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Identity Access

The identity and access management team is responsible for creating, maintaining and purging digital identities in USD. The major systems that are part of identity and access management are IAM, LDAP, Active Directory and email.

IAM is a system that allows users to provision their own username. The IAM system also allows users to change their password and reset their password.

LDAP is the enterprise repository. It stores user’s digital identity, password and profile information. It also stores mail distribution list. Most of the applications in USD authenticate to LDAP directory.

The identity and access management team is working on migrating to an enterprise identity and access management system in near future. This will allow seamless role based provisioning, deprovisioning after termination and effective password synchronization. The new system will fix security vulnerabilities, user service and productivity issues. The new system will also have a robust audit and reporting capabilities.

Department Contact

Pranab Pati
Sr Identity and Access Management Architect

Information Technology Services MH151
5998 Alcalá Park
San Diego, CA 92110
(619) 260-7553