Shiley-Marcos School of Engineering

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Senior Projects

Spring 2014 Projects

Please join us at the Engineering Showcase which will take place on Friday, May 9th. Loma Hall 2nd & 3rd Floors.

Electrical Engineering Projects

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) Generator – A system to demonstrate the relationship between controlled magnetic fields and biological tissue. A controllable PEMF generator can be used for medical and research purposes.

Remote Hearing System – A system comprised of intelligent microphone-transmitters and a vibrating receiver, designed to alert the deaf of recognized household sounds.

Smart Power Factor Corrector – A system to reduce overall power consumption by correcting the power factor inside household appliances. Each second, the power factor will be calculated and compensated-for.

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Temperature Sensor – This project will improve RFID temperature sensors by adding a visual cue that will alert users when a critical temperature is reached or surpassed; an Android app will read, write, and display the RFID tag’s status.

Electro-Optical Speed Measurement System for Trains - This device determines the speed of a train using optical data from a forward facing camera. The system measures the speed at which images of stationary objects are passed, then calculates the speed of the vehicle itself.

CANBUS Actuator Module A compact and rugged actuator module that uses sensor data sent through a CANBUS connection to position the servos controlling the antenna of a mobile satellite receiver.

Motion Sensor for a Satellite Antenna – This motion sensor will ensure that a controlled antenna is pointing to a satellite at all times.

Industrial & Systems Engineering


Mechanical Engineering

Wheelchair for Elderly - An improved wheelchair design with seat lift assist and drive wheel coupling functionality targeting elderly and limited mobility users.

CPU Cooling System - High performance closed-loop liquid CPU cooling device featuring a 3D printed microjet cooling array and high conductivity CNC machined copper base.

Rheometer - Lab apparatus designed to measure viscosity of Newtonian fluids; parallel plate rotating stage with external oven enables testing up to 250 C.

Lathe Brake - Safety retrofit to existing student shop lathe featuring one-touch brake engagement, a 4-bar toggle linkage and a mechanical disc brake caliper.

Water Purification System - Portable, grid-independent clean water system targeted towards disaster relief efforts. Design includes dual-mode human and solar powered pumps, reverse osmosis filtration and UV sterilization.

Bike-Assist Device - Removable and battery-powered motorized device to assist bicycle propulsion, featuring a 400W brushless motor and a novel automatic transmission. 

Water Pressure Power - Hydroelectric turbine generating power from excess-pressure municipal water supply, including a 3D printed turbine and an integral generator. 


Fall 2013 Proposals

Electrical Engineering Projects

Schedule for Tuesday 10/1 ELEC 491W Proposal Presentations in LH 209
Proposal Review Form

PEMF 2:35 pm
Team: Lucia Romero Tejera, Antwane Green, Nathan Udomsri

RFID Temp 2:55 pm
Team: Samuel Wood, Moath Alzahrani, Sergio Palacios, David Polo

Hearing 3:15 pm
Team: Clodomiro Vasconcelos, Matt Hunter, Whitney Robinson

Smart Power 3:35 pm
Team: Luke Nicol, Manuel Salazar Paramo, Vinicius Pereia Pio, Darrel Dotterer

Via Sat 1 4:00 pm
Team: Carson Drake, Trent Pulsifer, James Logan

Via Sat 2 4:20 pm
Team: Shane Fontaine, Christopher Anderson, Gonzalo Albajadejo, Ryan Maliszewski

SAIC 4:45 pm
Team: Twain Glaser, Matt Mowris, Bill Thompson


Spring 2013 Critical Design Reports


Electrical Engineering Projects

Team: Julie Brown, Travis J. Hill, Eron Johnson, and Tim Welsh

Team: Kevan McConlogue, Kyle Curns, Andrew Tran, and Jacob Rogers

EARS - Eagle And Rabiit + Server
Team: Nick Delgado, Kaila Harris, Evan Ruwe, and Kara Sevcik

PAEAS - Portable Emergency Automatic System
Team: Nicole Cadreau, Spencer Crump, Franscony Djemmo, PoPo Shimizu

All Stream - Outdoor big brother
Team: Sergio Alvarez, Ross Johnson, Warren Putman, Michael Ruffino

Team: Adam Arevalo, Alex Elizarrarraz, Alvin Javier, Marie Piette

Industrial & Systems Engineering

Reducing sources of waste and Standardizing UPS stores across San Diego
Team: Robert Misawa

Project Title: RCHSD Referral and Authorization Process Reconstruction & Optimization
Team: RJ Kreyer, Gary McLean, and Julian Lozano

Project Title: Optimizing Translation Services at RCHSD
Team: Ali Ambrosio, Alvaro Nemi, and Travis Jackson


Mechanical Engineering

Solar Thermal
Team: Carmen Chavez, Tyler Hoffman, Mychael Medina, and Will Muldowney

Exhaust Recovery
Team: Nathaniel Scherrer, Sophie Fallon, Ty Otterson, and Jay Robinson-Duff

Team: Stacy Castner, Niki Yamamura, Vanessa Donnelly, and Dillon Keim, Brandon Joye

CNC Surfboard
Team: Amanda Allen, Bryan Amidon, John Deedy, Kimberly La Salle, Veronica Rindge, and Robert Thompson

Team: Andrew Wood, Luke Daenitz, Ian Mahaney, Emilio Mejia, Nachapal Methakul, and Bryon Riemhofer

Remote Inspection Device
Team: E. Ben Brantley, Nabil Jamali, John Nute, and Blake Olario

3D Printer
Team: Nicholas Perez, Kristian Wittman, Justin Snelling, Elphbert Laforteza, and Denver Pascua