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Department of

Psychological Sciences

Psychology Major

Preparation for the Psychology Major

PSYC 101, 230, and 260 are required. MATH 130 is strongly recommended. To maximize successful completion of the major we strongly recommend that students take BIOL 104 or BIOL 105 to satisfy the Core Curriculum life sciences requirement.

Psychology Major Requirements

A minimum of 27 upper-division units is required and must be distributed as follows:

One course from each of the following areas:

Biological: PSYC 342 or 344
Clinical: PSYC 354, 355, 356, 357, or 359
Cognitive: PSYC 332, 334, or 336
Developmental: PSYC 314 or 316
Social: PSYC 322, 324 or 328
Theories: PSYC 372 or 377

One advanced research methods/laboratory course:

PSYC 415, 423, 425, 433, 437, 443, 445, 458, or 460
(Note: When offered as “W” courses, these fulfill the Core Curriculum upper-division writing requirement.)

6 additional units of upper-division psychology course work

The electives chosen to complete the major requirements should be selected in consultation with your academic advisor with a view to achieving balance among the major areas of psychological knowledge. A maximum of 4 units from any combination of PSYC 496, 497, and 498 elective units can be applied toward the units required to complete the major. Units beyond this limit are applicable to the 124 units required for graduation. For students interested in graduate work in psychology, taking additional courses, including laboratories, beyond those required for the major is an important consideration, as is obtaining field and research experience. Those who anticipate doing Independent Study (PSYC 499) should begin that work in the first semester of their senior year.

Note: Transfer students who wish to graduate as Psychology majors will normally be expected to complete a minimum of 12 upper-division units in Psychology at USD.