• Wireless Printers: Some new printers have the ability to connect to a wireless network to allow printing from multiple computers.  These printers are unable to log in to our 'eduroam' or 'usdguest' wireless network and are unable to maintain the same IP address from the network.  Due to these limitations, we cannot support printing wirelessly to a personal printer.  All personal printers support plugging in directly to your computer via USB cable, which we recommend as an alternative. Printer USB cables are available from the Torero Store for $10. 
  • Personal Routers/Wireless Access Points:  Wireless access points and personal routers will often allow other people to connect to the USD network under your username and password.  This means all traffic they generate (including any illegal file sharing) will look like it is coming from you!  These devices will also be stopped from allowing you Internet access.  You shouldn't need your own router or access point - there is wireless available throughout campus!

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