Network Storage

(Also known as Home Drive)

ITS offers faculty 20 GB of network storage that is available to back up and store critical information.  These services are made available though USD's Active Directory (AD) infrastructure.  ITS provides faculty with this storage to  allow for the regular backup of the critical files on your computer.  It is one of the most important aspects of being a responsible computer user. Critical files include documents that you create, research materials, and unique files in your email in box.

Available to



Network storage and home drives are backed up for security purposes.


University faculty member.

Data security restrictions

The drive space is secure within the University AD environment within university data centers. Drive shares are intended for faculty and staff to store critical or essential information.

How to use

Windows users will see their network home drive (H:) appear within My Computer. (1) For Faculty, the 20 GB is added to their Active Directory (AD) account, when requested. It will map automatically on a Windows computer; Mac users need to map it manually.


Support for 20 GB Drives and home drives is provided by NISS systems administrators and Desktop Support. For support, please contact the ITS Help Desk, or (619) 260-7900.



Getting started

To request submit a request for Faculty 20 GB network storage or Home Drive share, consult

Network Storage Knowledge Base Articles

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