​Engineering Exchange for Social Justice​

From, with and for the community.

The Shiley-Marcos School of Engineering, in collaboration with the Karen and Tom Mulvaney Center for Community Awareness and Social Action, has created the Engineering Exchange for Social Justice (ExSJ) — a program through which USD faculty across the campus, along with students and external volunteers, work collaboratively with diverse marginalized community groups to co-create alternative solutions to problems which are technical in nature.

Engineering Exchange

Through this exchange, we are turning community-defined "problem briefs" into actionable student assignments, design projects, research theses or extra-curricular pro bono engineering projects that are supported by local professional engineers.

Engineering Social Justice

The ExSJ supports the connection between engineering and social justice. Engineering as a profession can contribute to systems of injustice, or be part of a systemic change towards social justice. However, those developing and enacting engineering projects, processes and systems, are rarely educated in the complexities of the local and global social/economic and political contexts in which they are working. Given the right education and working together — across disciplines and with community grassroots organizations — engineers have the potential to provide knowledge and skills where it matters most, to co-create just and ecologically sustainable socio-technical solutions.

USD faculty in Ecuador Faculty Fellowship Program
Students working with a mentor in Tijuana Student Scholars Program
students working together on project Community Scholars Program

Sharing knowledge for the benefit of the communities

The Engineering Exchange for Social Justice provides a system whereby communities will be supported to submit project ideas, which will then be developed and channeled through a panel of professionals and academics to create suitable projects for students in a wide variety of units and capstone design programs inside engineering disciplines and across campus. If you have a community project you would like to submit or if you are interested in volunteering as an engineering professional, we invite you to reach out to us today.