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Wireless Access (usdsecure)

The University of San Diego has a large, robust wireless network for our students, staff, faculty, and alumni. Wireless access to the university's online resources is available across campus, including academic and administrative buildings, dining facilities, residence halls, athletics facilities, and some outdoor spaces.

If you are a guest to the university, please learn about our 'usdguest' wireless network.

Available to

Student, Staff, Faculty, Alumni


To connect to the 'usdsecure' network, you must have a valid USDOne username and password. Your computer, tablet or mobile device must support 802.11a, 802.11g, 802.11n, or 802.11ac and must be on our supported devices list. You can see our supported device list at

Data security restrictions

Users are encouraged not to transmit prohibited, restricted, or confidential data, unless using an encrypted protocol or service such as VPN.


Should users run into problems during the process, or should they simply want some hands-on direction into the “usdsecure” network, you can come into the ITS Help Desk in UC 117 and we will be glad to help. In most cases, problems can be solved by updating wireless drivers, confirming device settings, and moving the device to 'usdsecure' network.
If you experience problems with more than the software, the ITS Help Desk techs will collaborate with the campus Network Team in order to assess what the underlying problem truly is.

Getting started

Connect your device to the 'usd' network, then log in to get started. Once you've logged in, visit the secureconnect website at and follow the steps to be moved automatically to the 'usdsecure' network. All USD users should use the 'usdsecure' network exclusively.

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