tab has a collection of associated tools.


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Why do I want it?

Microsoft has surveyed thousands of users and has examined their typical day-to-day tasks within office products, and designed the ribbon to accommodate and even anticipate the needs of users. Key benefits include:

  • A more intuitive interface makes hunting for commands a less common pursuit.
  • A useful online system that keeps content current.
  • A massive online searchable database for templates, movies, pictures etc, which are all free to download and use in your project.
  • Changes to documents can be previewed before being applied thereby speeding up the design process.

MS Office at USD

Microsoft Office is the software package relied most upon by faculty and staff in doing work at USD.  It is fully licensed for faculty and staff to use. Training classes are available throughout each semester that cover the product line.

How Do I get it?

  • Contact Help Desk at 619.260.7900 ext. 7900

Support and Further Information

  • Access the product’s Help System
  • Access Microsoft’s Knowledge Base
  • Contact the technical support center (ext.7900) or an iTeam representative. (ext. 7400)

Microsoft Direct Resources

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