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The student must satisfy the General Education requirements as set forth in the Bulletin and complete the following courses:


12 units, including a logic course (Philosophy 101, 102 or 400) and three of the following five courses: Philosophy 270, 271, 272, 273, or 274. Note: Majors are encouraged to complete their lower-division history of philosophy requirements as soon as possible after declaring their major.


24 units, including Philosophy 360 and either 321 or 462; three of the following four courses: Philosophy 410, 411, 412, 413; and nine upper-division Philosophy units, at least six of which are not to be taken from the Philosophy 300 (ethics) series.

Note that 100- and 200-numbered course are equally lower-division, and 300- and 400-numbered course are equally upper-division. Accordingly, students intent on majoring or minoring in Philosophy may take 200-numbered course already during their first year; accelerated students may begin taking 400-numbered course during their junior year.