Frequently Asked Questions

How is the Spending Allowance calculated?
The university's spending allowance rate is currently set at 4% of the trailing three-year average of the endowment's fair market value (FMV). FMV is the sum of the endowment principal, and the accumulated realized and unrealized earnings.

How much does the endowment earn each year?
There is no set amount that an endowment earns each year. The amount earned is based on market fluctuations and cannot be determined in advance. For more information on investments or earnings, contact Joan Wolf by phone at (619) 260-4600 x4683, or via email at

How do I obtain my monthly expenditures and available budget figures?
Financial information for departments, endowments, grants and restricted gifts is obtained directly from the Oracle/Noetix application on a real-time basis. Refer to the Oracle Resources web page and/or the Oracle Training web page for additional information.

How do I obtain a monthly Revenue report or Financial Aid report?
Revenue reports are distributed monthly to the central Development Office which are then forwarded to each department development director.

Financial Aid reports are distributed monthly to the Undergraduate/Graduate/School of Law Offices of Financial Aid and to the Special Gifts Department.