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Eighteen units in Philosophy, at least nine of which must be upper-division.

A Special Note for Students Interested in Law

Students who are considering a career in law should give consideration to philosophy as a possible field of study. Legal Studies is a fundamental area of inquiry and study in philosophy. In fact, several faculty members in the Philosophy department hold joint degrees in Philosophy (Ph.D.) and Law (J.D.) and include aspects of legal studies among their areas of expertise. Moreover, philosophy majors' scores on the LSAT are consistently among the highest of any of the most popular pre-law majors. Philosophy faculty regularly offer courses in Political Philosophy, Philosophy of Law, Legal Reasoning, Legal Ethics, and other courses bearing upon socio-political and legal theory and practices. These courses, when taken together with the major's requirements in Logic and other areas, provide a rigorous program in legal studies for our students.

No particular courses are designated as requirements for a minor in Philosophy but we encourage you to check the Bulletin for minors in Philosophy. However, Philosophy minors interested in legal studies, whether in its own right or in connection with pre-law, might consider Philosophy 333, 460, and either 461 or 462 when completing the nine upper-division units required for the minor. Majors or minors interested in Legal Studies offerings in Philosophy are encouraged to contact members of the faculty for additional advising.