Shiley-Marcos School of Engineering

Drop Shadow

First 2 Years

The three engineering majors are structured to share a common core of engineering courses that develop breadth across the discipline of engineering. Each major is also structured to allow students 1.5-2 years to select an engineering major, with all students initially studying the same common engineering core of courses, along with math and science requirements. Many of these engineering core courses are designated with the ENGR (general engineering) subject, but all engineering students also take courses in at least one discipline than their chosen major (electrical engineering, industrial and systems engineering, or mechanical engineering) as part of the engineering core curriculum.

Required Program of Study, Electrical Engineering Lower Division

Freshman Year

Semester I Semester II
ENGR 101 (Precept) (3) ENGR 102 (3)
MATH 150 (4) ENGR 121 (3)i or Core Curr. (3)
CHEM 151/151L (4) MATH 151 (4)
Core Curr. (6) PHYS 270 (4)
  Core Curr. (3)

Sophomore Year

Semester I Semester II
ENGR 121 (3) or Core Curr. (3) ISYE 330
MENG 210 (3) MATH 310 (3)
MATH 250 (4) PHYS 272 (3) or MENG 260 (3)
PHYS 271 (4) ELEC 201 or ELEC 200 (4)
Core Curr. (3) COMM 203 (3)iii

i COMP 150 can be substituted for ENGR 121

ii Electrical Engineering or Mechanical Engineering majors may substitute ECON 101 for ISYE 220

iii ROTC students may make a designated substitution for COMM 203 from their military or naval science requirements