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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I obtain software that is offered by ITS?

You may order software that is offered by ITS using our online order form and selecting the program(s) you would like.  A ticket will be created so that a technician will stop by to install the software.  In a few cases (i.e.: Endnote, Symantec Anti-Virus), you can download the software to your computer through a browser.  For more information on the software programs, view our software list and click on those programs.

How do I obtain software that is NOT offered by ITS?

Software not officially supported by ITS can be obtained through individual department funds for office or student lab usage.  Software that is used for an individual computer or classroom use must be purchased by that department. 

Software requests should be forwarded to the Dean by the chair of the department, or to the budget manager of a non-academic department.  Pass along any quotes you have obtained and include a memo entitled “Software Request” which states the following:

  • Number of software copies needed
  • Where the software will be installed (include specific office locations and labs)
  • Course names which will utilize the software (if applicable)
  • Number of students in each class, if software is for student use

Based on this, the Dean or head of the department will see if there are enough funds to cover the purchase.  Then the Dean or department head will supply you with a POETS code to expedite processing by ITS.

When does ITS decide to license any particular software product?

ITS will negotiate campus licenses when there is a high and broad level of interest in a particular software product.  In addition, ITS must be able to secure pricing that is significantly lower than individual end-users could get on their own.

Can I request that ITS purchase a software program that they do not currently offer?

ITS purchases general use software programs that are used by departments across campus, including public labs.  Budget restrictions limit what software can be purchased. However, if you are aware that other departments are interested in a specific type of software not currently offered by ITS, or if you believe the campus as a whole could benefit from a new software license, you may submit a request for review by the Software Committee.  Any research you do in advance is helpful, including finding out if others on campus share your interest in the product.

Follow this link for more information about making a software request.

Will my department be charged for any of the software programs offered by ITS?

At this time, ITS only charges for Adobe products and for SPSS for Home Use.  Price information is listed on the Choose Software Page and you will need to provide your department’s POETS code on the order form.  You can obtain your POETS code from your department head and/or budget officer.

ITS periodically reviews the costs of software licenses and reserves the right to impose small cost-recovery fees  to any software program at any given time.  Order forms will be updated with this information on a regular basis.

Can software be installed on home machines and laptops?

It depends on the terms of the license agreement.  Each license agreement is unique.  At this time, ONLY our Microsoft Campus Agreement, Symantec, and Adobe agreements all allow for licenses to be installed on a home computer or a second computer with the same end-user, such as a laptop.  This does not mean that one license can be installed on two different end-users computers; rather, the one license can be installed on two computers assigned to one end-user. 

Are there different types of software licenses?

Yes, ITS had negotiated rates with a variety of vendors to provide software applications to faculty and staff at no cost or at significantly discounted rates. Currently, software licenses are available in these three categories:

  • Concurrent use licenses require the purchase of a sufficient number of licenses based on estimates of how many computers are actually using the software at any one time and generally are accompanied by or require “license manager” software.  For example, if ITS only has 20 concurrent use licenses for a particular software program, no more than 20 users can access that software at the same time.
  • Enterprise Campus (site) licenses require a set fee to be paid, either a flat rate unrelated to the number of computers or, more commonly, on a scale based on the number of computers or other devices attached to the network, or on the number of students, faculty and staff at the University of San Diego.  These software packages have been purchased for the University of San Diego “site” and can be installed on any USD workstation.
  • Workstation (limited quantity) licenses require the purchase of an individual license for every computer on which the software is made available.  These are in limited quantity as they are “per user” or “per workstation.”

Where can I see a list of all software programs offered in public labs on campus?

You can view a list of all software programs offered in campus labs at our Computing Labs Microsite.

What kind of software training does ITS offer?

You may view the ITS training calendar here.  You may also view any training guides and/or tutorials by visiting the individual software program page.  If you do not find sufficient training listed for a specific software program ITS offers, you may contact the iTeam to request special training or help, or x7400.

What is a POETS Code?

P = Projects
O = Organization
E = Expense Type
T = Task
S = Source Listing
The POETS code is the Purchase Order Number you need to provide in order to submit payment for your software order. You may obtain a POETS code from the budget manager in your department, or contact your Dean.


Do you offer free software or free software services?

Yes! All services of the Help Desk, Software Team, and iTeam are offered free of charge to university faculty and staff. Students should purchase software at the bookstore.

We offer the following types of software free of charge:

Free Software Related Services: