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Department of

Theatre Arts and Performance Studies

Student Lab Guidelines

2013 - 2014

Student Lab Proposal Form and Guidelines

Student Lab provides an opportunity for students independent of faculty to direct, design, manage, and perform in a production of their choosing. Department staff and faculty provide mentorship and advising support only. All aspects of production are fundamentally the responsibility of the Student Lab company members. In the spirit of “Poor Theatre”, students are required to conceive of Student Lab with minimal use of props and scenic support. Focus should be the theatrical interpretation of text, development acting, creative use of space, and stirring the audience’s creativity and imagination.

Student Lab Guidelines 2013 - 2014

• Submissions due September 20, 2013.
• Productions may be no longer than 90 minutes long.
• TAPS Department provides the following for all Student Lab projects:
o Venue for all auditions, rehearsals, and presentations.
o Lighting equipment currently in Camino Hall 131
o Sound equipment in Camino Hall 131
o All rehearsal furniture currently in Camino Hall 131
o Photo copying, with limitations and approval through Lori Fiori and George Ye
o Promotional support for Student Lab Production
o Students are responsible for securing costumes, props, furniture and content sound needs for the presentations. Directors do not have access to departmental costume stock for Student Lab.
o Full Artistic support and feedback from all departmental faculty
• Lab performance dates for this year will be in March 2014, with strike immediately following the last performance.
• Student Lab projects are required to use the “Rep lighting Plot” in designated performance venue.
• Request for alterations or additions to the light plot must be made in writing and submitted to and for final approval by Nate Parde
• Request for alterations or additions to the sound plot must be made in writing and submitted to and for final approval by Nate Parde
• If you are interested in directing Student Lab, please fill out the proposal below and submit it along with copy of script, concept, and any additional material to Student Lab Faculty Advisor George Yé in Camino Hall 163, or email
• All proposals are reviewed by a committee made up of faculty members and the department chair.
• Performances are free based on a first come first serve basis. Tickets are not sold for student lab productions
• Student Lab is just that, a laboratory process for students to learn and develop their craft. The process and how it serves the training and program is being assessed and revised yearly.


1. Name:_________________________________________________________________

2. E-mail Address:_________________________________________________________

3. Contact number: _________________________________________________________


5. Current Year Sr. Jr. Soph. Fresh Projected Graduation Year ____________

6. List Theatre courses completed, and any productions you have worked on at USD, or elsewhere:

1. Title of play or project___________________________________________________

2. Author:_______________________________________________________________

3. Style/Genre;___________________________________________________________

4. Running time of show? (not to exceed 90 minutes) ____________________________

5. To your knowledge, are the rights available for this show? _____ YES _____ NO

6. Rights for this show are available through (publisher)
Samuel French Dramatist Play Services Other – Please specify:

7. Amount for Royalties: _____________________

8. Number of characters (Include male/female breakdown)

9. Director’s Concept: Please type your response and attach it on a separate sheet.
Why did you choose this show? What is your artistic vision/concept for this show? (i.e., Do you want it to be fun? Dark? Thought-provoking? A learning experience? What are the inherent messages or themes you see in this production? Overall, what do you want the audience to feel and think about after they experience your production? How do you think this production might benefit the Theatre Arts and Performance Studies Program?

10. Projected Rehearsal Schedule: Please type your response and attach it on a separate sheet. (i.e., what you want to do when. Decide when you want to do blocking, music, and choreography of each part of the show. Obviously, this is subject to change and exact times/dates are not necessary. But at least provide us with what you’d like to do each week of rehearsal.

11. Please list the people who will fill the following critical production positions. Given the minimalist nature of Student Lab it is understood that some of these production positions may overlap.
a. Stage Manager
b. Set Designer and Construction Team:
c. Costume Designer
d. Light Designer:
e. Sound Design:
f. Light/Sound Operator(s):
g. Prop Master:
h. Front of House (house manager)

Additional Attachments
• Directing Resume (opt)
• A Copy of script. This will be returned to you if requested.



  • In addition to the Lab productions, C131 will made available for lunchtime theatre performances one Thursday of each month from 12:15 PM to 1:30 PM.
  • Performance dates are: N/A
  • Students wanting to perform during these times need to apply to the producer, Professor Ye; at The only reason for applying is to insure that all who have an interest have an equal opportunity to use the space. With this in mind, first come, first served.
  • Lighting equipment for Lunch Box Theatre is not available.
  • All other guidelines regarding the use of C131 apply.

WORKOUT SPACE* – C131 and C125

  • Except for days when Lunch Box Theatre is scheduled, and times when classes are meeting there, C131 and C125 are available for use as “theatre workout” spaces for anyone, undergraduate or undergraduate, who would like to use it.
  • Request for Work Out Space form found at
  • Check space availability first at prior to submitting your request.
  • Email the requested information to Nate Parde at
  • Until you have received an email confirming your request from Theatre Arts and Performance Studies, you are not authorized to use a work out room.
  • Please allow 24-48 hours notice for confirmation. First come, first served.
  • Please be respectful and schedule only the amount of time that you will actually be using the space.
  • If you have questions, please contact Undergraduate Theatre Arts and Performance Studies, at or 619/260-7934 or in the Theatre Arts and Performance Studies offic in Camino 163.

*This workout room request is only for Theatre Arts and Performance Studies student use. If you wish to reserve the space for other purposes, please send your request to Nate Parde and copy the Theatre Arts and Performance Studies Chair.