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Like all of USD’s undergraduate students, USD Engineering students often participate in study abroad experiences. ALL of the study abroad experiences are arranged through the USD International Center. All arrangements are handled through that office and they have complete and up-to-date listings of available Study Abroad opportunities. Often, students need to make these arrangements well in advance of the actual term where they will be going abroad, so it’s recommended to begin working with them as soon as you are ready to plan.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Engineering students study abroad?
Yes! About 40% of recent graduates participated in at least one study abroad experience. This number appears to be steadily increasing.

What types of study abroad opportunities are available for Engineering students?
Engineering students can participate in the vast majority of the experiences, but typically find that Intersession and Summer study abroad experiences work best to fit in both the study abroad and fulfilling their major requirements. Over 50% of Engineering student study abroad experiences are done in Intersession, including USD’s Second Year Experience Abroad Program . Students can and do arrange to do semesters abroad, but this takes considerably more planning and often requires choosing programs intended specifically for engineering majors. Often, the second semester sophomore year is a good choice for an engineering study abroad semester since there are programs that specifically target fulfilling those requirements for engineering majors.

What USD Study Abroad partner universities are a good fit for Engineering students?
As part of an effort to increase study abroad opportunities for engineers, USD has partnerships with programs specifically targeted to engineering students:
• Australia- Queensland University of Technology
• Australia- University of Technology Sydney
• England- Queen Mary University, London
• New Zealand- University of Otago
• New Zealand- Auckland University of Technology
• Scotland- University of Edinburgh
• Scotland- University of Glasgow

What are the most popular choices for study abroad for USD Engineering students?
The most university abroad choice for USD Engineers was the University of Technology, Sydney (Australia). The five most popular countries Engineering students choose for their study abroad experience are 1)Australia, 2) England, 3) Mexico, 4) Spain, and 5) France.

Are there USD Engineering study abroad opportunities?
There are not regular offerings, but, at the initiative of individual Engineering faculty and or groups of Engineering students, we have done several such experiences in recent years, including ME and EE experiences in France and Australia.

Upcoming experiences:

Dr. Frank Jacobitz, Professor of Mechanical Engineering, has arranged an offering of MENG 260 Thermal Sciences for Summer 2014 in London. This course fulfills a core engineering requirement usually taken by sophomores in all 3 engineering majors. Students who will be sophomores in 2013-2014 or those who will have completed their standard freshman year in engineering (including PHYS 270 and MATH 151) by Summer 2014 are a good fit for this course.

Dr. Thomas Schubert, Professor of Electrical Engineering has arranged an upper-division experience in Australia for the next Intersession, please contact him if you are an interested Electrical Engineering student.

Dr. James Kohl, Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering has arranged an lower-division experience in China for the summer (2013), please contact him if you are an interested Engineering student.