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Music Majors. An audition is not required to become a music major, but is required to qualify for some scholarships and to select the performance emphasis within the Music Major with Emphasis (this is normally done at the end of the first year of study). Incoming students interested in applying for the Music Endowment Scholarship or other scholarships must complete the audition requirement by early spring of each year. Please contact Ron Shaheen, Ph.D. at 619-260-7653, or via email at for an appointment for an on-campus audition.

Music Minors. An audition is not required.

Ensembles. Except for the Concert Choir and the Gamelan Ensemble, an audition is required for all music ensembles. (Students interested in joining the Concert Choir or Gamelan Ensemble may enroll without an audition.)

Choral Scholars. Students interested in auditioning for the Choral Scholars may contact Emilie Amrein, DMA at For more information, please visit the Choral Scholars website.

Chamber Music Ensembles. Students interested in joining Chamber Music Ensembles must audition every semester. To sign up, please contact Angela Yeung, Ph.D. for an appointment. You may audition anytime during the summer until the first day of class in the fall.

Jazz Ensemble. Students interested in joining the Jazz Ensemble may contact Justin Grinnel, Director - USD Jazz Ensemble, via email at . For more information, please visit the Jazz Ensemble web site.