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Information for High School Students

Admission to the University of San Diego does not require declaration of a major, so there is no separate admissions process or standards for engineering majors. Applicants to USD are encouraged to list engineering as an intended major so that they can receive the best possible academic advisement.


USD Engineering programs provide students with a high-level of faculty-student interaction, including academic advising by real faculty members. The Department is happy to arrange a personal meeting for any interested student with a faculty member for advisement or more information about our programs, whether or not the student has yet been accepted or decided upon USD. Please contact the Department of Engineering at or 619-260-4627 for an advising appointment.

It is recommended that high school students intending to major in engineering complete four years of mathematics (through advanced algebra and trigonometry, Calculus is not required but is quite helpful) and three years of science in high school, including one year of chemistry and one year of biology (physics is not required, but is quite helpful). As an engineering major, you will be required to take three semesters (12 units) of Calculus, one semester of General Chemistry (4 units), and at least two semesters (8 units) of Calculus-Based Physics.

We welcome your interest and questions about our programs. Interested high school students and their parents are also warmly welcome to attend our public events like the Open House held each semester and the annual Walk on Water Competition.

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