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What is Microsoft Office?

Microsoft Office is a suite of products for the Mac or the PC. Within each suite are programs that provide the user with many types of features, including Word Processing, Spreadsheets, Presentations, Database, Publications, Personal Information Management, and Digital Notebooks. Microsoft Office is the most common software suite used in businesses and academia. Maximize your potential by using MS Office!


Programs available in the MS Office Suite

Microsoft Office 2013 (PC)

MS Office 2013 includes Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Access, Publisher, Outlook and OneNote. A complete package create many types of files and to share information from program to program on a PC!

ms office

Microsoft OneDrive

A free online cloud storage is available to store photos and MS Office files online and access from any PC, Mac or phone.



Microsoft Office 2011 (MAC)

MS Office 2011 includes Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Outlook on a Mac!

Office mac


Microsoft Office at USD USD

Microsoft Office is the software package relied most by faculty and staff when creating files at USD and is fully licensed for faculty and staff to use.

Why do I need Microsoft Office? ?

Microsoft has surveyed thousands of users and has examined their typical day-to-day tasks within office products, and designed a robust suite to accommodate their needs. Key benefits include:

  • Each program is specifically designed to meet your needs and integrate with each other.
  • Save a file as a .PDF and/or open a .PDF in Word! (PC version only)
  • Create relationships in Excel and create reports using PowerPivot! (PC version only)
  • A more intuitive interface makes hunting for commands a less common pursuit.
  • A useful online system that keeps content current.
  • A massive online searchable database for templates, movies, pictures etc, which are all free to download and use in your project.
  • Create presentations with embeded videos. (PC version only)
  • Changes to documents can be previewed before being applied thereby speeding up the design process.

How do I get Microsoft Office? i want it

  • Call HelpDesk at 619.260.7900
  • Dial ext. 7900 if you are on campus

I want to learn Microsoft Office!training development

  • Register for FREE classes - all USD welcome! A Microsoft Office Master trainer will provide training that is informative, fun and practical.
  • Training classes are available throughout each semester:

          • Faculty -- attend training and/or request training for your students!
        • Students -- learn how to use Microsoft Office for assignments and prepare for work after USD!
        • Staff -- attend and learn how to manage all that data!
  • Browse free online training at your pace on Microsoft Office website!
  • (Request a 2 Week Trial Account)
    USD has partnered with to provide on-demand software training to faculty and staff. The training library offers nearly 110,000 tutorials on leading software topics like Microsoft Office, SPSS, Adobe Creative Suite, Blackboard, audio and video editing applications, and many more. Industry experts and available 24/7 for convenient, self-paced learning teach these high-quality tutorials.
  • Request an individual on-demand 30 minute consultation just for you!
  • Request a customized department on-demand training for your team!

Blogs and other online resources! blogs

Free Microsoft Office Templates

MS Office PC and Mac Blogs


Become Microsoft Office certified!

Become Microsoft Office certified and share your certificate to demonstrate you knowindividual MS Office programs or become certified in the MS Office suite! Earning a MOS certificate is the highest level of testing and you'll be added to Certiport's site of fellow certificate holders! Click here to explore certificate options.

If you have questions about how to plan your training to be prepared for the Microsoft Office Specialist exam, email iTeam to request a consultation!

Microsoft Office Specialist certification benefits! certs

Microsoft Office Specialist certification gives you the tools to build a brighter future. Click here to learn more about benefits, certification and more!

  • Achieve industry-recognized certification
  • Learn the computing skills companies are looking for
  • Boost your workforce resume
  • Differentiate yourself from other applicants
  • Gain valuable experience and confidence
  • Heighten your earning potential
  • Prepare yourself for a successful future

Support help

  • Microsoft’s Knowledge Base
  • Call the iTeam's Microsoft Office trainer/Instructional Designer for training assistance or to trouble shoot features at ext.7900; ask for Rebecca!
  • Email the iTeam's Microsoft Office trainer, Rebecca, for assistance!