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What is Facebook?

  • suiteFacebook is a free Web 2.0 social networking application
  • Facebook is now available to anyone over 13 years of age and is used as an online means of connecting with friends and colleagues. 
  • Members can post information about themselves, create a personal profile, and post updates about their lives to share with others of their choosing.
  • Ranked 2nd on the web for pageviews by Alexa
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Facebook at USD

  • Facebook began its life as a university-based social networking system which means it is in use at every university everywhere.
  • Campus entities and departments frequently make their presence known in this social networking atmosphere by creating groups and pages where other Facebook members can find up to date information, event postings, and re-connect with classmates.
  • A popular academic use of Facebook is for marketing purposes, both to students within the university as well as to prospective students.
  • Examples of classroom use of Facebook abound:
    • Illinois State University instructor Peter Juvinall, teaches a freshman business course this fall, uses Facebook as a course-management system.  He requires his students to “friend” him and says that the reaction is “99.9999 percent positive.”
    • Techniques known as "backchanneling to increase student engagement
    • One PhD student leads a class that studies a wide range of use-cases, but they actively use a private Facebook group as a forum for class discussion, as well as a Delicious tag (inls490) that, when attached to an article or website, allows it to be archived in the class library of bookmarks that is used both for discussion and research.

    The above examples can be further explored within this blog:


Many groups at USD are making information available to students, faculty and staff this way. Some of those groups include:


Why do I want it?

  • Facebook allows you to …

    • Re-connect with classmates/colleagues
    • Meet new people with similar interests
    • Share and post updates and information with your network of friends
    • Share departmental information with a selected group
    • Post event information and current happenings for group members and page fans


How do I get it?

Joining Facebook is easy.  Simply go to the Web site, and follow the steps necessary to create a free account.

If you are interested in creating or getting help with a Facebook Group or Facebook Page for your department, school, or campus entity, use the tutorials below to help you get started.

How Do I get Help or Information?

Captivate Tutorial – How to create a Facebook Account and/or a Group Page

Connect with USD on Facebook