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Mac KeyNote: Would you like to capture a presentation using your Mac computer and Keynote? You can narrate your presentations and export them as mp4, even optimized for iPod. Once you have Keynote, you can import your MS PowerPoint presentations into it to publish them for iTunes or the USD Podcasting server.

Don't have Keynote? Request the software from your department.

  Visit Keynote On-Line Help Head Phones

MS PowerPoint: More of PC person? No Problem. You can narrate PowerPoint presentations and publish them also. These would be ready for the streaming server, but would need to be converted for use on iTunes U and the USD Podcasting server. You can import them into Mac Keynote and publish that way.

You can also convert MS PowerPoint presentations to Keynote. Visit our Convert Section. For other options, see Instructional Media Services (IMS) Video Production Request form.

Visit MS PowerPoint On-Line Help