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What is Facebook?

Facebook is the most popular, and widely used social networking website, which allows registered users to create profiles, pages, and groups, upload photos and video, send messages and keep in touch with friends, family, colleagues, supporters, and customers (, n.d.). Some features include:

  • Groups- Interact with others who have common interests
  • Events- Publicize events, send invities, and collect RSVPs
  • Pages- Public pages that promote a special topic or product


Facebook Example

Why do I want Facebook?

Facebook allows you to…

    • Re-connect with old classmates/colleagues and meet new people with similar interests
    • Share and post information to your student
    • Share departmental information with a selected group
    • Post event information and current happening

Facebook at USD

USD Campus entities and departments frequently make their presence known in this social networking atmosphere by creating groups and pages where other Facebook members can find up-to-date information, event postings, and re-connect with classmates. These entities also use Facebook for marketing puproses, both to students within the university as well as to prospective students.

Faculty members have also started to use Facebook in the classroom to:

  • Engage students in a more meaningful way
  • Post authentic learning examples
  • Increase student-to-student and faculty-to-student interaction

Examples of USD Facebook pages

How do I get Facebook?

Simply go to the Web site, and follow the steps necessary to create a free account.

If you are interested in creating or getting help with a Facebook Group or Facebook Page, email or come to one of our Social Media trainings!

Facebook Help and Information?