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How-to Create a Mail Merge in Outlook 2010

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How-to Create a Mail Merge in Outlook 2010

In Outlook 2010, it does not send from the default profile or PST files any longer.  To get it to work you must create a new user profile.

·         Close Outlook 2010 if it is open at the moment.

·         Click the Start Menu, and then Control Panel.

·         Click Mail (32-bit)

·         Click on the button to the right for Show Profiles… under the Profiles header.

·         Select the bubble for Prompt for a profile to be used, click Apply.

·         Click Add…

·         Enter “Mail Merge DL” for the Profile Name, and then click OK.

·         Create the Distribution List email profile only under the new profile.

o   Reference “How to setup an email alias account in Outlook 2007 & 2010 for PC”


§  Knowledge Base Article:

·         Click on the Outlook 2010 icon, either in your Start Menu or Desktop.  Choose the mail merge account that you just created.

·         Create a mail merge in Word.  Then, send it like you would and email from the options in the Word banner



*Reminder: Remember to restart Outlook and select the specific account each time you wish to send a mail merge or view regular email.