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Department of

Languages and Literatures

Tutoring | Fall 2014
Rigsby Language and Culture Commons
September 17-December 12 (Closed during fall and Thanksgiving breaks)

Free tutoring is available each semester to USD students enrolled in lower-division language classes as well as upper-division conversation or composition courses.

Want to tutor?

Need a tutor?

Volunteers may opt for 1 unit of credit, which covers 40 minutes per week of tutoring and several mandatory trainings/meetings with faculty along with homework and/or administrative paperwork.

The unit counts as a general elective toward graduation, but does not count toward our majors or minors.

Volunteers must have fulfilled the third semester (Lang 201) core curriculum requirement, whether by completing the class, passing the competency exam exam, or waiver.

Tutors are required to sign in and out each day they work using the computer in the Commons. No one may do this for someone else.

We are no longer accepting applications for spring 2014. Please check back later this semester to apply for fall 2014.


The focus of the tutoring program is on students enrolled at USD in Language 101, 102 and 201. Tutors with advanced skills may also assist students enrolled in 202 and upper-division courses in conversation or composition.

Tutors may not write your papers or oral presentations or do extensive revisions. However, they may assist with:

 — The organization and proofreading of papers you
     have already spell-shecked.
 — Grammatical concepts
 — Vocabulary building
 — Conversation
 — Brain-storming ideas for oral presentations
 — Rehearsing oral presentations

All tutors are available to walk-ins on a first-come, first-served basis. appointments aren'T taken. IF A GIVEN TUTOR IS OCCUPIED, YOU MAY HAVE TO WAIT 15-20 MINUTES TO BE SEEN.

 — Tutors are only available at the times below.
 — Tutoring takes place in the RLCC (Founders 123).

  Levels Day Time
Christopher 101-102 Monday 12:00-12:40
Yanting 101-202 Monday 13:00-13:40
Xiaoqi 101-202 Wednesday 11:00-11:40
Sarah 101-202 Thursday 09:00-09:40
Xiaoye 101-202 Thursday 14:30-15:10
Anna 101-202 Friday 10:00-10:40
Angela 101-202 Friday 14:30-15:10
Sierra 101-302 Monday 11:20-12:00
The Commons will be closed the morning of May 13. Meet Diana in F121 (next door)
Diana G 101-302 Tuesday 09:15-09:55
Kelsey G 101 Tuesday 15:40-16:20
CĂ©line 101-302 Wednesday 16:00-16:40
Lauren 101-201 Thursday 10:00-10:40
Kelly 101-202 Thursday 11:00-11:40
The Commons will be closed the morning of May 13. Meet Crash in F121 (next door)
Crash 102, 202, 394 Tuesday 09:10-09:50
John 101-301 Monday 10:20-11:00
Diana M 101-301 Monday 16:00-16:40
Adriana 101-201 Tuesday 15:00-15:40
Jazmin 101-201 Friday 13:30-14:10
Tamara 101-201 Wednesday 10:15-10:55
The Commons will be closed the morning of May 13. Meet Doris in F121 (next door)
Doris 102 Tuesday 09:15-09:55
Alyssa 101-201 Monday 14:40-15:20
The Commons will be closed the morning of May 13. Meet Federica in F121 (next door)
Federica 101-304 Tuesday 09:50-10:30
Aleczander 101-304 Tuesday 14:15-14:55
Adriianna 101-201 Tuesday 16:00-16:40
Erin 101-304 Wednesday 11:20-12:00
Laura 101-304 Wednesday 13:00-13:40
Lily 101-304 Wednesday 13:20-14:00
Alyson 101-201 Wednesday 13:30-14:10
Kelsey D 101-202 Thursday 11:30-12:10
James 101-304 Thursday 15:00-15:40