Information Technology Services

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AGENDA:  Information Resources Council
September 20 , 2006, 12:00 noon to 1:30 PM

1. Apologize again for the email

2. Update on HVAC system; printout of HVAC document

3. Discuss the new computer lease/purchase program contracts with Dell and Apple – Rosy Vacchi

4. Library technology update – Michael O'Brien

5. Overview of Mirapoint – Michael O'Brien, Mike Somerville, Vance Baker
            Features – Will replace Sendmail for faculty & staff
            Guaranteed 1 gig of storage
            Webmail, spam filtering
            Enterprise-wide calendaring

6. Web CT update; server activities – Shahra Meshkaty, Mike Somerville

7. Banner update – Jerry Singleton, Indra Bishop; IRC is invited to Banner Kickoff, Tuesday, September 26, 12 noon to 1:30 pm in IPJ conference rooms A through D

8. Overview of the major networking initiatives – Tina Wing:
Aruba wireless
Cisco switch deployment

9. Overview of ITS budget for FY 06 – Liza Peterson; ITS will be producing an annual report on the state of information technology (Karen Reed, Liza Peterson, Joy Brunetti, among others, will be preparing it)

10. ITS policies are going to be redeveloped for the University; Kelly Douglas is holding a series of meetings in October; some IRC members may be asked to join

Overview of STA (Student Technology Assistant) program; 8 students paired with 8 faculty members to develop innovative course materials; should be set up for spring – Shahra/ Andrea Saltzmann

11. Chris is giving a 45-minute presentation at the Board of Trustees Retreat on technology at USD, the weekend of September 30-October 1