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LA PALOMA: Joan B. Kroc Institute for Peace & Justice

Our Mission

Enjoy globally inspired, simple, sustainable, local food for your mind and body.

The recent remodel of this popular cafe allows for a more in-depth, sustainable menu, improved traffic flow, additional seating and lively décor. The menu is innovative yet simple, with sustainable, local food at its core. Indoor and outdoor seating is available and includes communal tables, banquettes and seating for individual diners. View photos of the new La Paloma here.

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The menu and service concept support the University of San Diego's core values and goals. La Paloma will strive to support the university’s commitment to academic excellence by serving as the first dining facility that can be utilized as an academic lab.  Through our Catholic identity, grounded in Catholic Social thought, La Paloma will strive to be better stewards of the earth and its resources. Food products will be sourced from as many local and eco-friendly vendors as possible. This will include farms that have organic and sustainable practices, meat sources that are certified hormone and antibiotic-free, companies that adhere to sustainable practices such as seafood caught with the “pole & line” method, and more.

The menu offers: local, seasonal, vegan, vegetarian, dairy alternatives and gluten-free items. Foods will be made from scratch in-house whenever possible with high quality “clean ingredients” (no artificial ingredients, additives, sweeteners, colorings or preservatives).

Read more about our quality food products, sourced locally whenever possible:


Natural Certified Angus Beef - hormone and antibiotic free

Jidori Chicken - Learn more about Free Range, Antibiotic Free Chickens

Tuna - Pole & line caught in the Pacific Northwest, Certified Sustainable Seafood (American Tuna-San Diego, CA)

Armstrong Farm Eggs - Cage free, from California


Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Unrefined, unfiltered, free of all major allergens (West Coast Products of California)

Vinegars - Mizkan

San Diego Soy Dairy - Read more about Soy Dairy Tofu of El Cajon

Core menu components include: traditional farm-style breakfast favorites made fresh to order in our exhibition-style kitchen. Breakfast will be available all day. Globally inspired hot foods from a rotating seasonal menu  - our first featured cuisine is make-your-own Mongolian Barbeque. Complementing all of our entrees is Indian Naan bread baked fresh daily in our Tandoor oven. Signature, freshly made-to-order La Paloma sandwiches and an array of inventive salads are also staple menu items.

La Paloma will continue USD Dining Services commitment to sustainability by adhering to the following practices: 100% Styrofoam-free and tray-free, eco-friendly and bio-degradable disposable ware, coffee sleeves, napkins and to-go containers made of recycled content, and limited bottled beverages and pre-packaged items to help keep waste low.