"San Diego, 2050 Is Calling." Website

To accompany the “San Diego, 2050 Is Calling. How Will We Answer?” report, CEP has created a website where readers can download the report in English and Spanish, view report contributors, see a list of references, and more! The website highlights regional leaders and efforts relating to climate change. Discover more here.

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Check out these climate-themed videos developed by Climate Education Partners.

Wildfires in Our Changing Climate

Furthering the work of the report, “San Diego, 2050 Is Calling. HOW WILL WE ANSWER?” – a first-ever collaboration among community leaders and world-renowned scientists – the movie highlights regional efforts for maintaining San Diego’s regional quality of life by addressing the impacts of a changing climate on wildfire.

Coastal Flooding in San Diego

A video on how warming waters affect our climate and what that means for San Diego - coastal flooding!

Public Health in San Diego

A video on how climate change affects our public health and what that means for San Diego.

Nature's Benefits in San Diego

A video on how climate change affects our landscape and what that means for San Diego, a biodiversity hotspot. 

Answering the Call

This video connects San Diego’s community of leaders and scientists and highlights the actions people are taking.

Water and Climate Change in San Diego

A video describing the importance of water in San Diego and how climate will affect our water supplies.

Heat Waves and Energy Use in San Diego

A video on the effects of energy use on our climate and how San Diego will experience more heat waves because of it.

Wildfires and Drought in San Diego

A video on how our changing climate affects wildfire risk in San Diego County and what we can do to respond.

Documents and Posters

Flyer about Climate Education Partners 

CEP believes that local San Diego regional organizations lead the way in climate- progressive programming, outreach and education. That's why the team has actively been enlisting potential partners in anticipation of an implementation phase, now underway. Community briefings with community organizations help the team refine strategies and identify potential projects and partners and this one-page overview serves as an introduction to our purpose. (PDF)

Tri Agency Meeting Poster

This poster was developed for use at the February 2011 Tri Agency Principal Investigator's Meeting. The meeting brought together project teams for all the Phase I Climate Education Partnership awardees among three participating agencies: NOAA, NSF and NASA. SDRCEP's project principal investigator (PI), Dr. Michel Boudrias and Co-PI's Scott Anders and Dr. Mica Estrada represented Climate Education Partners at the meeting. (PDF)

Regional Climate Resources Inventory

During the strategic planning phase of the project (2011-2012), the project team developed an inventory of climate resources in the San Diego region. The inventory helped to define the scope of our own project and to identify areas where we could add the most value. (Download)

Key Influential Polling Results - Slide Decks for Public Use

This PowerPoint template was developed by Climate Education Partners to showcase our polling findings to Key Influentials in the San Diego region. Feel free to download and incorporate into your own presentations! (Download)

Latinos and Climate Change PowerPoint 

This PowerPoint template was developed by Climate Education Partners to showcase our climate vulnerability maps of the San Diego region and what they mean for the San Diego Latino community. (Download)


CNAP CoverCalifornia-Nevada Applications Program: Summary on California Heat Waves

July 31, 2015

CNAP and partners from the National Weather Service (NWS), Climate Education Partners, the Southwest Climate Science Center and the Center for Western Weather and Water Extremes have compiled a 2-page summary describing heat waves in California. This summary explores the increase of more humid heat waves in California, especially along the coast and with warmer evening temperatures. The dangerous link between heat waves and human health is also examined. Trends towards more heat waves in recent decades and what we may see in a warming climate are discussed. (PDF)

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