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Academic and Non-Academic Video Production

The Video Production department of Instructional Media Services can help you with recording special events and projects for academic use.

Your video can be recorded, edited, and published to meet certain television and web video publishing standard including YouTube, Blackboard or your department’s web site. Click here to see different options on publishing video for coursework.

Standard Procedures, Marketing, and Promotional Services

A minimum of three (3) weeks notice prior to your event is necessary for scheduling purposes.

Non Academic video services, such as for marketing, promotional and informational videos may be charged up to $40 per hour depending on the scope of the project. Non academic projects can also include events that are requested by outside clients and intended to be shown off campus at a later time.

Academic video services is intended for use by students in specific courses, posting inside Blackboard, and for review by students as a part of coursework assigned by instructors.

Staff members are available to help train students, staff, and faculty in the editing of their own video productions. Please call x5943 if you have any questions.

Request a Video Production

You will need to submit a request by filling out the production request form. A staff member will contact you to confirm the production and to begin the scheduling process.