Student Health Center

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Off-Campus Health & Emergency Medical Services

In Case of Emergency

The Student Health Center is not equipped to provide emergency medical services. For fastest emergency response, use a "land line" rather than a cell phone to call for help.

  • On-Campus Emergencies: Call USD Public Safety at (619) 260-2222
    (Dial 2222 from campus phones)
  • Off-Campus Emergencies: Dial 911
  • Non-emergency Public Safety Calls: Dial (619) 260-7777
    (Dial 7777 from campus phones)

After-Hours "On Call" Health Care Provider:

When the Student Health Center is closed, a health care provider is available by pager to answer urgent medical questions that cannot wait for office hours. Please do not call after hours for general questions or to schedule appointments. To get a message to the "On Call" health care provider, call the Public Safety dispatch line: (619) 260-7777.

(Dial 7777 from campus phones)

Insurance Coverage

Emergency care is not covered by the University, nor is it part of the Student Health Service fee. Therefore students are STRONGLY encouraged to obtain health insurance with at least a minimum benefit for emergency services. Please click here for information on health insurance for USD students.

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