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Petition to Graduate: Completion of Degree Requirements

In order to be cleared for degree completion, students must file a Petition to Graduate in the Graduate Records Office by posted deadlines. There are three graduation dates: January 31, May, and August 31. The effective degree date for students who complete their program requirements by the posted deadline for the Fall semester and Intersession will be January 31. Those who meet the deadline for May graduation will receive their degree at that time and students who fulfill all requisites for their degree in the summer will have their degree granted effective August 31.


  1. The Petition to Graduate is available online. Please print out the form and obtain copies of your most recent USD Transcript (unofficial) and DARS (available online) from the One Stop Service Center - UC 125.
  2. After you complete the form, take it to your advisor and program director along with your USD Transcript and DARS for approval and signatures.
  3. When the form is completed with all relevant signatures, make copies for 1. Yourself, 2. Your Advisor, 3. Your Program Director, and bring the original to the Graduate Records Office in Founders Hall, Room 117 B.

Download the Petition to Graduate [PDF 152 KB]