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Department of

Languages and Literatures

Beatrice Hepp

Adjunct Instructor, Italian

Professor Hepp teaches elementary and intermediate Italian at USD and local community colleges. She also taught lowe-r and upper-division Italian courses and courses on Italian Civilization for the Humanities Department at San Diego State University. Recently, she served as the coordinator for Italian in a series of workshops on SLO (Student Learning Outcome) offered by Grossmont Community College.


Laurea, Università degli Studi (Milan), Humanities and History

Scholarly and Creative Work

Professor Hepp work is mostly focused on Italian history of the 20th century. After her dissertation on the relations between the Vatican and Mussolini, she continued doing research with particular interest in the Jewish question in Italy. She did interviews and contributed to a history magazine published in Italy.

Teaching Interests

Professor Hepp is interested in connecting the fundamentals of elementary and intermediate Italian languages with an understanding of present Italian culture and the history of Italian civilization, both in literature and art, as well as with the recent WWII and post WWII Italian history, and especially the changes that took place in the economic, social and educational fields after the Second World War. She is also interested in contemporary Italian fiction, particularly women writers, as it may be useful for advanced for advanced Italian classes.