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Political Science and International Relations

International Relations Major

GreeceThe International Relations Major is recommended as a field of study for those students seeking careers abroad in government or in private industry, for teachers, for those planning careers in journalism, law, and related fields and for those who intend to pursue graduate studies. The major consists of no fewer than 33 upper division units selected in consultation with an advisor from the Political Science faculty.

International Relations Research Seminar: International Relations majors have the option of taking an International Relations Research Seminar, offered each Fall. This will help students to conduct research and write scholarly papers on a variety of international and/or comparative political topics.

  • All Honors Students who are International Relations majors are required to enroll in the Research Seminar the semester before their Honors Thesis seminar.
  • All International Relations majors who plan to go on to graduate school are strongly encouraged to enroll in the Research Seminar during their junior or senior year.
  • All students who would like to write a senior thesis, or who want to conduct independent research in internationalrelations, should enroll in the Research Seminar in lieu of independent study.


Preparation for the Major (18 Units): Political Science 120, 170, and 250, Economics 101 and 102, any Non-U.S. History course.

Upper Division Requirements (33 units):

A. Core Courses: Six upper division units (two courses) from among the following:

Political Science 350 - Core Course: Comparative Politics (3) Political Science 370 - Core Course: International Relations (3)

B. International and Comparative Politics: Fifteen upper division units (five courses) from among the following:

POLS 306 - Political Ideology (3)
POLS 307 - Politics and Religion (3)
POLS 326 - Comparative Law (3)
POLS 327 - International Law (3)
POLS 329 - Law of the Sea (3)
POLS 349- Politics and the Environment (3)
POLS 352 - Comparative Politics of Developing Countries (3)
POLS 354 - Revolutionary Change (3)
POLS 355 - Politics in Western Europe (3)
POLS 356 - Politics in East-Central Europe (3)
POLS 357 - Politics in Latin America (3)
POLS 358 - Politics in South Asia (3)
POLS 359 - Politics in the Middle East (3)
POLS 360 - Politics in Sub-Saharan Africa (3)
POLS 362 - Politics in the United Kingdom (3)
POLS 363 - Politics in France (3)
POLS 364 - Politics in Germany (3)
POLS 365- Politics in Russia (3)
POLS 366 - Politics in Mexico (3)
POLS 367 - Politics in Japan (3)
POLS 368 - Politics in China (3)
POLS 371 - American Foreign Policy (3)
POLS 372 - Russian Foreign Policy (3)
POLS 374- U.S.-Latin American Relations (3)
POLS 375 - Comparative Foreign Policy (3)
POLS 376 - American National Security (3)
POLS 377 - Regional Security (3)
POLS 378 - Transnational Crime & Terrorism (3)
POLS 382 - International Human Rights (3)
POLS 383 - International Organizations (3)
POLS 480 - Model United Nations (3)
POLS - Wash DC: Directed Study in International Relations
POLS 486 - Wash DC: Internship in International Relations
POLS 487 - Wash DC: Class in International Relations
POLS 494 - Special Topics in International Relations (3)
POLS 498 - Internship in International Relations (3)
POLS 499 - Independent Study in International Relations (3)

C. International Humanities and Social Sciences: Nine upper division units (three courses) with no more than three units (one courses) taken from any one department, with predominantly international context, to be selected from among the following:

328 Caribbean Cultures
332 Mesoamerican Archaeology
334 South American Archaeology
335 Nautical Archaeology
339 Post Medieval Seafaring and Empire

Art History
333 Modern Art
334 Art of the 20th C in Europe and the Americas

309 International Comparative Management
405 International Financial Management

380 International Media

333 International Economics
335 Economic Development of Latin America
337 Economic Development of Asia

310 Dante

362 Modern Drama

364 Postcolonial Studies
366 Modern European Lit
368 British Modern Fiction

370 Contemporary Fiction

340 World War I
341 World War II
345 Topics in Military History
347 Topics in Modern Europe
348 Modern France
351 Modern Britain
352 The British Empire
356 Russia Since 1917
357 Topics in Russian and East European History
358 Topics in Modern World History
359 Modern Middle East
361 Modern Latin America
362 Topics in Latin American History
363 History of Brazil
364 Topics in Asian History
365 History of China
366 History of Japan
368 History of Africa
369 Issues in Modern Africa
376-377 United States Foreign Relations
384 History of Mexico
387 History of Baja California



410 French Theater
411 French Prose
412 French Novel
413 French Poetry
414 French Women Writers

302 Readings in German Literature
312 German Literature from 1900 to the Present
494 Topics in German Literature

304 Survey of Italian Literature
411 Masterpieces in Italian Literature
494 Topics in Italian Literature

303 Introduction to Spanish Literature
320 Survey of Spanish Literature
360 Survey of Latin American Literature
427 Twentieth Century Spanish Literature
429 Cinema of Spain
448 The Spanish American Short Story
449 Spanish American Novel
451 Contemporary Spanish American Poetry
453 Mexican Literature and Culture
457 Latin American Cinema
494 Topics in Hispanic Literature

331 Music History II: 1750 - Present
440 Topics in World Music

338 Environmental Ethics
340 Ethics of War and Peace
472 Studies in Modern European Philosophy
474 Studies in Contemporary Continental Philosophy
476 Studies in Asian Philosophy

351 Modern Chinese Society
362 Global Society

312 Hindu Faith and Practice
313 Jewish Faith and Practice
314 Buddhist Faith and Practice
315 Islamic Faith and Practice
321 Afro-Latin Religions
368 U.S. Latino and Latin American Theologies
390 The Holocaust: Death of God or Death of Humanity?

D. Political Science: Three upper division units (one course). Students may take any upper division course offered by the department of Political Science, including: political theory, American politics, international politics, comparative politics, or internship.

E. Study Abroad: 3 units inside or outside the major must be taken as apart of a study abroad experience. This course can be “double-counted,” like the core “W” requirement.

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