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Electrical Engineering

What is Electrical Engineering?

Electrical Engineering (EE) applies engineering principles to the design, construction, and use of a wide variety of electronic and electrical systems and devices. Electrical engineers design products that meet a broad range of needs: from the tiny electronic circuits that keep spacecraft on course to huge hydroelectric generating systems found at dams. They create the electronic components that touch every aspect of our daily lives, from TVs and stereos to computer systems and wireless telecommunications, and optics.

programs_eeThe National academy of Engineering ranked the top 20 engineering feats in the last 100 years and Electrical Engineering was key to most of them, including: personal telecommunications systems, broadcast communications, computers and computer networks, signal and image processing, the transistor, the microprocessor, medical devices, laser and fiber optics, and, most importantly, the availability of electricity in our daily lives.

What are USD EE grads doing after receiving their degrees?

Engineering majors have the highest starting salaries and electrical engineers are the most in demand of all engineering disciplines at San Diego high-tech companies. Before graduating, most of our students participate in paid internships at a variety of local companies including SAIC, Qualcomm, General Atomics Aeronautical, Raytheon Cubic, and many others. USD graduates in Electrical Engineering are working at dozens of local companies developing technical innovations and providing leadership in fields from wireless communication to robotics to electronics.

Electrical Engineering graduates often continue their studies by getting graduate degrees in engineering, business, and other fields at schools including Stanford, USC, University of Washington, UCSD, and UCLA. Many graduates go on to careers in the military as navy pilots, engineers, and other officers.

The Educational Objectives of the USD Electrical Engineering Program are to develop graduates who:

  • Are able to apply their electrical engineering and broad academic backgrounds in their professional and personal endeavors;
  • Can adapt to evolving job responsibilities;
  • Can contribute effectively on a team and provide leadership in their professional careers.

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