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Mathematics and Computer Science

Math Center Tutor Application Process

If you are interested in working in the MLC next semester, here is a description of the hiring process:

  1. Complete the the application below (coming soon, please check back within the next week - posted: 04/13/2012) that corresponds with your current status.
  2. During the first week of April the Director of the MLC will contact the applicant to inform them that either:
    • they will move onto a 20 minute in person interview
    • they will not move onto the 20 minute in person interview

    The 20-minute interview will consist of two parts. The first 10 minutes will be an interview with the Director of the MLC. This portion of the interview will focus on the mission, services, and policies of the MLC (which will be provided to the applicant prior to the interview). The last 10 minutes will be an interview with 2 MLC content leaders. This portion of the interview will focus on interpersonal and communication skills.

    Once all the in person interviews have taken place, The Director and MLC content leaders will discuss the applicant information. The Director will contact the applicant informing them if they are hired for Fall 2012 during the last week of classes this semester (Spring 2012).

  3. The Director will contact all hired tutors two weeks before the Fall 2012 semester begins asking the tutors to send their tutoring availability by Sunday, September 2nd.
  4. All hired applicants will need to attend a mandatory orientation meeting on Thursday, September 6th during the dead hours; 12:15-2:00. Lunch will be provided.
  5. The Director will set up the MLC schedule and inform all tutors of their hours by Sunday, September 9th.
  6. The Mathematics Learning Center will open its doors for services on Wednesday, September 12th.

Lastly, in the middle of the Fall 2012 semester there will be an application process available for content leader positions. All current tutors will be informed of application process and encouraged to apply (assuming it is a position they are interested in)

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