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Live Video Streaming/Teleconferencing

There are different options for live streaming and web conferencing at USD depending on your location and the recipient on the other end of the call. Below you will see the different options and uses.


Live Video Streaming

1. Mediasite - An online video platform video server that allows for live streaming of classroom lectures and presentations up to a certain amount of end viewers. There is a one mobile hardware unit available on campus that connects to the classroom computer and video camera. Permanent Mediasite streaming installations exist in Serra 155, LRC 132, Coronado 134 and SON 106.

The video gets streamed live through a link the end user will receive to watch the presentation.If you would like to see if we are available to do a live stream using Mediasite fill out a video production request form.

2. Ustream - A free online streaming platform where the video gets pushed out through mobile ITS video hardware. For $99 you can you can let the end users haeve an ad free experience.


Point to Point Teleconferencing

1. Zoom - This is most popular and user friendly solution on campus. The software is similar to using Skype and has an organized interface for meetings. The receiving participants can download the software upon joining the call or can download the software prior. Create an account and download the software here.

For instructions download the Basics of Using the Zoom Teleconferencing Software that you can also send to attendees.

1 to 1 meetings are free and unlimited although you can see the group meeting duration limitations with the free version. If you have questions about using the software or would like to see about using our Pro account, contact

2. USD Supported Software - You can also use USD supported software such as Adobe Connect or Blackboard Collaborate.

If you decide to go with one of the option above, it's important to make sure you have a webcam with sound or a webcam with a USB microphone. You will then select these to be your video/audio sources inside the software settings.

3. USD Internal Video Teleconferencing : From individual to groups up to 288, the University of San Diego offers 9 locations for IP-based video teleconferencing. There are 2 steps to have your video teleconference.

Step 1: View all the current video teleconferencing locations across campus by clicking on the images below.

Video Teleconferencing Rooms PDF

Step 2: Use the contact information provided below to schedule your event with the corresponding building operations center.

Joan B. Kroc School of Peace Studies
IPJ Board Room or Theatre
IPJ Operations - 260-7808

Manchester Conference Center
MCC Operations - 260-4772

Hahn School of Nursing
Scheduler - 260-4163

Maher Hall 186
Instructional Media Services
IMS Operations- 260-7796

Please use our Video Teleconferencing Form for Maher 186.

Mother Rosalie Hill Hall Building (MRH)
Room 102, 116, 127, 209
MRH Operations - 260-6803