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MediaSite is a classroom capture technology that allows an instructor to easily video record his/her lecture along with any computer output or presentation. The system formats these components in a templated fashion and makes the lecture available live or on-demand. Streams can be viewed by students in a learning management system such as Blackboard, or via a link on a Web site, or even watch them on their handheld devices. Content is broken into segments allowing the user a number of various access points throughout the length of the recording for easy navigation.

Visit the Site:

MediaSite at USD

Currently we have one MediaSite portable recorder at USD that is available to any instructor wishing to have the class recorded. The system is located in IMS can be booked through Instructional Media Services. Through a hybrid model live stream, MediaSite can deliver rich content not only to local students but also to distance students all over the world.

MediaSite makes it possible for students to revisit a lecture as many times as they like, which can be especially valuable for exam review or to gain a better understanding of a difficult concept. MediaSite is an effective way for instructors to build libraries of material that can be accessed not only by students, but also by colleagues, practitioners, and the extended academic community.

Why do I want it?

MediaSite at USD is not intended to be used in place of face-to-face teaching, but rather in addition to it.

MediaSite allows you to:

  • Create on-demand lecture material that can be used over and over
  • Give students access to your lectures for review
  • Build a library of lecture material to share in a variety of ways
  • Create lectures in advance of travel obligations
  • Make your lectures mobile, allow students to access them on handheld devices

How to get it?

Currently we have one mobile recorder in IMS, which can be booked through Instructional Media Services by calling x 4567 (